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What to Wear on a Vacation to Germany

Updated on February 27, 2011

Just because you're on a trip to Germany doesn't mean you have to look like a typical tourist. Leave the blue jeans at home and walk around the streets of Berlin in style. What you wear depends on the weather and you activities. Clothing etiquette in Germany is similar to the United States, so you don't have to worry too much about making a bad first impression.

Three Essential Shoes

As a tourist in Germany, you'll be spending much of your time walking around town and going on brewery tours. Avoid weighing down your suitcases with your entire shoe collection. Bring three pairs of essential shoes. Tie on comfortable walking shoes for when you're strolling through town centers or going on walking tours. Pack light, strappy sandals if you want a casual and pretty look. Keep these shoes flat or with low kitten heels just in case you have to do some walking. Every girl wants to look glamorous. Throw some black pumps into your suitcase for when you're falling in love with a sexy German man while at a fancy dinner.

Weather-Appropriate Garb

Just like in America, Germany has varying temperatures based on the season. If heading to Deutschland in the winter, you'll get blasted with freezing temperatures. Wear sweaters, coats and long pants to keep warm. In the summer, Germany warms up to the 70s and 80s Fahrenheit. Light summer dresses or pink Bermuda shorts will keep you cool. Check the weather before you board the plane just in case Germany is experiencing unseasonable weather.

Casual Clothes

There's no dress code in Germany when you visit book stores or gift shops. Although you surely want to look glamorous every step of your trip, it's best to wear comfortable, casual clothing when you're walking around town. Ditch the high heels and reach for your walking shoes. Wear light pants, Capri pants or shorts and a light, comfortable top. Cotton is best as it breathes much better than synthetic fabrics. You don't want to be a sweaty mess in front of your new German friends.

Conservative Clothes

When visiting churches and museums, you want to show respect to the history around you. Leave the casual clothes in your hotel room. Instead, wear conservative clothing during visits to these ancient structures. Wear brown or black slacks, strappy sandals and a conservative blouse. A calf-length dress with a high neckline is also appropriate. Reserve the low neckline for German nightclubs rather than the thousand-year-old Roman Catholic churches.

Dressy Clothes

Leave some room in your suitcase for a little black dress. Although you can spend all day on tours pulling off the traditional tourist vacation, reserve your nights for some glamorous fun. Pair the LBD with black pumps and colorful jewelry. This look will dazzle at candlelit dinners, while dancing at nightclubs or while strolling through German city centers as you gaze at the stars.


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    • tbartle profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Missoula, Montana

      Thanks, Pagelift! Germany is similar to the US when it comes to variances in weather. Pay attention to the seasons!

    • Pagelift profile image


      7 years ago

      Winters are freezing, summers are sweltering. Don't wear shorts and a T-shirt in December!

      Upvoted for the useful post, thanks for sharing!


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