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Is Ohio a Good State to Live In?

Updated on December 1, 2016

Ohio - We've got corn. Lots of it.

I'm a native Ohio resident. I've lived here most of my life, in fact. Recently I was asked what it's like living in Ohio. This definitely depends on where you live in Ohio. The scenery and atmosphere drastically change depending on where you're located. Climate wise, people not used to the climate in this area would probably unanyamously agree on something; it sucks. Our winters are freezing cold and our summers are blazing hot and humid. We have some truly beautiful scenery. There are many well-preserved parks and nature trails that the public are allowed to walk through and enjoy. Oh yeah, Ohio's big on corn. Really big. We grow lots of it.

Ashland, the city I live in, proclaims itself to be "The World Headquarters of Nice People." I'm not so sure if this statement is accurate. While there are indeed many nice people living in this area, there is also a multitude of rednecks who you get the opportunity to see driving around drunk every night, screaming obscenities and thinking they are the biggest hardasses in the world. Not that I have anything against rednecks. I was raised a complete redneck. I'm just not into the whole being an ignorant racist scene that's so common around here. There are very few jobs around here contaning any heavy technical expertise or further education. It's quite sad. Even sadder is the fact that the only place the youth here have to hang out is the local bowling alley. Which probably explains why people have to worry about kids getting into trouble.

Tourist-wise, we have a few establishments that do bring heavy out-of-state traffic. In the village of Yellow Springs, Ohio is one such attraction. Young's Jersey Dairy, which is an ice cream parlor built on a dairy farm, brings many customers who want to try the ice cream produced by the farm on the same property. Another example, quite possibly the most significant tourist attraction, is Cedar Point. Located in Sandusky, Ohio, Cedar Point brings in a huge amount of visitors. Having some of the tallest and fastest rollercoasters in the world, it's easy to see why.

In Ohio, college football is loved by many. The Ohio State Buckeyes are loved by pretty much everyone. Rivalry between Ohio State University and Michigan State University is strong. Many official OSU merchandise makes demeaning comments towards the color blue, which is Michigan State's primary colors. OSU's colors, on the other hand, being red. Ohio is also home to two NFL teams: The Cleveland Browns and Cincinatti Bengals. Honestly, no one really cares about the Browns. Or the Bengals for that matter. Folks are really big into the Pittsburgh Steelers around here. Including me, so maybe my opinion's slightly biased.

Overall, Ohio's a good place. There are some really good people here, and there are some fun things to do. It can get a little boring though. And if you ever come through here, be prepared to see more corn than you've ever seen in your life.

2008 - Nathan Coors


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    • profile image

      Ddog 18 months ago

      Moved to Ohio four years ago to live a slower paced life. Wow! I am well traveled and have lived in several states but Ohio was the very worst. From the worst corruption in local and state government to corrupt cops and horrific schools to the insanely obese people,hard core alcoholics and drug addicts, and I mean drug addicts, to the lack of culture and no opportunity, you would be better off in a third world country. Ohio is an addicted, lawless wasteland! Never, ever move there!

    • profile image

      Bulldozers 3 years ago

      I was born in Texas and then moved as an infant to Ohio to be closer to my idiotic family. I quietly resent my parents for this.

      The state just sucks. The cities are full of garbage both in the form of criminals, white trash, and of course literal trash. The roads are in a perpetual state of being effed with, making travel a giant pain. The weather is either insanely cold or hot and humid enough to cook an egg on the sidewalk. Sometimes you're granted a moment of mercy in the fall with agreeable temperatures, but that never lasts more than a month tops. Lets not even get STARTED on how frustratingly stupid and unreliable the people here are. There aren't any businesses hiring that aren't trying to actively screw you as an employee, and the ones that are honest work are soul-crushingly awful service jobs.

      Getting out of this horrendous place is any sensible person's number one priority. The whole state could vanish and then reappear in the middle-east, and nobody would care or notice.

    • profile image

      Kelly 3 years ago

      Let me preface this by saying that I grew up in Colorado; I love the mountains, hiking, outdoors, etc. I moved to Ohio about four months ago just to work here for the summer. And I never want to come back. I do work about 60 hrs/ week so my perspective of Ohio is a bit skewed, as I just associate this state with work and haven't had many chances to experience the area like a normal person. With that being said, I've worked in Blue Ash, Cincinnati, Loveland, Columbus, Dublin, Powell, Dayton, Hillaird, Montgomery, Plain City, and more, so I've seen a lot of the area. It's humid, it's flat, and many of the cities are pretty ugly and drab in my opinion. Nothing much to see. I've heard Hocking Hills is a good hiking area and that's about it. HOWEVER. Cedar Point in Sandusky IS the coolest. Go there, ride some of the tallest and fastest roller coasters in the world, and then you can check Ohio off your list of states to visit.

