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Key Points to Buying a Timeshare

Updated on February 23, 2012

Buy Timeshares

I want to buy a timeshare but I'm not sure where. Where can I find a Timeshare vacation deal? There are several brokers who try to get people to buy a timeshare. What a person needs to watch out for are the scams out there and the unethical, bordering on illegal procedures brokers try to get one sold. In fact, just talking to a salesman makes for a nervous situation because it is important to watch out for the pitch. I love to be promised things but all the things promised when looking at buying a timeshare could be shady or untrue or downright tricky. One timeshare sales company offered a free boat with a purchase just for the customer to find out it was a toy boat. Never make a decision to buy a timeshare without checking it out first yourself by reading the fine print or by your lawyer, is what I've been told.

What is a Timeshare

I will try to give you a bit of an idea about the question "What is a Timeshare?" I'll tell about timeshares and the way they work from what I have learned. A timeshare is a different way of owning property. You will actually own a piece of the property or a share of the property while others will also own a piece. Depending on what share you own determines how many weeks during the year you would be able to stay at the property. The other weeks would be reserved for the other owners. For instance if you owned 1/52, you could stay there for one week out of the year

If I want to buy a timeshare, I would need to consider whether I wanted to travel and stay in the same place on my vacation once a year then to get the most out of my money spent.

Steps To Consider When Looking To Buy A Timeshare

What steps to consider when looking to buy a timeshare?

1. Figure out what location you'd like to be near.

2. Figure out what size place you need

3. Figure out what amenities you would want.

4. Figure out how often you'll use it.

5. What kind of Resort area do you like and would you be comfortable.

6. Figure out how much you are willing to spend

7. Figure out how you will finance for the timeshare

8. Try to determine if the timeshare would have a good reselling value.

Vacation Timeshare Rentals

Of course because of the way timeshares are set up, most of them are located in highly popular resort and tourist areas. Several people who buy timeshares like vacation timeshare rentals as they are interested in returning to the same location every year and have found a great deal on where they love to vacation. One week, one month or even as little as one week every two years are some ways timeshares can be purchased.

Do I want to rent or buy a timeshare. After researching this a little further, I find that I own part of the property if I buy into a timeshare. To rent a timeshare, I would have to rent my week to someone else. That's how I have come to understand it. It is sure something to think about.


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    • time sharing profile image

      time sharing 7 years ago from USA

      I was looking for "time sharing" and I found this very interesting Hub full of information... Good job honestly

    • Chaya Parmessur profile image

      Chaya Parmessur 7 years ago from FRANCE

      DON'T DO IT!