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What city should you live in?

Updated on July 24, 2011

Consider all of the different factors

You're probably reading this article because you are wondering which city you would fit in best. I'll help you analyze the different factors for various cities in America to help you to come to a conclusion.

I'll examine weather, culture, politics, amenities, the economy, and more.

The most transient cities are sometimes the easiest ones to move to

Unless you can line up employment long distance, its likely that you would go into whichever city you wanted to live in with interviews lined up, not knowing if you will get the job or not. This could possibly be a lot of money spent on hotels. Luckily, there are more options than just staying at a standard rate hotel. If you did a google search for 'Long term stay hotels' too many results would come up, often times spammy looking websites come up. I can tell you right now that Extended Stay America hotels sometimes have Long Term Lodging rates which you have to call them up to ask about. You can get an LTL rate through ESA if you call them, but those rates are not listed on the website for some reason. A couple of more examples of hotel chains which offer good rates for long term stay are InTown Suites and Value Place. Rates could be as low as $160 / week for such chains! Its likely to reflect the cost of a typical apartment in the area.

The most transient cities in America are often times in the south and in the west, and they have more of these kinds of hotels than the midwest and the northeastern United States.

So, what is your cup of tea?



Mild weather can be found throughout the entire West Coast. I would easily generalize every city and town on the west coast as having mild climate - even San Diego. I would call that climate mild before I would generalize it as being a warm city. But I'd have no problem generalizing Miami as a warm city.

The sunniest cities in the US are usually in California as well as the southwest (in which half of Cali is easily a part of.) More specifically, Phoenix and Las Vegas are probably the sunniest two cities in America. See the sunshine map to know what the sunniest parts of the country are.

The midwest has the longest, harshest winters. The southeastern USA has the most humid summers.

Politics and Culture

The most politically liberal region of the USA is the Northeast. The second most liberal region of the USA would be the Midwest. (The west coast is not considered a region; its a long stretch of coast.) The most liberal cities are evenly on the west coast, northeast, and the midwest. They include San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, New York, Philadelphia, and DC. The midwest probably has more conservative suburbs than the northeastern cities do, but their core cities are just as liberal.

See a list of the densest cities in America as well as the densest metropolitan areas in America. I was surprised to see that the Dallas / Fort Worth area is the 12th densest area in the USA after Washington, DC (#11) and before the Buffalo-Niagara Falls metropolitan area (#13) That is, assuming the list is accurate.


Diversity is important (for better or for worse) to some people, but not all. Generally there is more diversity in the larger cities, regardless of which region of the country that large city is in. Describing an area as diverse is basically just a way of saying that there are many different kinds of people there, at different levels. This includes but is not limited to race, religion, political beliefs, and more.

These cities are often considered to be the most diverse: Long Beach, CA, Oakland, CA, Sacramento, CA, Houston, TX. California is the biggest example of you don't have to be in a large city to find lots of diversity.

Although diversity covers a lot more than just race, this is a list of the whitest and the least white metropolitan areas in the United States. After looking at this list, it appears that in the western USA, the suburbs tend to be about as non-white as the core cities. In the United States, the midwest is kind of on the other side of the spectrum in this regard; the suburbs are much whiter than the core cities. (and the Northeast would follow closely after in this way.)


According to the Huffington Post, this is the Top 11 States to find a job:

11. Pennsylvania

10. Iowa

9. Oklahoma

8. Texas

7. Maryland

6. West Virginia

5. Arkansas

4. Alaska

3. South Dakota

2. Washington D.C.

1. North Dakota

Assuming that this list is accurate, I find it disappointing. Many of those states are boring. But in the big scheme of things, I couldn't care less.

Here is a hub in which I give more examples of cheap yet decent places to stay at night. I decided to create that hub about it since I didn't want to overwhelm this hub with links.


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