    • profile image

      old mam 3 years ago

      The people of Ohio are great, the government O B W C , and Tax should be named Hover V C anyone want to buy a house!

    • profile image

      Lisa 3 years ago

      PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, IF YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON, DO NOT THINK ABOUT MOVING HERE!! I came here years ago from the west coast and goddamn is this state backwards. When you've lived in a better place, you'll realize what a total shithole Ohio is. It's no wonder why it's ranked as one of the most depressing states in the nation. Because it's predominantly white here, you'll come across a lot of closed-minded, ignorant, and racist people. The assholes within this state procreate with each other creating a never-ending cycle of this sad culture; it's truly sad. Oh, and did I mention that it economically sucks here? It's cheaper to live in Ohio, but of course, you get what you pay for. I feel sorry for the people who just never leave Ohio to explore the rest of the world; where there may possibly be a better place for them. Those people are stuck here forever, so to those folks who are reading this, my advice is to get the fuck out of here if you've got a chance to. There are better places in this world that have so much more to offer.

    • profile image

      tasha 3 years ago

      i moved to Ohio 2 years ago because the cost of living is cheap.

    • profile image

      LVII 3 years ago

      It depends on where you go. Ohio has more major metropolitan areas than any other state in the union besides California, and like California the regions are diverse. It would be like trying to compare LA to San Francisco ( LA is a vile shithole that needs to sink into the sea already, San Fran is like the garden of Eden.)

      Cleveland for example is a city on the rise:

      -The biotech industry and hospitals here are the envy of the world.

      -The culinary scene is also getting worldwide attention. The restaurants are incredible, Local Iron Chef Michael Symon is to thank for that.

      -Forbes ranked the Ohio City neighborhood as one of the 15 best places to bar hop in the entire world, not to mention that some intrepid urban farming/gardening pioneers there have made it the envy of Portland. -Playhouse Square is the second largest theater district in the nation, just behind Broadway.

      -The Cleveland Symphony Orchestra is recognized as the 7th best in the world, and arguably no. 1 in the US.

      -Beaches. And while they're not exactly the Bahamas, they don't suck.

      -Public Square is undergoing a massive renovation project, connecting the new Horseshoe Casino, the Great Lakes Science Center, the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame, and the Flats District with one coherent green space.

      - While it isn't exactly Cleveland, Cedar Point is a short drive away. It is the best amusement park in the world. Period.

      -Comic books are huge. Superman, American Splendor, and Calvin and Hobbes call Cleveland home.

      -Most importantly there is a core of dedicated, talented young people who are constantly looking at ways to reinvent the rust, to fantastic results. If you're bored, you're boring.

      Columbus continues to be strong:

      - Forbes ranks it as one of the best cities in America, and the no. 1 up and coming city for the tech industry.

      - Ohio State University is one of the finest, and largest universities in America. The football fan base there is absolutely rabid, and the marching band is recognized as the best in the nation.

      - The size of the university makes for a robust club and bar scene.

      - ComFest is a massive three day festival held every summer, the largest non- commercial festival in the nation.

      - the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is recognized as the best in the nation, renowned for its collection of rare and diverse species. Jack Hanna calls it home.

      - The art scene is fantastic, fueled by the Columbus College of Art and Design and a plethora of galleries along Short North.

      I don't have much personal experience with Cincinnati, but from what I understand the city is just as lively.

      I'd suggest avoiding the smaller areas like Toledo, Dayton, Youngstown, Canton, Akron, and Mansfield. Not much going for those cities right now.

      Outside of the city life there are a plethora of wild areas and parks to explore for biking, hiking, boating, hunting and fishing. It's not Yellowstone, but it's damn sure no eyesore, especially in the northeast and southern areas. Climate-wise, yes winter is brutally harsh, especially from January until the beginning of April, but the rest of the year is beatiful. Autumn is incredible.

