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What do Vacations Reveal?

Updated on July 9, 2011

Having just got back from a serene vacation in a house with a lake as the backyard, I began to realize that for many, vacations play on fear and hope when planning them. However, once you are in the vacation, one tends to not worry about things back at home, wherever home is.

Most people will over pack in what they think they need and what they think they might wear. As I unpacked the suitcase, 50% of what I thought I needed or what I would wear was never touched. The numerous contingency scenarios we were prepared for, never occurred. Our daily plan was seldom followed because of diverse interests. We continued to "go on the fly" when deciding what to do and when. Hell with the plan! The things that we were told by others, the Internet, to see, sometimes had us scratching our heads.

Who needs cash? Although we had some, we almost always simply pulled out the credit card. As with all vacations, one hates to leave yet wants to go home, even after a week. It is the fear element that nags the back of your mind: How are our pets? How many plants in the yard will die from no water? Is the house safe? Have we missed any important calls? Then the day comes to go home, did we forget anything? That is the universal mantra. It usually strikes when you are many miles from where you stayed. God help you if you did. If you did, then it is, how do we get it? Can we get it? Will human nature be honest and return it? If you lose the purse or wallet, panic strikes the owner as bad as any heart attack. Now, you freak about fraud. Think about it if you are flying back home. This kind of stuff creates the wayward back home pure hell.

Many times, you are surprised about how everything you worried about never came to pass. Nothing at all happened but the passage of time. Next time, you will not give any of those issues even a second thought.

Right! LOL!


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