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What to Expect When Booking With

Updated on April 26, 2013

One Must Inquire, When Booking With Hotwire

This article is a review of and my personal experience with them as I booked a hotel for a weekend getaway. This review comes from a most recent hotel booking as of April/2013. I intend to give you the reader some things to consider before booking with Hotwire. is highly commercialized as being a leader in the travel/vacationing department as anyone with a television can see. I searched through quite a few travel agencies and finally stuck with Hotwire for one main reason....Price!

I must admit,, compared to many other highly commercialized travel agencies seemed to offer the better deal on many of their hotel rooms packages. This is the main reason why I decided to end my search here. Also, it can and did become quite overwhelming to book a hotel with any one particular company. Often times, pop-ups will occur, luring you away from your main point and make things more indecisive for you. Before you know it, you are fatigued with just the issue of the search.

In any event, I proceeded with Hotwire on booking me a hotel room that fit my budget yet also put me near the main attraction of my visit. This is where things got a little fuzzy. First of all, I could not figure out why I could not review any of the hotels that were displayed within my price range. Eventually, I turned to the online chat and got an associate after a bit of a wait. To further my frustration, the rep seemed to be a very, very slow typist. Either that, or she was multi-tasking and handling many other chatting sessions at the same time. She seemed to dance around my inquiry as to why I could not review any of the rooms beforehand, nor could she pinpoint just how far away from the attraction in the desired city would be from my chosen hotel stay. Things became very clear however, as she finally explained (only after taking an abundance of time to get back to me).

The Hotwire live chat rep pointed out to me the things in the fine print, which aren't openly given out to a potential customer. Instead, it seems you must request this information, that is if you know what to look for. In the fine print, Hotwire explains that it will only reveal a specific hotel once the trip is actually booked (paid for). What!!! Are you kidding me??? This explains what the live chat rep was saying about me approximating the distance of my stay to the addressed attraction based on a map that the website provides. Hotwire basically show you a map of several towns within the city of choice in which they can offer you a room. They just simply cannot give you the particulars on the room until you decide to book. This was like Russian Roulette for me. But, I took the chance none the less. lol! Again, the price is the one things I can attest to as Hotwire being the best at, and I therefore could not pass up on the offer of such a good deal.

Once my trip was booked, my hotel was revealed. A hotel might I add that I never heard of. I did some extra work on the front end though, meaning that I researched the town in which I was going to be booking in and saw that it was pretty safe for the most part, so I guess the unknown hotel couldn't be so bad right? Wellllllll!!!

Once my hotel was revealed, I immediately went to the hotel's website to read up on their amenities, catch their reviews and seek out a photo gallery. Hmmm! Everything seemed to line up with my initial thought when my spidey senses went off about going this route in the first place. Many of the reviews suggested that this place lived up to being a 1 star hotel, despite being listed as a 2-star. Many complained about no room/maid service existing, false advertisement of amenities and some reviewers even suggested that this hotel had the makings of a junction of the sorts, that housed the likes of shady people, including pimps, prostitutes, drug dealers and so forth and so on. Being from a big city like N.Y. and seeing this type of setting on a daily basis didn't alarm me as it could some others. Shouldn't mean however, that one coming from a rough neighborhood looks toward spending a trip of relaxation in one. However, I also know that reading reviews requires reading between the lines. One mustn't take everything at face value but instead find similarities among all stories to extract factors closely related to being the truth. None-the-less it still seemed disturbing and quite distasteful on the part of Hotwire to have such a low-end feature in its arsenal of recommendations.

To wrap up, yes! I did stay true to my commitment and proceeded on my trip to a quandary place booked through Hotwire. I also proceeded with much caution!!! To my surprise, the hotel wasn't as bad as depicted. Perhaps because I've seen much worse or perhaps because it really wasn't as bad as portrayed. One common factor among all reviewers was that the hotel only had a maintenance guy on duty, but that he was the nicest and most pleasant guy you can ever meet. This was also my truth, as this maintenance man was the first person I met and the last person I spoke to in my stay at the hotel, and between those moments, he made me feel very comfortable and made me laugh a good healthy genuine laugh many times over. I must say that ultimately, Hotwire has some pros and cons within its booking regimen. Price being the best was a Pro for me, while being seemingly misleading was the Con.


Recap of Pros & Cons of Booking With Hotwire


  • Hotwire offers some of the most amazing deals on hotels.
  • Hotwire offers deals to just about anywhere.
  • Hotwire's itinerary/accommodations are easy to follow and consistent.


  • One must first book and pay for hotel accommodations before Hotwire releases a Hotel for your stay.
  • Live chat can be quite frustrating and inconveniencing.
  • There is no refund once you book with Hotwire.
  • Some deals promoted through Hotwire are misleading and may have already expired.


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    • Breatheeasy3 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from USA

      Thanks for your insight Careermommy. I was a bit torn between the two when in my early decision making on with whom to book with. Hotwire had me on their prices, but I think I'll give a try on the next go around, just for the peace of mind in knowing what to expect before hand.

    • Careermommy profile image

      Tirralan Watkins 

      5 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Breatheeasy3, I must say that this was a very informative hub. I've heard of Hotwire but have only used to book a hotel via the Internet. I've had some good success with, and you pretty much see what you're getting into before you purchase. Thanks for your helpful review!


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