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Where Are The Best Beaches In The World?

Updated on June 27, 2011

What is the Ideal Beach ?

Where are the best beaches in the world ? Where are the top beaches we must see and explore ? The best beach for you will depend on the activity you are wanting to take part in as the best surfing beach for you will not be the best beach for me to go snorkeling or for a mum with little children !

Also important is that the beach is one that is accessible to you so your best beach could be the one that you visit on a regular basis.

For instance we recently visited Ningaloo Reef where the most of the beaches there are great for snorkeling , yet there is one of the beaches that is great for kite surfing as well.

However as the Ningaloo Reef is a long way from anywhere it is great for a holiday but not practical on a day to day basis unless you live there .

Sandy Bay is ideal if you just want to have a swim and enjoy the water without being knocked about by the waves.

I have heard that some of the best surfing beaches are in Hawaii which is great if you live there or can visit .

I will include a few of each type of beach and if you have one you love please tell me about it in the comments .

The Best Beaches

Is this your ideal beach ? or ......
Is this your ideal beach ? or ......

Best Surf Beach

is this more your best beach ?? Tamarindo, Costa Rica
is this more your best beach ?? Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Cape Leveque

Beautiful beach yet very rocky at low tide
Beautiful beach yet very rocky at low tide

What Makes a Top Beach

The ideal beach is one with sand that is comfortable to walk on for everybody , safe to be at without a rift , Ideally with shade somewhere for on a really hot day and near the carpark if you have young children or someone who can't walk to far.

For a young family the best beach has flat waves , maybe a few rockpools to expore , where a surfer is looking for the biggest wave without a rip.

Yet occassionaly I like a beach with waves for some boogie boarding so variety is always good!

The ideal beach for me is one I can snorkle and swim without fighting the tide .Nice soft sand, shade for a picnic lunch and not too far from the car .

It is handy if there are toilets and a shower .

Cable Beach

Camel riding along the nudist beach section of Cable Beach!
Camel riding along the nudist beach section of Cable Beach!

Tuncurry Beach - Safe family beach

Safe beach for children with a shark net
Safe beach for children with a shark net

Sandy Bay Ningaloo Reef

Great for children & shade for morning tea
Great for children & shade for morning tea

Where Are The Best Beaches - Other views

For the best dunes... Florence

i used to live in san diego, my favorite beach down there by far is la jolla because of the incredible land bride cave and tide pools. last time i was down there my best friend caught a lobster by hand and i found a two foot octopus.

any beach in maui! great for surfing! I'm always partial to Negril, Jamaica or Playa del Carmen, Mexico! And anything remote on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica

Kona Coast, Hawaii
Negril, Jamaica
South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida
also Florida panhandle has beautiful white soft sandy beaches, but too many jellyfish....
Stinson Beach, Marin & Baker Beach, SF

Republic of Kirabati - Fanning Island

It's a little coral reef 1000 miles south of Hawaii and pretty much in the middle of nowhere! It's between Hawaii and Tahitit and it's pure freaking paradise.

Other than that, anywhere in Maui and Kauai.

Beach For The Disabled


St Ives Cornwall

Love plaes like this for the scenery
Love plaes like this for the scenery

What makes A Good Beach - Other Views


I like mine remote and deserted. I prefer the kind you get on islands that are low and with lots of shallow warm water. The water 80 to 85 degrees and with a minimum of 75' of vis. Sand white, like sugar. Surf is okay, but not if it mucks up the water too much. Bahamian is ideal, but I hear Fiji is good too.

I like to snorkel, swim, beachcomb and pick the wrack line for treasure. Sunny and clear blue sky
- White sand
- Warm and transparent water with a perfect point break made of beautiful glassy waves.
- Tropicals plants and flowers
- with cool & roots people around or none.   I don't like them extremeley crowded but I do like a lot of ppl around, sunny duh, but not can't breathe hot out. I love having the dunes right behind ya and the ocean all out in front. I usually tan, read, write, listen to music, talk, and take walks to just relax and look at all the splendor that is the beach!  


Green Pools

Loved this Beach near Albany WA
Loved this Beach near Albany WA

Ningaloo Reef

Snorkeling beaches - Turquiose Bay

Turquiose Bay is a top snorkeling beach as well as Lakeside and Oyster Stacks at the Ningalooo Reef.

Coral Bay in WA is another top spot for snorkeling.

The best part about these beaches is that you can walk out in the water and start snorkeling without needing to pay for a boat trip.

We have also snorkled at Shelly Bay near Manly , Watsons Bay, Coogie Beach in Sydney.

What A View !

.Pavilion day beds, Lizard Island
.Pavilion day beds, Lizard Island

  The biggest waves can get up to 12 feet at  beach breaks are perfect for learning at Tamarindo which  is a Central American hotspot popular mainly for surfing.

North Shore, Oahu – Hawaii – Best Surf Beach

Family Beaches in Kalbarri
Family Beaches in Kalbarri

Best Beach for you

What do you class as a best beach ?

See results

Beach Wedding

Loved our beach wedding
Loved our beach wedding

Beach Wedding

 A Beach Wedding is romantic as long as you have the right weather on the day and a nice safe beach for you and your guests !

We enjoyed our beach wedding & highly reccommend having one .



leahlefler 2 weeks ago

It is sixteen degrees (F) here today and looking at those beach pictures is making me jealous of those who live near sand and sun! I used to live in Oxnard, CA, and I miss the beach!

Jangaplanet 13 days ago

Hi great hub thanks for sharing. I love Australia and go quite often. Although my favorite would be Whitehaven island .

Max_Power 12 days ago

Hey freecamping aussie,

Nice hub!

I'm going to say the best beaches are here on the Sunshine Coast, but I mite be just a tad biased :p

I gotta say Byron is hell nice also.

Your wedding looks suspiciously like it may have been at Moffat Beach? I'm just guessing here...

Hope the holiday is going well:)

freecampingaussie 12 days ago

lol ! Thanks ,There are tons more great beaches that I could have mentioned & I used to live on the Sunshine coast & been to Moffat beach! Our wedding was below Sydney !

smcopywrite 8 days ago

thank you so much for great article and pictures. i live in the midwest in america and we had a long, cold , hard winter. its great to see pictures that make us feel warm , relaxed and nice inside.


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