      There is a reason Ohio produces extraordinary people. The most US presidents were raised here. The first boots on the moon were Ohioan, in fact Ohio has produced more astronauts than any other state in the union by far. Steven Spielberg is a native. Devo, Nirvana, Tool, The Pixies, Foo Fighters, The Cramps, The Black Keys, Nine Inch Nails, Kid Cudi, The Raconteurs, Cloud Nothings, The Dead Weather, Marilyn Manson, Bone Thugs, Why?, Weezer, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, etc. all originated in or have strong ties to Ohio.

      If you want to move to Ohio, I'd recommend it, just pick the right spot.

    • profile image

      happy 3 years ago

      I don't know why people are so against Ohio.It is cold December-March and I would say a nice warm feeling April-October.November is cooler but December is when it starts to get cold.In southern Ohio it is very hilly.In Northern Ohio it is flat and kinda hilly.If you want a vacation home buy one near the Port Clinton-Sandusky area.Cedar Point is in Sandusky on Lake Erie.It is the second biggest amusement park in the world and has the most rollercoasters in any amusement park in the world.It has great state parks like Hocking Hills,and Salt Fork.If you like camping try Mohican in Loudonville.We are not far from Canada.If you drive from Sylvania,Ohio to Windsor,Ontario,Canada it is only 56 minutes.If you dive from Conneaut,Ohio to Ripley,New York it is only 52 minutes.Consider moving to Ohio.Oh and wait they have a great school system like I said consider moving to Ohio

    • profile image

      guest 3 years ago

      I moved to Ky from Oh been here a year. Both suck. Both have rude stuck up yuppies or just rude criminals. In Cincinnati don't call a cop because they won't show and God forbid you have to deal with any state agency in Hamilton Co because you will be treated like garbage. Ky is worse in regards to sucking you dry for every penny you have (don't fall victim to that southern hospitality crap, they can give northern snobs a run for their money.) Especially western ky. Stay away from it. They have no day care for kids who are school aged, monopolies on utilities like in Frankfort the only place you can get cable internet water etc is through their plant board.

    • profile image

      Jar 3 years ago

      I made the mistake of moving to Ohio and what a mistake that was indeed. I find very little good about the state. Not nowhere enough to keep me here. Quality of life has dropped dramatically. Weather sucks, scenary is very overrated by Ohioans; corn is not scenic and there is nothing any other state doesn't trees and a few hills. The only diversity is somewhat within one of the bigger cities, people aren't friendly and they are racist and ignorant for the most part. The food options are limited and the options you do have are not good. So much of the state is trashy, inhumane to animals and wildlife and nature for too for that matter. Entertainment options? Driving or flying out of Ohio. Why do you think it s the birthplace of aviation? They needed to get the hell out and fast! Ohio sucks!

    • profile image

      ohio 3 years ago

      Actually, people back their browns all the way, ohioans who support the pitts are shunned by many. Im north eastern and i don't get bored there is plenty to do amd many programs for young people.

    • profile image

      TT 3 years ago

      Is Ohio really that bad? I live in So. California &

      I am so curious as to the difference between the two. Is Ohio filled

      with beer drinking rednecks, are the woman up to date with the trends

      or are most of them farmers daughters? Are there a lot of nudist in

      Ohio, due to the fact there is nothing else to do? And what do Ohio

      people do for fun? Just curious...

    • profile image

      nole 3 years ago

      Don't do it. Ohio is a dying state. Anyone who can move, does move. Those who cant go to buckeye games.

    • profile image

      alyssa 4 years ago

      Oh. And yes the roads are in pretty bad shape. The summers can be very hot. But usually the average is in the upper 80s in the summer. The parks are great. I mean unlike here in Georgia, in ohio you don't gave to pay $4 to get into the parks or lake. I believe it is a pretty decent place for raising children. At least that is the issue I'm struggling with. I don't want to raise my children where there is so much traffic and horrible drivers as here in Georgia. Most common car accident I heard of in ohio was from deer. The best place in ohio to live would probably be around 15 min outside one of the major cities. Not a lot of crime , close enough to the good doctors and stores, and the country people are nicer.

