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Where is Moldova and All About its Parks

Updated on November 20, 2013

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Moldova is an Eastern European country that is known for its laid-back capital city known as Chisinau. Even though Chisinau is also the largest city in Eastern Europe, it does not share the reputation of a first class European city. Since the city is very peaceful and calm, many tourist would come to the place just to experience a one of a kind city experience.

Moldova is located between Romania and Ukraine.

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Moldova, officially the Republic of Moldova is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe located between Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north.

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Opera and ballet palace, Chisinau


All about Chisinau

Chisinau's allure rests on ample modernity with a mixture of lush greenery. In fact, Chisinau is considered as one of Europes greenest cities. Visiting the place would give you all the chances of marveling its scenic landscapes blend well with their natural canvas. Chisinau also homes 60 museums and 23 lakes nestled on the Bic River. Most tourists who visit Moldova would at least try some lake hopping to make their vacation truly unforgetable.

Greenishly Romantic Pathway at Rose Valley


Rose Valley

Rose Valley is an urban park where you can see the remains of the ancient Slavonic sanctuary. The Rose Valley park used to be a rose plantation in 1950 but now it has turned into a beautiful amusement park. Located in Chisinau, Moldova it is the best place to visit if you want to see a clean and green park with tall trees and blooming flowers. It also has paths, concrete dams, and lake that can exhume all tourists expectations.

What makes Rose Valley unique within an urban setting is that it cradles three lakes. At the center of the park rests a lovely 9-hectare lake where people can boat. Less worry about contamination because the lake is purified since 1990. The park has 50 species of trees and the surroundings is full of god sculptures which have been preserved from the old Slavonic times. Main events are also held in the park and the capacity of audience is normally around 1000.

Rose Valley Lake


Entrance to Stefan cel Mare Central Park


Stefan cel Mare Fountain


Stefan cel Mare Central Park

Stefan cel Mare Central Park is the oldest and the main park in Moldova which is almost 200 years old. It boasts an area of about seven hectares. It is used to be called as the Pushkin Park but it was later on named after Stefan the Great. That is why if you go to the place, you would see two statues - the statue of Stefan the Great and another for Alexander Pushkin.

The park is decorated with refreshing fountains, which also enhanced its beautiful aura. While it has become one of the popular meeting place for couples, it is also known today as the Lover's Park. Very recently, free Wi-Fi access point was launched in the park and that made it just perfect for everyone who want to keep in touch while meandering the wonderful view of the park.

The front view of Parcul Valea Morilor


Parcul Valea Morilor

This is another park in Chisinau whose appeal is largely built around a 34 hectare lake. It is quite an expansive park of about 102 hectares that showcases the recently renovated lake and the beautiful unadulterated countryside scene carved right in the heart of the city. Like other parks Parcul Vakea Moritor is also covered with different species of trees that give shade to all people who come for picnic and date. The most dominant trees you can find at the park are the Canadian poplars, willows, chestnuts, and maples. There is also a summer theater at Parcul that seats 5000 people, an amusing chess pavilion, and the Andreis beach park for children.

Handy Tip

Weather can really be a good deciding factor when visiting Moldova. The best time to visit Moldova would probably be between end of April to mid-October. As far as traveling around the country, renting a car would be the best option for transportation. Apart from sightseeing and spending some relxation at the parks, you might as well try some Moldovian wines on par with Italian and French wines. There just numerous wineries around the area you can try.


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    • Fred Mucai profile image

      Fred Mucai 4 years ago from nairobi

      I have always heard about Moldova on CNN, Al Jazeera, BBC and so on but i never knew the capital city. I have never even heard it mentioned anywhere. the only thing that comes to mind when i remember Romania is Ceausescu and his wife. I hope Romania is now as beautiful as Moldova. This is a very informative hub for people living on other continents.