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What to see and do in the Yorkshire Dales.

Updated on February 8, 2013

The Yorkshire Dale's holds some of the English countryside's most stunning landscapes and offers many attractions for those willing to journey to the North of England. The region is an area of natural beauty, where the outside world seems very far away, it is happy in it's routine and it will hopefully remain that way for years to come. The Yorkshire Dales offers something for everyone, be it a keen angler, those who enjoy hiking or couples who want to escape the bright lights of the City.

Within an hours journey from urban centres such as Leeds and Manchester, you are able to travel by train into the heart of Yorkshire and experience the beauty of the County. For those with Car's, Motorcycles or Cycles you are able to drive through winding roads set in the green farmland of the Dales.

Skipton Castle, in Skipton Yorkshire.
Skipton Castle, in Skipton Yorkshire. | Source

Public Houses & Restaurants.

The standard of the Public Houses along the High Street and in the remote villages are usually very high, they give a true reflection on what a traditional English Pub is meant to be. In fact the pub's highlight the key ingredient lacking in a lot of public houses in the "Big Cities", the drink is usually locally brewed and a lot of independent regional Ales are on offer. If you visit the Haworth area then you will be able to sample the award winning "Timothy Taylor" range of Bitters and fine Ales. Other more well known Bitters common in the Yorkshire Dales include the "Black Sheep" Brew's which originate from Masham.

If you visit the Yorkshire Dales expect to experience the best in Yorkshire pub food, the regions eateries take full advantage of the fresh produce grown on their doorstep. Yorkshire is home to many herds of Cattle and their organic meat is perfect for a traditional Sunday Lunch served with the regional treasure - The Yorkshire Pudding.

A watermill that powered Yorkshire's industry in the Industrial Age.
A watermill that powered Yorkshire's industry in the Industrial Age. | Source

Area's of natural beauty

From personal experience Aysgarth Falls is breathtaking and beside's the hypnotic sight of watching the waters cascade over the ancient rocks, there is also an abundance of wildlife to watch in their natural environment. If conditions are correct you may also see the effects of the sunlight passing through the water droplets on a warm Summer's day. The walk around the area is pleasant and even a walk in the bitter Wintertime can be rescued by a visit to a Yorkshire Tea Room. The Tea rooms themselves usually have a rich History and many of them are rustic cottages. If you get chance to talk to your waitress they may even tell you a tale of the buildings spooky past.

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Historical features

The Historic site of Bolton Abbey is a must see attraction, situated in the lower Wharfedale area the Abbey was once a prominent Augustinian monastery. The Abbey forms part of the Duke of Devonshire's estate and the location inspired Charlotte Bronte to sketch her impression of the old ruins. The site is ideal for those who appreciate a leisurely walk through nature and you are well served by light refreshments along the routes.

Also in the Yorkshire Dales lays Richmond Castle, Richmond Castle is one of the older Norman stone fortress still existing in Great Britain. The Keep's foundation's were laid shortly after the Norman Conquest. The Town of Richmond host's a market which many travel to visit on a regular basis, the market day is every Saturday and the Farmer's market takes place every Third Saturday of the month.

There are also many Stately Homes open to the public at various times of the year. There is the ancestral home of the Calvert family, the Calvert family helped found the US State of Maryland. They reside at Kiplin Hall which lies between Northallerton and Richmond. The Hall is home to extensive works of Art spanning over 400 years of the families accumulated history.


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    • Asp52 profile image

      Asp52 4 years ago from England

      Yes, The books and television series were set in the area. I personally love Grassington and have fond memories of trout fishing and walking the scenic walks with our Irish Red Setter. Thanks for visiting

    • Thelma Alberts profile image

      Thelma Alberts 4 years ago from Germany

      I have been there in 2007. It was beautiful. Was it not the place where the telly series of " Dr. James Heriot, the vet" took place? Thanks for reminding me those wonderful moments of my life. Voted up and more.