    • profile image

      alyssa 4 years ago

      It's all about where you grew up and what you like. I grew up in ohio, lived there for 24 years. An hour north east of Cincinnati. I was completely happy there and only moved to be with other family. Now I live in northern Ga. Near Atlanta. Since I grew up in Ohio where there were a lot of farmers and rednecks and small towns , thst is what I'm use to so that's what I like. Here it is very busy, lots of traffic, and a lot more trouble. The people here in Georgia are mostly all high maintenance and rude. I definitely believe the people where I was from in Ohio were alot nicer. But I really do miss ohio. I think about moving back constantly.

    • profile image

      SMG 4 years ago

      I've lived in seven states and three countries. Ohio is the worst of the contest.

      From my experience, there is a strong correlation between liking Ohio and never having visited anywhere else.

    • profile image

      scotto 4 years ago

      Go to a buckeye game see 105,000 people love life. And downtown columbus is amazing with the exception of a few bad hoods which are easily recognizable and I have yet to read anyone talk about the football hall of fame.

    • profile image

      StuckinNWOhio 4 years ago

      Don't get me wrong, there are some great people here (I live here after all!) but the majority are rude and lack basic social skills especially the small business owners around here! Customer service is nonexistent most of where you go. The landscape is so flat and boring compared to if you go just a little East (OMG what are those tall grassy things!?). Medical options are sparse unless you root for team Promedica! There seems to be a huge lack of anything beyond basic dining, medicine, and so on. It gets old (and expensive) having to travel to Ann Arbor or beyond all the time for Whole Foods, acupuncture, vegan dining, or even a decent doctor! There are some great things here but I have to be honest..the people around you will just suck the joy out of any of it. Still, it's a love/hate relationship. My roots are here and I do love the parks system (and the libraries!) and God bless the people who maintain them! But where do you go? Employment is here..and I imagine the grass is always greener on the other side..right? Or is Ohio really this crappy :(

    • profile image

      Scotchann 4 years ago

      I live in Downtown Long Beach in Southern California and have been for 41 years. I am moving to Ohio where a majority of my family is. I'm not crazy about the weather situation but for those who constantly talk about rednecks and racists, let me break down the negative side of diversity. Where I live it's over 70% minority. Not a problem as I chose the university a few cities over that is comprised of the same stats instead of a more "white" one closer by. The food is great, the people are nice, but after a while you get sick of how isolated you feel. I'd love to go to the store and actually understand the people speaking in various tongues around me. When you go get your nails done, the employees talk in their native language the entire duration. People are on guard and tend to keep to themselves. There's little contact at all with vendors, just receive your goods and you're gone. Most of the time it's good because they can hardly speak English anyway. Billboards and stores cater to certain ethnic groups. People are defensive and quick to anger. Space is limited, which causes people to be on edge. Schools are usually divided; the blacks with the blacks, the Hispanic kids with the Hispanic kids. You have to keep your car locked at night, alarm set. Front doors has at least two deadbolts, a security screen, and bars on accessible windows. Try and keep some mace on hand with you, a baseball bat in your home, or a gun for the best protection. As a single woman I look forward to what most here complain about. I guess it's true that the grass is greener on the other side. But though I have visited Ohio many times and have not yet lived there, I can always move. But for those who think that moving because things are slow or boring, or people are racists or bigoted, come to Downtown Long Beach. You'll get the racists and bigots, they just won't always be white. And sure we have a great city life, but it's always a little frightening walking home 3 city blocks when the clubs shut down. It's Grand Prix weekend here, racing. Hope no one pisses on my lawn or drops empty beer cans on the streets as the throng of thousands stumble to their cars. Oh and that screeching you hear...that's just the police and ambulance sirens I hear day and night. So refreshing on a warm spring night!

    • profile image

      M394m4n 4 years ago

      I grew up north of Dayton ohio. Went to high school in Maryland moved back to north of Dayton ohio for 4 years and now live in florida. I have a lot of good memories in ohio especially the friends I met and hung out with all the time. It's really easy to find friends there and build strong relationships. Ohio is easy going but the weather is so awful I moved to Florida which I love. But I miss my close friends in ohio. Love my buckeyes and bengals. Ohio is what you make of it. They have casinos now which are fun and great schools and colleges They are technologically advanced in many areas and are always pushing for new jobs to create them. Lot of love for ohio. My family still up there and are doing good.

    • profile image

      Me 5 years ago

      Go Bucks!

