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What to Pack for a Trip to an Indoor Waterpark

Updated on May 9, 2016

Waterpark Views


A Trip to the Waterpark

My youngest just turned 4 and for his birthday we decided to put those swimming skills to use and book a trip to an indoor waterpark. I started my research and looked for the best deal for the upcoming holiday weekend that would allow us two nights away and three days of play.

Planning the Trip

The first part to take care of was planning where to go and finding the best deal. Make sure you research the waterpark fully before booking.

Check to see if the water park is age appropriate for your children. Remember resorts like to show as many pictures o their facilities as possible, if you don't see big slides or an infant area then there probably isn't one. We should a small indoor waterpark based on our kids swimming ability and age. I read the review on the hotel and all the negatives were from people with kids of an older age. The one we choose was perfect this year but next year would probably leave our kids wanting more in terms of space and activities.

Make sure the rooms are were you want them and the type that you need for your family. If you live in the mid west and are going in the middle of winter it might not be a great choice to pick a room that requires you to go outside to get to the waterpark.

Versatile Laundry Basket Packed

Bring a Laundry Basket
Bring a Laundry Basket | Source

Packing for the Waterpark Trip

  • Swim Suits
  • Towels - beach towels
  • Laundry Basket
  • Snacks
  • Beverages in plastic bottles (no glass)
  • Sandals
  • Lotion - especially if you have sensitive skin
  • Comfy clothes to change into or wear to the pool
  • Hair ties - for the girls

Bring multiple suits for everyone in the family. I packed all of the suit that everyone owned. We swim a lot in the summer and I grabbed some from previous season that were a bit small, but let be honest boys suits you can't really tell these days.

We rotated suits between trips to the water park, no one ever had to put on a cold wet suit. Our bathroom we were happy to find a laundry line to hang suits in the shower.

We also packed or packed in a laundry basket. This served many uses. We packed things in it on the way to the trip. We used it in the bathroom to gather wet suits and rotate suits as they dried. Our final dip in the water was just before check out time so all of our wet suits, and sandals ended up back in the laundry basket before we left.

We brought our own beach towels but mostly used them when we got back tot he room. The hotel has skimpy hand towel sized things down at the pool, we dried off as much as we could with those and then wrapped up in our towels. This way our towels weren't totally soaked from the trip

At the waterpark

Plan your visits down to the waterpark at times when everyone else is getting ready to eat or leave to avoid the crowds. Go first thing when they open, around check out time, and around the meal times. We eat an late breakfast and then head down to the pool around 11 when most people are either checking out of the hotel or getting ready to go to lunch.

We also headed down to the waterpark around 8 pm. Most of the young kids were headed to bed exhausted by this point. Allowing our young ones to run around, they took a bath, and were asleep within seconds of their heads hitting the pillow

We made several trips down to the waterpark a day, napped a bit in the afternoon while watching movies.

Research the Hotel

A Kid's Suite
A Kid's Suite | Source

In the Hotel Room

We also brought books, a few board games, and movies with us. This gave us things to do during our breaks from the waterpark. The movie allowed us to take a rest and brief nap before the next visit to the waterpark.

We also brought snacks because with all the exercise they kids were starving all weekend.

Throw out the Water Wings

I hate water wings with a passion. Having been a lifeguard and swim teacher in a previous life (aka college) I can not tell you how much I loathe these devices that do not help kids learn to swim. They are not an approved life saving device. If you are worried about your kids drowning invest in a coast guard approved life vest. My kids wear their vest when we are in open water like the ocean or lake but if your kids don't swim don't throw water wings on them and expect them to be safe.

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    • Learning in Life profile image

      Megan Dodd 

      7 years ago from Florida

      I think remembering snacks is the most important part for me and my bunch! No one wants to spend the money on food in the park. Great job.


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