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Where did spring go?

Updated on April 21, 2013
Thunder Bay, April 19, 2013
Thunder Bay, April 19, 2013 | Source


I'm normally not one for ranting, but I've just about had it mother nature. You are dangling the carrot in front of our eyes much longer than is deserved this year. I never really pictured you to be one of those "I've come to save you from this cold wasteland, HAH! Sucker!I'm just here to tie you up and throw you into snow pile and then hose you down with cold water" types. That seems like it would be more along the lines of father time's practical jokes than yours.

Is it really too much for us to ask for the snow to go away and stay gone until December? Is that too much? I don't know what we've done to make you so irritable, but whatever it was I apologize immensely on behalf of the city of Thunder Bay.

Okay, I'm done ranting.

A little bit of background. Thunder Bay has always had "moody" weather, but this is ridiculous. We usually have a fair bit of snow from mid December until early to mid April. This year hasn't really been much different, aside from the weather we've had the last couple of weeks.

Thunder Bay, April 19, 2013
Thunder Bay, April 19, 2013 | Source

The weather we've had the last few weeks

Starting from the beginning of April, it seemed like normal enough spring weather. Daily highs of 2 to 5 Celsius, daily lows of minus around -15 Celsius, not too much snow on the ground. All in all it was pretty mild.

As the week progressed, the temperatures climbed, although not very steadily and occasionally dipping lower than expected, but the snow was melting quite well. Until we got another dump of it during the first weekend of the month.

But of course, living in Thunder Bay, this is to be expected. For whatever reason, we consider a roller coaster ride from nice normal temperatures and melting snow to cold winds, several centimeters of snow, and freezing rain normal for the first week or so of spring. Carrying on.

Again, temperatures rose slightly, and the snow began to slowly disappear over the course of the second week. Just as things started looking up, someone (not pointing any fingers *COUGH* Mother Nature *COUGH*) decided to pull a rather tattered white wool blanket over our eyes and then throw us in lake Superior. Cue this past week.

Thunder Bay, April, 19, 2013
Thunder Bay, April, 19, 2013 | Source

This past week

The weekend of the 13th, we got a large dump of snow, that was promptly destroyed by higher temperatures followed by another dump on the 15th which started to disappear over the coming days.

We all thought to ourselves "This must be it, she must be done by now. Any more snow on the ground here and the fish in Lake Superior won't have a home til it all melts". But that wasn't it. Nowhere near IT. Little did we know that mother nature had one final ace up her sleeve. A low pressure system that had made its way up north all the way from Texas. (As a side note, I could NOT believe that the system responsible for what happened on the 19th came all the way from Texas. It just didn't make sense. I mean, what did we ever do to Texas?)

The snow continued to melt through to the eve of the 17th, when it started to cool off. Thursday was a fair bit colder, and we had some light snow during the day, but nothing major. I remember going to bed Thursday night and looking out the window. I could see grass, and the roads and sidewalks. I'm not really sure how to describe what I saw when I woke up the morning of the 19th.

The morning of the 19th

At roughly 6 am, I woke up. Tired and groggy, I decided to take a look outside. I reached haphazardly for my glasses, put them on (nearly poking myself in the eye with one of the arms), sat up slowly, and proceeded to make like a zombie to the window.

I moved the curtain slightly to the side, and cocked my head sideways (as if that would help me see better, but in my sleepy stupor it seemed like a well enough plan). As soon as I saw the snow piled up around my car, I was immediately caught by the urge to pinch myself. "This must be a nightmare. This can't be happening again. It's like a roller coaster we just can't get off of. The first time we went around I made a funny face for the camera on the last slope but I don't think I want the picture anymore if we ever get off this ride."

I looked around and noticed that the plows hadn't been by so there was no point in shoveling now. I started to notice how high the winds were. The gusts would whistle quite loudly and the snow would blow completely sideways for several seconds. I thought to myself "There was a fair bit of water from all the melted snow last night, I doubt many will actually go to work today if this weather keeps up. Oh well. I better get some sleep, my alarm goes off in a couple hours".

Woken suddenly by my alarm a couple of hours later, I quickly put on my glasses and looked out the window again. Nothing had changed, in fact, it was actually worse. I could barely see the houses across the street it was snowing so much and the winds were blowing all the loose snow that had already fallen at such high speeds. The plows had gone by and the road was cleared, save the fresh sheet of ice coating it. "Best dig myself out before I shower."

After clearing my car of snow and ice, I began the drive to work. Most mornings the trip takes maybe ten minutes, due to the less than terrible visibility, lack of traction, and the overabundance of people driving like this wasn't the case, I'm pretty sure it took almost twenty minutes to get to work.

Throughout the day I watched as the winds blew snow all around, even made it impossible to see 10 feet from the window. Clients told me about things that had been blown down, accidents, and the fact that the police were urging people not to drive unless it was absolutely necessary. "When is this going to end?"

What is your favorite part about spring?

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Later that afternoon

Everything started to settle around 4 pm. The winds died down, the snow stopped (hopefully for a long time), and everything was starting to look up. "Could this really be it? I can at least drive home more safely than before."

After arriving at home, I kicked my feet up and looked out the window once more. It was calm, and everything seemed right in the world once again. With any luck, weather like this would not occur until next winter when it is more widely accepted

Final thoughts

I guess what it really comes down to here is being prepared, and if you aren't prepared, not losing your cool when you realize exactly how unprepared you are. I know for certain that if I had lost my cool when I found out my car was buried, I probably would've rushed to dig it out, and then woken up later and had to dig it out again because the plows went by. Then I would've been frustrated and in a rush on my way to work which could have caused a serious accident and hurt or even killed myself or someone else.

So the lesson to be learned here is to stay calm and carry on, no matter what the circumstances. And even though the storm is over, I still would like to ask, where did spring go?

Stay warm, and stay excellent!


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    • Anselome profile imageAUTHOR

      Steve Anselmo 

      5 years ago from Thunder Bay

      I'm very sorry to hear that Colin. I really hope you're feeling better.

      Your saying is pretty bang on. I may borrow it from you :P

      Unfortunately I don't know any single rich ladies, but if I do find one I'll let you know.

      Life definitely does get tough sometimes, but we can't give up. Stay strong and stay at it and you'll see in time it should all work out. Just remember to breathe deep. I wish you all the best and I will continue to support your writing. Just hang in there!

      Actually, come to think of it, you have so many Hubs, have you ever thought of making a "Top 50" ebook or something similar? You could try selling it online. That's an option, and you have lots of followers. I'm sure they would be willing to purchase it.

      Let me know!

    • epigramman profile image


      5 years ago

      Well Steve, my good buddy, I must tell you that I've been away from the Hub for 2 weeks as I have been dealing with some mental and physical health issues. In turn I sincerely hope all is well with you, my friend, and your family. I watch City-tv news and weather online everyday so I have been quite aware about the winter weather north of Toronto and north north north of Toronto (lol)

      As for spring I have an old saying -sometimes it takes all of April to become May and that was the case this year - April was a write-off and a non-month because it really wasn't winter anymore but yet it was trying to make up its mind about becoming spring. lol

      I seem to be a little better healthwise but life must go on - by the way do you know of any beautiful single rich women up there where you live? I am serious - I am looking for love and if she has money - that's even better.

      My finances are not too good right now ..... sending you a big hug from Colin and his cats Tiffy and Gabriel and thank you for supporting my writing - I will be back later on tonight - I see you've been writing too -and that pleases me . lake erie time 2:15pm


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