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What is the Capital of Tunisia?-About Tunisia

Updated on January 31, 2011

What is the capital of Tunisia

Tunisia is a North African Country and lies on the south coast of the Meditteranean Sea. Tunisia is bounded by Algeria to the west and Libya to the south.


  • The capital of Tunisia is: TUNIS.
  • Other cities: Sfax, Bizerte, Djerba
  • Religion: Sunny Islam
  • Currency:Tunisian Dinar
  • Area: 162,155 sq km.

About Tunisia

Tunisia was a French protectorate before it's independence in 1956, French and Arabic are both widely spoken languages in Tunisia.

Most of the northern part of Tunisia consists of hills , plains and valleys. Inland mountains separate the coastal area from the central plains where the land drops down to the dry dusty heat of the Sahara Desert.The climate ranges from warm temperatures in the north, with mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers of the desert region in the south.

flag of Tunisia
flag of Tunisia

About Tunisia

Tunisia's coastal waters make fishing an important industry where pilchards sardines and tuna are prevalent.

The Mediterranean temperatures mean that agriculture can produce all year round crops of wheat,barley, grapes , olives, tomatoes dates and citrus fruits particularly lemons and limes.

More than a quarter of Tunisia's workforce are involved in these occupations.

The mainstay of Tunisia,s economy is built on oil from the Sahara region,phosphates,natural gas,and tourism along the Mediterranean coastline.

Did you know that Parts of George Lucas' Star Wars movies were filmed in the deserts of Tunisia

Star Wars


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