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Where My Ladies At? 5 SF Bars with Female Bartenders

Updated on October 3, 2010
Lexington Club
Lexington Club
SF Beauty Bar
SF Beauty Bar
Noe's Cafe bartenders
Noe's Cafe bartenders | Source

San Francisco is a sexy city and what’s sexier than a woman who knows how to pour you a good drink?  Strangely the best of the female bartenders seem to be concentrated in The Mission, but you can find women spilling your shots at spots all throughout the city.  From the all-female staff at San Francisco’s lesbian clubs to the almost-female ladies at the city’s transgender spots, your nights out on the town can be even sexier than you could’ve imagined.  Don’t forget to tip these chicks for the hard work that they put into your drinks and the harassment they probably have to put up with!

1. The Lexington Club, 3464 19th St. (@ Valencia), The Mission 415.863.2052

It’s fitting for The Lexington Club to have an all-female staff since it does advertise itself as just “your friendly neighborhood dyke bar”.  This Mission spot has been around for more than a decade and its ladies are well-known in the neighborhood for giving adequate attention to anyone who sidles up to the bar, rather than playing favorites like some of the other girl spots in the city.  Just make sure you don’t use that as an excuse to hit on them; these women are all professionals.

2. Beauty Bar, 2299 Mission St. (@ 19th St.)  The Mission  415.285.0323

Beauty Bar is another Mission spot which is mostly for a female clientele since you go here to get your drink going while also getting your make-up and manicure taken care of.  As such, the bartenders at this spot are mostly female and they’re the kind of girls that you want to have as your best friend.  They’ll give you good advice on what does and doesn’t look right on you while helping you get pleasantly soused.  A girl couldn’t ask for a better day at the bar.

3. 500 Club, 500 Guerrero St. (@ 17th St) The Mission  415.861.2500

For a Mission bar that’s more co-ed but still has its ladies behind the bar, head over to the 500 Club.  The girls here are the kind of girls that you’d see if you were looking at a Playboy spread of the Suicide Girls in action.  With tattoos decorating their bodies and mixology skills that will make your head spin, these ladies take all of the qualities that can’t be learned at bartending school and stir them straight into well-priced drinks.

4. Noe’s Bar, 1199 Church St. (@ 24th St.) Noe Valley  415.282.4007

Want to rescue a damsel in distress?  In one sense, Noe’s is the place to do it.  It seems that all of the bartenders at this neighborhood dive are female and most of the patrons are leering old men, so stopping in there with a fresh face and a nice tip could be your savior action.  Except for one thing; these lady bartenders are all San Francisco tough chicks who can hold their own without your help. 

5. DIVAS Nightclub and Bar, 1081 Post St. (@ Polk St.), The Tenderloin  415.474.3482

In San Francisco, gender is as fluid as the drinks that you’re getting at any bar across the city.  The hottest women here are often the ones who are (or were) men and you can prove yourself wrong if you think otherwise by making a stop at DIVAS.  Topless-only transgender strippers will blow your mind as you blow your cash on tips in appreciation of the thong-showing hot bartenders who are pouring your drinks strong enough to make sure you have a good time despite any qualms.


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  • profile image

    Donna 5 years ago

    Excuse me? "Almost-female ladies?" Are you serious with that bigoted bullshit?

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

    Thank you for your informative hub.