    • profile image

      Violette 5 years ago

      I moved out to Ohio to be closer to my boyfriend who lived there. His family seemed nice but they never asked me about where I went to school, what do I do for a living, what kinds of movies or books or music I like.....they never asked me anything? And then when I would offer information about myself, they acted like I was bragging!! WEEEEEEIRRDOS

    • profile image

      Doc 5 years ago

      It seems that everyone loves to talk bad about where they aren't from because they want everyone to think or know that where they are living is better. I love to vacation to the coast/big cities/cool places too but is it affordable? Ohio in whole is difficult to sum up, Columbus/Cincinnati/Cleveland/Toledo/Dayton have completely different atmospheres and lifestyles. Each "big" city has its flaws like Crime and poverty and shitty places but so does Boise, Idaho. Each city has great places as well if you take time and do something while you are there.

      Yeah if you dread your job here and don't do anything on the weekends then yeah you will hate it. I have friends in LA who hate it, but he doesn't enjoy crowds and the beach too well, but I'm sure there is someone reading this that says he is stupid for his opinion but there is a place for everyone you just need to find it. Being from Columbus I love the music scene, arts, many colleges in the city and around the state, sport atmosphere, and there is nature. Hocking Hills is beautiful, Red and New river gorges are 3.5 hours away for rock climbing and camping, south east ohio looks like another planet compared to north west ohio and are 2 hours away from each other, golf is world class throughout the state, and Cedar Point is an awesome getaway along with camping out near lake erie.

      Schools may suck in some places like some people have said but its in the southern areas and in downtown school districts but so is every other public school in the south of the US. And yeah there is corn but there are fields everywhere in the world. Get off of the Interstate and you will see more than a field next to you. The reason you see so many fields is because you are on I70 I71 or I75, where are interstates typically found? flat areas. Where are the best places to farm? mountains obviously.

      Check out Columbus or anywhere in Ohio and you will be surprised. You probably won't and still judge it form the Flying J that you stopped at for gas on your way to your posh, hip destination.

    • profile image

      Jessica 5 years ago

      Im moving to ohio & do you guys care maybe it seemd nice over there & everything i don't believe you guys on anything.

    • profile image

      Christina 5 years ago

      I've lived all over the US and I can't wait to go back home. I miss the sarcastic old ladies working behind the counters at gas stations, the neighborhood bars where people go in winter to forget the cold, the cool summer nights and summer days where the humidity is so thick you could cut it with a knife (good for the skin). I didn't realize how much people take care of each other in ohio until I saw the rest of the world. The people are more open and have dynamic personalities.

    • profile image

      Sam 5 years ago

      If you said Ohio is a bad state your either dumb or have never been there . Ohio is an awesome state much like NC and VA come and visit us

    • profile image

      caroline 6 years ago

      thanks for helpful points and cooments.i am looking for a quaint place to move to .im moving from minnesota fairly friendly but i cant say all are friend each to there own and depends on where you are there too .i have afriend who resides in ohio and haven't heard what its like .so thank you for letting us know .im a huge buck eye fan either way lol not a gofer fan i reside in mn most my life :),thanks again,caroline

    • profile image

      I ARE GUEST 6 years ago

      I have friends that live in Ohio, they seem to enjoy

    • profile image

      anotherguest 6 years ago

      WTFisTHIS - If you see this...don't. For god's sake don't. You WILL regret it.

    • profile image

      WTFisTHIS 6 years ago

      I'm moving to Ohio over summer. This has confused me on whether I should still do this or not. Thanks, all you confusing folk.

    • profile image

      anotherguest 6 years ago

      Whoever the parsons guy is is 100% accurate. I grew up in wisconsin, have lived in a few states across the country, including ohio for a couple years and am saving feriously to move back home. Nasty, ignorant, stupid, selfish people sums it up. THe roads are LITTERED with potholes and they do nothing about it, but make excuses for it. They cannot handle weather of any kind, cannot drive, and don't do their jobs. Many people who are from out of state have a hard time here, people here don't like people who work harder than them. Everything made here is some of the worst I've seen or tried. Where I grew up we believe ourselves to be a hole in the map, so work extra hard to make something of ourselves. Ohio just thinks its great just cause, so brag about themselves. They live their lives trying to screw eachother, so get nowhere. Good businesses don't last, and places that wouldn't last a month anywhere else flourish here. People let them treat them like crap and make excuses for not doing something about it. Heavy police corruption, as well as politics, way more than "normal".

