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Where To Beat The Heat in Texas

Updated on May 7, 2014

The Summer Heat Will Be Coming to Town

What will you do when the summer heat begins approaching? Will you hide indoors, with the air conditioner cranked up? Well, you don't have to hide indoors. There are some great spots in Texas to beat the heat and I will highlight some of the top places.


Schlitterbahn | Source

Schlitterbahn New Braunfels

This is arguably one of the very best water parks in Texas, if not the world. There is a reason that I say that. Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, TX has been rated the top water park in the world by Amusement Today for 16 years in a row. While I am certainly not a water park expert, I have been to quite a few, and this one is definitely one of my favorites.

They have a ton of rides. If you like inner tube rides, there are plenty. You can choose to float along for what seems like miles while you relax lazily on your inner tube or you can swoosh down a winding water slide at quick speeds. They even have a ride where an entire family can get on an expansive tube, with enough room to fit about 4 people, and go down a slide together. It's one of the coolest rides around and you will definitely get wet!

There are plenty of kid-friendly pools and rides too for the little ones who can't handle the more thrilling ones yet. Walking through the park, you will quickly see how big it is. It's larger than you might have imagined! Of course, that's a good thing if you like variety. It's definitely a great spot for water park lovers that enjoy thrilling splashes and plenty of rides to choose from, but it's also a good place for families because it has a little of everything for everyone.

SeaWorld's Aquatica Water Park San Antonio

SeaWorld San Antonio is well-known for its ocean animals, shows, and roller coasters. However, many people forget that there is a large Water Park right inside! It is called Aquatica and it has plenty to do and it will definitely help anyone beat the Texas heat. Personally, my favorite part of the park is the Wave Pool. I love standing in the midst of the water as it slowly starts to get wavy, making you anticipate the next wave, and then it finally culminates into mighty waves that pick you up and put you down with speed that will make you dizzy.

Of course, I can't forget to mention the lazy river. You can just glide around on your feet, your tummy, swim lazily, or ride in a tube. It's a lot of fun and it will get you wet without having to wait in a long line. Beating the heat in Texas at the SeaWorld Aquatica Water Park is definitely going to happen if you make your way down I-35 to San Antonio. While you're at it, after you get wet and cooled off at the Water Park, you can visit the SeaWorld park itself for some awesome shows with sweet and intelligent animals later on in the evening after the scalding Texas heat has waned into a mildly warm night. I'll probably see you there sometime!

SeaWorld Aquatica San Antonio WaterPark

SeaWorld San Antonio
SeaWorld San Antonio | Source

Other Things To Do To Beat The Texas Heat That Are Cheap or Free

If you can't make it to the water park, there are some easier and cheaper things to do to beat the Texas heat! Do you have a lake nearby? One of my favorite things to do is simply pack a cooler with a few crunchy snacks, a few cold drinks, hop in the car and go swimming for an easy 5$ entry fee for the entire car load. Don't forget to bring your own chairs if you are going to a lake or river that doesn't have any picnic areas. It's sometimes a lot easier to just drive up the road to the lake than head a few hours or more away to the water park, especially if money is tight.

Also, if you happen to live near the Gulf of Mexico, heading up the road to the ocean is always fun and inexpensive! You can head to Galveston, or South Padre Island, or Corpus Christi, or any of the other locations along the coast. The ocean water is always refreshing on a hot Texas day and it typically doesn't cost much at all to access it. As a matter of fact, some of them are absolutely free. You definitely can just bring a cooler, your swimsuit, some sun block, and lounge chairs for a day in the sun and surf. Galveston even has a cool little amusement park on the coast line for something different to do.

Just want to have fun at home? Do it the old fashioned way! Turn on your garden hose full blast, point it, and spray away at your friends and family. When you're hot, you will do anything to cool off! I will admit to having done this numerous times as a child and yes, even as an adult. You are never too old to have a little silly fun. Of course, one of my in laws has a redneck slip and slide. Sounds silly, right? I laughed the first time I heard it. However, when I saw my daughter slipping down the yard along cut up garbage bags with water and liquid soap on top I couldn't help but think how genius it was! She was slipping her way down the yard and giggling in utter delight!

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Don't Forget To Take These Things to The Water Park!

swimming attire
Your kids if you have any!
Change of dry clothes
flip flops or similar
your own snacks, if permitted
(optional) reading material or music device


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