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What to bring into a Walt Disney park?

Updated on October 9, 2015

I've heard Disney checks bags upon entering can I still bring stuff into the parks?

Of course, after 9/11security was tightened enabling security to check any and all bags. So you might want to leave the pocket knives at home.

What should I carry around the parks with me?

Below is a list of the most useful and popular things people traditionally bring into the parks with them. Be careful not to bring all of them or you will be known as the hunchback of Wald Disney World, so carry only the essentials.

  • an autograph book: of course you are going to have an autograph book to get the signatures of all of your favorite Disney characters. An autograph book is extremely important to have.
  • batteries: yes you can bring batteries into the park for your camera or anything else you might need that you could use a battery for.
  • camera: You defiantly want to bring a camera with you to take all the pictures your heart desires. make sure you have plenty of fully charged batteries.
  • Drivers license: you should always have your id handy if you are planning on buying an alcoholic beverage
  • cash: its always a good idea to have if you are staying off property otherwise you can charge purchases to your room and pay when you check out
  • id for kids: for whatever reason you and your kids should get separated you should get some sort of id if you have young children
  • fan/water mister: If your planning a trip in a hot time of year or even if you aren't you should consider buying a cheap fan/water mister
  • id on bag: you don't want to loose your bag so you should defiantly put some sort of id on it
  • pen: you must have a pen if you are planning on getting autographs
  • poncho: in case of a sudden rainstorm or getting wet on a ride such as splash mountain you should have a poncho to prevent buying a whole new outfit or being soaked the whole day I also mentioned this on my other blog about The must haves when on a Walt Disney world vacation the link to it is :
  • snack: if you or someone you are traveling with gets Hungry in between meals you might want to pack a few snack

what to look for in a backpack?

  • one large pocket
  • some smaller pockets
  • adjustable straps
  • padded straps
  • rain repellent material
  • good zippers
  • you defiantly need to pack your backpack before leaving for Walt Disney world
  • you should also leave some room in your bag to put other things you collect throughout the day in it

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