    • profile image

      parsons 6 years ago

      OMG who ever is planning to move to ohio, don't do it. this is a freaking rat hole. I am out of the east coast and moved to ohio a few years ago. theres no jobs, not even professional jobs, the schools are terrible, most of the people are nasty, ignorant and stupid. People from ohio don't even know who beautiful the rest of the country is. A lot of prejudice as well, just a terrible place to live, a lot of old timers that think we are in the 1940's. Racists (iam white) nasty, nasty, nasty.

    • profile image

      guest46382 7 years ago

      The University of Michigan (maize and blue) is OSU's biggest rival (not Michigan State) and "Why Oh Why Oh" is not the state song.

      Ohio, like every place, has its good and bad points, depending on one's perspective. Contrary to the assertion of at least one commentator on this thread, yes, I've been around. In fact, I've lived in seven states and visited 49 of the 50 states (I still need Hawaii) and fourteen countries so far. Even so, we moved back to Ohio because where we were from (Columbus suburbs)is a good place to raise kids.

    • profile image

      jd lang 7 years ago

      I lived in columbus ohio and i think it's the perfect place.

    • profile image

      linda 7 years ago

      if you've ever been to Sarasota you will realize what a terrible,terrible place Ohio is.

    • profile image

      John King 7 years ago

      I wouldn't call the summers blazing hot in Ohio compared to much of the US. Occasionally you get a rainier, cooler summer where you don't have to run the air conditioner much at all.

    • profile image

      123lg 7 years ago

      OMG!, Why Are U Guy's Pretending Ohio's FUN ? Lol'z.. It SUCK'S!!... omg WOW THE Easton..!!


    • profile image

      Mikey S 8 years ago

      You think Ohio is a good place to live because you haven't lived anywhere else. Many people I grew up with have never left the state of Ohio. Get out and see the world my young man. You will surely find somewhere you like much better.

    • profile image

      Mikey S 8 years ago

      Thing I miss most about Ohio is that great rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan State and that technologically backward land where people who don't know the difference between the UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN and Michigan State. Ohio is football country, you don't know the U of M is the big football rival to Ohio State, not Michigan State?

      Maize & Blue are the team colors and everything in Ann Arbor is drenched in it. OSU colors are scarlet and grey.

      Aside from 1 or 2 seasons, the Browns have sucked for almost as long as I have been alive (46 years). Why they have such strong fan loyalty is beyond me.

    • profile image

      annie 8 years ago

      I have lived in ohio for almost 60 years... i just moved out west last year.... I miss Ohio so much.... The people here in Oregon are so nasty ...and ...rude... people I have ever met I hate it here with all my heart.... I can't wait to move back east...You people out here have nothing on the East coast ....

    • profile image

      Dave 8 years ago

      I'm thinking of retiring in the Dayton area but after looking at the crime rate there compared to most cities, the crime rate is very high. Any reason why it's so high there? I'm talking more than double the violent crimes for 100K people compared to places like Miami, Phoenix etc....


    • LouiseKnittel profile image

      LouiseKnittel 9 years ago from Ohio

      I am in North East Ohio! Nice to meet some more Ohioians!

    • profile image

      Marty Walker 9 years ago

      I live in Southern Ohio. We have Large hills, some might say mountains. Lot's of corn and soybean. I live in Chillicothe, Ohio. We have the #1 rated Outdoor Drama in " Tecumseh", a story of an Indian leader trying for peace.. It's quite good and you will want to come back. Many places to fish and hunt. Whitetail deer are so large here- many at 300lbs. and over 200 B & C score. Beautiful fall leaves in the southern section of the State. Medium income is $30,000 to $70,000.

    • odd world profile image

      odd world 9 years ago from Oddsville

      It's funny that you mention the Cleveland Browns. I've seem quite a few of their games and they always seem to be the worst team and the underdog. It's kinda sad that even the residents abandoned their own team. Nice hub.

    • solarcaptain profile image

      mike king 9 years ago from california

      Why oh why oh did I ever leave ohio....Oh...why oh why oh why oh..did I ever leave

      Ohio....Oh why oh why oh why oh

      It's the state song.

      So what's Ohio like anyway? Oh......why oh why oh

      I hope thou are having one fine weekend ms.

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 9 years ago from Northern California

      Good to know... I've heard good things about Ohio, but also that things are a little behind technologically. Not like I'm the best at stuff like that anyway. Thanks for answering my request! I'm trying to figure out good places to travel in the US