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What it's like living where pot is legal

Updated on April 20, 2015

For the past several years, marijuana has been in abundance here in Colorado. Everybody has it, and everybody has the good stuff. Growing up in Colorado, marijuana was easy to come by but expensive and very poor quality. We called it ditch weed. When medical marijuana became legalized, that was pretty cool but it still did not really give you the full effect of what life would be like with marijuana legal.

Before recreational marijuana became legal, we were a community divided. Some people were all for it, some people were extremely against it. Each had their own reasons. The home growers and sellers feared losing business. Concerned parents feared their children would become potheads. Local businesses feared the kind of crowds that the recreational shops would bring.

Colorado Springs/Manitou Springs are probably the two most popular destinations for those looking to buy recreational marijuana. Not only are the two recreational shops located in an easy to access area, but they are also close to a major tourist destination. This is an area that receives thousands of visitors every year. Visitors from all over the world who have come to experience the incredible rock formations, Pikes Peak, and the underlying historical societies. Local businesses feared that the tourists would stop coming because it was not going to be a family friendly area anymore.

It is easy to see people coming and going from the recreational shop all day long, each with a silly smile as they walk out with their goodies that they purchased legally and are going somewhere safe to consume them legally. The best part about witnessing this is the type of crowd that has been drawn. It had been suspected that the traditional "hippie stoners" would come rushing from all over and that the area would become crime ridden and deteriorate overnight. I have seen maybe a handful of people fitting that stereotype, but I find it truly interesting to watch the people in professional business suits, or wealthy folks with their expensive handbags, flashy jewelry, and exotic cars coming in and out of these places. The part that makes it even better is seeing them happily spend an abundance of money at the local tourist destinations and small businesses.

I have personally had zero negative encounters from the legalization of recreational marijuana in my area. I have met new faces and had great conversations with people from all over the world who are astonished by this new law. Bonus? Getting high here helps with problems from getting high here - some symptoms of altitude sickness are relieved by consuming marijuana. Brilliant!

Bottom line? Peace, love, unity, and respect. Live it.

© 2015 ayrica29


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