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Visting Green Bay

Updated on November 24, 2017


Food in Green Bay is amazing. There are many delicious local restaurants to choose from, and the majority of the restaurants are also affordable to the average Joe. One of the best places to go and eat is actually Lambeau Field at the 1919 Kitchen & Tap. So not only do people get to eat in one of the most historic Football fields ever built they also get tasty food to enjoy. Pizza Ranch is another great place to eat, because where else can somebody get a pizza buffet for an incredibly low price. Fast food is also prevalent here so getting food cheap and quick is definitely an option. Green Bay has many options of restaurants such as El Maya, Gyro Kabobs, and Island Sushi. Finally the food overall in Green Bay is diverse, affordable, and appetizing

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The attractions are what make Green Bay a special place and there are many attractions to find and search for. The zoo is one of the places, and it happens to be a great place to relax and same can be said about the beautiful botanical garden. Museums are also a popular attraction. The National Railroad Museum, the Brown County Public Museum, and the Children's Museum of Green Bay just happen to be some of the most visited museums in the state. Historical homes and parks add a historical feeling and depth to an already endless city of adventure. Casinos are truly marvelous in Green Bay due to the wonderful Oneida Casino. Wildlife is also important as Green Bay does indeed have a wildlife sanctuary. Waterparks are prevalent since many believe Green Bay has the best one, the Tundra Lodge. The Tundra Lodge is near various restaurants and it is near Lambeau Field. The last point is that there is something for everyone at Green Bay no matter anybody's interests.


The Resch Center is the home of entertainment in Green Bay. Concerts, Sports, Plays, and everything in between is what can be expected from the Resch Center. The Resch Center is a smaller venue compared to other arenas, however big performances have happened such as Bon Jovi, WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), and huge community events and expos. The only problem about the Resch Center is that it happens to be sold out at many events, so plan at least one to three months ahead of time to get the best seats. Likewise the Packers are also an enormous deal as there is a massive amount of Packer pride in Green Bay. Packer tickets are almost always sold out and scalpers will make consumers pay a hefty price for quality seats, so once again plan at least a few months ahead of time for the best experience. The final point to make is the Oktoberfest celebrations that take place. Oktoberfest is a humongous deal every year as they block certain streets, because a variety of bands come to preform and people polka dance on the street. Ultimately entertainment is just one of the many forms of activities people do in the astonishing city.

Personal Events

As discussed earlier in the article Lambeau Field is home to a enjoyable restaurant and the Packers, however it is also home to weddings. Weddings are common in Lambeau, and not just weddings. Almost any event is allowed at the stadium. Lambeau will even cater events and decorate the stadium for the special event. Weddings, holiday parties, conventions, conferences, plus any other event that is thinkable. Businesses can book events at the Resch Center which opens up more options for events if Lambeau for whatever reason wouldn't allow an event. Lastly Green Bay is great for personal events such as weddings and any other event that is imaginable.


Firstly the weather is horrible in the winter, except for people who like to ski, skate, or snowboard. Snow, ice, and cold winds are normal in the midwest but especially Wisconsin. Summer time is definitely the best time to visit for nice weather and beautiful locations. One of the few positives of winter is the professional sports. It is essential to go to a Packer game in the freezing cold. Frozen Tundra is named after the harsh weather conditions that teams have to play against the Packers in Lambeau Field. Generally the tourists expect the weather to be better than it actually is. Winter clothing is an absolute must have item. All in all weather in the Green Bay Area is atrocious although it has some benefits such as sports, snow activities, and ice activities.

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