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When Your Luggage Is Stolen Or Missing

Updated on December 19, 2009

When Your Luggage Is Stoelen Or Missing

When Your Luggage is Stolen Or Missing

When you travel, none of us seem to be immune to our luggage, either being lost, stolen or it just falls into the pervasive black holes of Airports. Here are some things to remember.

* When you travel, travel light, take only the things you need

*Always buy luggage that looks different from what the crowd has, granted, it does not have to be Woody The Woodpecker Red in color, but purchase something that is distinctive, meaning it can be easily identified if found.

*Always, always fill that luggage tag out, with your contact info, so that Security or Baggage Claims can notify you , when and if they find your luggage

* Use luggage that have secure locks on them, which means that the only way your luggage can be tampered with, is that the lock has to be damaged, if you lock it properly, or whomever wants your luggage bad enough will just steal it.

*If you do not have luggage that has secure locks on it, then you are just sending a signal, that the contents of your luggage can be easily compromised

*When you are in any terminal, whether it is bus, airport, or train terminal, Never leave your luggage just laying around in those terminals, always take your luggage with you, make sure you have it on your person.

*You can at least take one carry on aboard an airplane, it cannot exceed twenty five pounds, use it to your advantage, keep important items close to you, such as your laptop, jewelry, money, etc. Never leave those items to the mercy of the baggage handlers.

*Always remember to KEEP your Personal ID/Passport , etc  on you at all times.

*Do not bring items on your person or stash in your luggage things that you know, Airport Security will not allow on the airplanes, and the list of those things are things that automatically should come to mind.

*Sharp objects.

*Anything in a spray can, such as hair spray, compressed air, etc.

*Cigarette lighters,

just to name a few

If you suspect that your luggage has been stolen, tampered with or missing, report it immediately to Security, or the Baggage Claims Dept.

If you know you luggage has been tampered with, file a report, state what is missing, and request to be compensated for the things that you know have been stolen. Be prepared to provide proof of the items you claim, have been stolen.

Remember that ole saying, an ounce of prevention..... Happy Travels!!!


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