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What to do in Bali

Updated on December 26, 2009

Thinking of coming to Bali in the near future yet you have no idea of which places you would like to visit? Below I will tell you lists of places you can visit in Bali based on the activities done:

  1. Shopping

For you who would like to do lots of shopping in Bali, or hunt for cheap goods, whether it is for personal use or you intend to resell them, consider going to Sukawati. This is a place where you can find almost anything, ranging from clothes, bags, sandals and shoes, souvenirs, paintings, bed covers, sarongs, etc. The clothes there are relatively cheap, around 20,000 rupiahs each. But of course, you must have a strong heart to bargain hard with the sellers first who will usually give you a much higher price, about 5 times more expensive than the price you can actually get.

Another place for art shopping paradise is Ubud. This place is very famous for their arts. If you are crazy about arts, such as sculpture, paintings, etc, then you should definitely visit Ubud.

  1. Surfing

For you who would like to do lots of surfings in Bali, or even just to learn how to surf, try Kuta beach. Although many tourists don’t really like Kuta due to the city being so crowded, Kuta is a good place for you who want to learn how to surf. There are lots of surfing schools around with affordable price.

  1. Snorkling and Diving

For you who would like to do snorkeling and diving, try Nusa Dua. This place is also famous for other water sports, such as parasailing and banana boat. There is another thing I have to say here. The Balinese tend to charge the foreigners much higher price for all sorts of water sports. Usually they charge us 75 percent or even higher than local visitors.

  1. Nature

If  you like nature so much and would love to interact more with the nature, try Sangeh. Sangeh is one of the so many monkey forests in Bali. The other famous monkey forests are Ubud and Alas Kedaton. Be very careful when you visit these monkey forests. Never touch those monkeys! And for ladies, never try to enter any monkey forests in Bali when you are having your period. It’s a no-no! All monkey forests in Bali are considered sacred that is why it is strongly prohibited to enter those places when you are not ‘clean’.

You might also want to join elephant track or bicycle track. But the fees are relatively high, around 50 dollars each! You might also want to try rafting. But be very careful when you do rafting during rainy season (around end of year) since the current can get very rough. You can also visit BaliZoologicalPark or BaliBirdPark if you would like to see more animals in Indonesia.

Hey, you can also see dolphins in Bali! Just go to Lovina, a small village at the north of Bali. It takes around 3 hours to go there from Kuta since it is located at the other end of Bali island. But if you really want to see the dolphins, you need to spend the night there and join local dolphin tour who will pick you up at around 2 or 3 in the morning to go to the sea to see the dolphins.


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