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What you need to know about the Allure of the Sea cruise ship.

Updated on February 14, 2017


I have to say that went I climbed the many ramps to the allure of the sea I expected to be wowed by the food. Now I did not exactly expect all the food to be amazing I mean a lot of it was buffet so you expect a level of mediocrity for those. It was the My Time Dining (the main dining room) that I expected to WOW me. For My Time dining you need to create a reservation for a certain time like six to eight.

My Time Dining

This includes The Grande Restaurant, Silk, Chic, American Icon Grill, Devinly Decadence, and Brasserie 30. As they all have the same menus at the same time. There is a different menu each day though some options remain the sames there are about five dinner and lunch options that remain the same for every day of your cruise. There is a pasta dish, a hamburger dish, and a steak dish. There are starters a main courses as well as dessert for every meal. The dishes here sound amazing, but the fact is with how many people the staff are cooking for nothing really shines out. Fun fact there are three and a half acres of kitchen on the ship.


Windjammer is very much buffet style dining. There is a different mini buffet for different types of food there is an Asian, Italian, American, and so on sections. There is also a beverage section and a dessert section. Make sure to go right at the beginning or meal times for the freshest food however with how many people go to the Windjammer to eat the food is changed regularly. None of the food is particularly amazing, but ti was all pretty good. The desserts were the best here.There is a coke machine with digital option selection if you bought the coke cup beverage packages.

Sorrento's Pizza

Sorrento's Pizza is exactly what it sounds like a pizza place. There is cheese, pepperoni, everything, and vegetable pizza. The pizzas are served by the slice only for the day that you come aboard this is the best place to have lunch at on day one as it is fast and not too crowded. NOTE: If you want more than one piece make sure to say so. Also on day one there is only cheese and pepperoni pizza slices. The next day there are personalized pizzas available to be made to order they have the pizzas pre-made with cheese and sauce, but then you can pick your toppings and into the oven it goes. The only complimentary beverage they have is water. If you buy a drink package you can get coke products. There is a coke machine with digital option selection if you bought the coke cup beverage packages.

Park Café

Park Café for breakfast has a huge selection of bagels and spreads, fruit cups which you can choose my fruit type they are not mixed together. There are also small pastries. For lunch there is roast beef that is carved on request, a salad bar that is personalized for you by the employee behind the counter, onion soup (just beef broth), the soup of the day, and paninis (these are already made, but they are not cooked until you order one) they have a grilled cheese one for kids and adults. This is also a great place for a simple snack at lunch time as they are the only place you can get a bag of chips.

Knowing where you are going

The first day at any new place whether it is a cruise ship, a resort, or a hotel can be a bit difficult because you don't know where everything is. That is especially true of the Allure of the Sea because it is a huge ship. However do not fear there are interactive touch screens all over the ship that allow you to pick where you want to go and a map will appear with directions that teach you how to get to your final destination.


There are many different zones on the ship and each zone has its own unique them and food services. For instance the board walk zone has a carousel, a beach shop, a water activity show, a movie over the water viewing screen, and a donuts shop. The donuts shop is self serve so so you can go have a donuts anytime you want. There is no extra fee. Then there is also a small Mexican place, that is not included with ship costs and a Johnny Rockets ( also not included).

There is a casino zone that has all of the normal gambling and drinking.

There is a kids fun pool zone with all sorts of kids activities and pools.

An adults only pool zone.

There are also just normal pools and hot tubs scattered around. These zones ten to have small food and ice cream places as well.


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