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What a beautiful park in Springfield Missouri

Updated on July 6, 2010
Giboney Cave mouth
Giboney Cave mouth

Doling Park

In August 2009 my daughter had CNA classes in Springfield MO and as a beginning driver she wasn’t up for the 50 mile trip alone. After some daughterly persuasion that included several “Please Daddy’s” I consented to make the trip and wait while she completed the first of her six hour classes. Knowing I would be bored to tears I did a quick Internet search for parks in the Springfield aria and found that Doling Park was close by.

Taking along my camera, an apple and a thermos of coffee I dropped my daughter at her classes and began to search for a way into the park. It was a little tricky but after driving around for 15 minutes I found the road off Kearney Street. The search was worth my while for this is a wonderful park with a large community building and a wonderful staff just it mention a few of its amenities.

The weather was rather dismal and I found myself inside hoping the rain would quit. The lady there made me comfortable with a cup of coffee in a room with a TV but I soon found myself restless and decided to brave the drizzle.

Back in my car I drove to the parking aria on the west side of the park and with my camera under my jacket went for a walk. Even in the light rain there were people jogging and walking their dogs.

I went down the walkway and found myself at the shore of the small impoundment but to my disappointment discovered it dry while under repair but could imagine what it must be like full of water and thought It must be very beautiful. The walkway went on around the lake and also off to the right. Following the walk I came to the mouth of Giboney Cave. There you could read the sign bearing the legend of the Giboney family the cave was named for

Giboney family legend

Click picture to enlarge
Click picture to enlarge
Wonderful stone shelter houses with moss covered shake shingles
Wonderful stone shelter houses with moss covered shake shingles

As I left the cave the light ran got heavier and I was forced to retreat back to my car. I drove around the community center that held a basketball court and on the south side was a public swimming pool. Continuing around I went to the east parking lot and when the rain stopped I ventured out again.

On this side of the lake was the park proper with quaint rock shelter houses, bathrooms, picnic tables, grills and children’s play aria. It was there that I also found the entrance to the nature trail that was an asphalt path that wound through the surrounding woods. Just a few feet after you cross the bridge into the trial it was easy to forget you were in the middle of a sprawling metropolis of Springfield.

 Returning back to the park I was pleased to see that the sun had come out and there was a couple family’s already there. There were kids playing on the swings and some geese sunning in the well manicured grass. The effect was very pleasant and had I been there playing with my family would have been very happy. I would defiantly recommend a trip for any Springfield resident or anyone just wanting a nice diversion.  

© 2010 IncrediblePhoto


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    • profile image

      Mdf39 5 years ago

      I remember the amusement park that was in the doling park. I remember riding the train I also remember getting lost and a mechanical clown scaring hell out of me. I've been trying to research in more detail of the history of the park area I've found some old postcards that shows the shoot the shoots ride that went into the water wich was very much larger than today boat rides where available during that time also... Love the park and the history of the area...

    • kaltopsyd profile image

      kaltopsyd 7 years ago from Trinidad originally, but now in the USA

      Nice pics!

    • Leandraluv profile image

      Leandraluv 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!