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Where Is Tulum Mexico And More Importantly The Village Tankah

Updated on January 8, 2011

People that live in the Northern United States, and Canada are well know for escaping old man winter every year by taking a month long vacation to a special area located on the Yucatan Peninsula. It is not as popular as The resort city of Cancun, or Cozumel, and once you finish reading this you will be glad that not too many people make the inquiring statement "Where Is Tulum Mexico”, as you will want this to be your little secret too. Anything worth having is worth working for as they say, and it requires a smidge more travel time to arrive in Tulum, but the price of the care hire will not even be a blip on your vacation budget's radar.

Where Is Tulum Mexico?

Tulum is built near the ruins of its former inhabitants, which were the Mayans. They have been gone for over four hundred years, thanks to the Spaniards spreading their diseases among the Zama's culture. Quiet, tranquil, rejuvenation, and breath takingly   beautiful are just some of the words to describe this area on the east of the Yucatan. Many swear the surrounds are so enriching to the body and spirit, just staying in the area for a week or two seams to heal mostly what ails them. Peace of mind is a strong elixir that people take for granted, and most vacation spots anywhere else in the world cannot offer this form healing overall.

Where Is Tulum Mexico

Tankah Village Rentals
Tankah Village Rentals

Village Tankah

The Village Tankah is even more remote than Tulum's beaches, and offers that extra enriching experience that only this little spot on the Tankah Bay can offer. Just as anxiety riddled jobs take the very life force from our bodies, the serene and picturesque surroundings of Tankah do just the opposite. There is not any scientific proof of any of these claims, but the previous sojourners to this slice of paradise know it to be true. You will notice the lack activity during the day, as most feel that counting waves, and going for quick snorkeling adventure is about as fast paced as the want to endure while on holiday in Tankah or Tulum beach.

Mayan Ruins | Tulum Real Estate

The need to go deep-sea fishing may one activity that some will want to enjoy, and the scuba diving is second to none in the bay of Tankah. But parking one's self in a hammock or low slung beach chair while sipping on their favorite refreshments is about the only calorie burning that will go on through out the sun drenched days. You will want to be sure and brink a small tripod for your digital camera to help capture a very still photograph of your view from the private beach that is part of your Tulum beachfront cabana. This will allow you to plaster this image on any electronic device you own as wallpaper, as a constant quick fix when you return to the other life you previously had escaped from for a short while.

People always worry about doing this or seeing that when on vacation, and you or your loved ones may have this in mind prior to arriving in Tankah. But the slow paced life force will hit you like a shovel, and bring your internal clock down to almost a dead stop, as life is not run on a treadmill in this region. The internal fight to get things accomplished will leave you like a Japanese bullet train, and it will be replaced with slow and clean deep breathing that will be almost defining to your ears, since there is no industry, or car traffic noise to add to the alluring quiet of this region.

When returning home, you will find your self literally doing cursory searches online for Tulum real estate, or for Tankah homes for sale, as anyone who visits always wants to come back and call Tankah home for the rest of their time on the planet.

Slice Of Paradise ~ Tankah Bay Beachfront Cabana


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    • profile image

      njsherry 6 years ago

      I really like your phrase "Peace of mind is a strong elixir..." I totally agree :)

      The pictures make me want to visit Tulum!