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Top 5 Tips to Get a Great Vacation Villa

Updated on August 15, 2013

You Are a Stones Throw from the Parks

You want to be as close as you can to disney so that you can get there quickly in the morning and home just as quick in the evening when the kids have finally dropped with exhaustion. With all the villas that are available in Orlando, How can you be sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck?

Downtown Disney
Downtown Disney | Source

Look For A Hidden Gem

There are many management companies out there and equally there are many private owners vying for your business, and it is so easy to fall into the trap of picking the cheapest or choosing the one that has the best pictures. Let's face facts! in this age of technology, it is all to easy to doctor images and make something that is plain into a stunning piece of art. Just check some of the airbrushed models in the top magazines and you will get exactly what I mean.

Reviews Can Lie

You can't even believe a review these days and that is because reviews can be easily manipulated. They can be placed by robot softwares and the owner can hire friends and family to put glowing reviews. So if it is easy to manipulate all these aspects, what can you do to ensure that your Vacation Villa is all that you want and more?

Follow The Top Five Vacation Tips

Vacation Villas Top Tips

  1. Get out your map and find the address of the villa that you like. Check for local highways that may be close or how close you are to the main club. That could be a noise warning or how close you may be to a lake or a creek. Face it, Florida is filled with critters and animals you do not want to mess with.
  2. Is there any videos of the villa, is there a time stamp on there. Look for recent images and video within a reasonable timespan.
  3. Look for reviews that are recent and who has written them, if there is a link to the persons page or profile, it could well be legitimate. Of course do not miscount all reviews. Well written ones are probably real and badly written ones are more than likely a bot.
  4. Contact the owner of the Villa and the management company, try to reach them by phone if possible. Any one who wants to rent out their vacation villa will be happy to speak to you or will reply with a well written and personal reply. Be aware of automatic responses.
  5. Is there a well optimized and friendly website, when was the last time it was updated. That will tell you if the owner or management company takes care of their online presence, and lastly check out the social buzz about the people who may have stayed and the area.

What to do when you get there

One of the other important elements that you have to consider is when you arrive at your Villa destination. So one of the pitfalls is the procedures in place to get your keys to your new temporary home. Often this can be an overlooked experience and not everyone is clear on what to do. Many people have arrived in Florida, tired and hungry and the last thing they need is to fight to find a key in a secured box that may be hidden from view or worse - not have the right directions. Quality management companies will of course meet you at your chosen villa no matter what the time - day or night. Further, some management companies in Florida go one stage further and may meet you at the hotel o operate a 24/7 Office, and these companies are definitely the ones that go above and beyond for their clients.


Follow these top tips and you certainly can't go wrong and you will have a vacation of a lifetime. Enjoy what the parks have to offer and dine in some of the best restaurants in the area. Ensure you have everything covered and you will enjoy a Disney home from home.

Be Aware of Hidden Fees

Ok guys, this one is a difficult one and often many families are tripped up by the fact that when they arrive they are then told about all of the hidden fees that exist such as fees for pool cleaning, pool heat, extra bedding, cleaning or even a bar-b-cue fee. Sometimes unscrupulous owners will not disclose many of the fees they have and when you want the extra, you pay for it.

  1. Make sure you know all fees upfront.
  2. You can negotiate a package deal, which would be cheaper in the long run.
  3. Ensure that you are told about any other fees before you book
  4. Last but not least - Get everything in writing.

Whats Your Favorite Park

What's your Favorite Park In Orlando

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