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Destination Wedding Planning: What you need to know

Updated on April 2, 2015

Not all of your guests will be able to come.

As much as you'd love to have a 20 person wedding party, all thirteen cousins, and four sets of grandparents in attendance, it's not always a realistic expectation. The reality is people who are near the end of a pregnancy won't be able to fly, grandparents aren't always able to travel, and some people just won't be able to afford the cost of a vacation. When sending out invitations be prepared to have a good portion of people decline, but don't take it personally.

Photography is an important part of every wedding. Great photos illustrate the specific moments you may miss or forget over time. They capture all the important moments, the funny moments, and the moments you may have missed. Many resorts have in-house photographers, but they often don't have portfolios for review, or the ones they have aren't very impressive. Resort photographers typically take the same photos in the same settings for each new couple, so your wedding photos will generally be mirror images of every other wedding at that resort. The cost of these photographers is often in addition to the typical wedding package.

Alternatively, bringing your own reputable photographer to the resort allows you to research several photographers and choose the one who's style suits you and whose personality will work well with you and your partner. You can also speak to them in advance about the types of photos you want, settings, posing, etc. You will have to bring them along with you and pay for their trip, but the cost is often not that much more than utilizing a resort photographer and if the photo quality is important to you then it will be worth it.

Riu Guancaste, Costa Rica

Playa Matapalo - Sardinal Carrillo - Guanacaste:
Puerto Carrillo, Costa Rica

get directions

Riu Guancaste, Costa Rica

Things Can Go Wrong Either Way

The chances of something going wrong with an event the size of a wedding isn't uncommon. Whether you're having a traditional gather in a local hall or hotel or at a resort in the Caribbean. Generally, the weather is fairly predictable year round in the Caribbean, but depending on the time of year you decide to travel you may be facing the possibility of a rainy or windy wedding. If you travel during the dry season you'll be pretty safe and may only face the prospect of a few minutes of rain on a daily basis. Resort food is fairly predictable, you can read review in advance on sites like Trip Advisor to find places that have good ratings when it comes to food, cleanliness, the beach, the pool, etc. The preparation in choosing the right resort is worth it in the end. The legs work won't be any more or less than planning a traditional wedding, it's just different and likely more exciting because you are planning a vacation and a wedding at the same time.

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The Other Benefits Of Destination Wedding

Resorts also have a plethora of other features that will help put your guests in the perfect mood, and help you relax for the wedding day. Whether you're stopping at the spa for a massage or spending the morning on the beach before an afternoon wedding, there won't be any worries about being at the church on time or the dinner venue on time. At a resort everything is a quick walk away.

You can also forget about having to spend a week in a tanning bed to get that perfect glow leading up to the big day. Nothing is better than taking a few pages out of a sun worshipper's guide book and getting a natural glow.

Make A Choice And Stick With It

Overall, it's important to know that a destination wedding is right for you, your partner and your respective families, but at the end of the day it's your wedding so do what makes you happiest!

© 2015 Daniel


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