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Where to Go on Vacation With Teenagers Who Want to Learn

Updated on June 30, 2009

Going on vacation with teenagers is a challenge because for the most part when you are traveling to the area your teenagers will ask the proverbial question of are we their yet. Now I know that question very well because my kids who are not even teenagers ask that question just going to the grocery store! Now for some of us we are always on the lookout for a way to combine an educational vacation for teenagers with a fun getaway vacation for teenagers. Now for some of us finding this perfect spot can be a challenge because the balance of educational value and fun value can vary greatly, but you will want to consider Gatlinburg for your next vacation with your teenager. Here are some great reasons why you will want to consider going to Gatlinburg with your teenager while on vacation.

1. Closeness to being able to do fun things.

While some people will say that while on vacation their teenager just wants to sit in the hotel room, the pool, or be at the local amusement park while you travel to Gatlinburg with your teenager you will be able to enjoy almost all of these. Now if you have ever been to Gatlinburg before you know what I am talking about, but those thave have not been to Gatlinburg before will know that with a teenager they will be able to find things to do that will keep them out of the hotel room and only in the pool at the evening when they can relax and unwind from a long hard day. Now you might be asking what some of the fun things are well if you do not mind driving to Pigeon Forge you can enjoy Dollywood.

Some of the other fun things that you can do that some teens would consider fun is going through the wide variety of Ripley museums that are present in Gatlinburg and even be able to look at some of the variety shops that sell items that you cannot find in most other towns that I have traveled to which if your teens are like my little kids they will enjoy being able to see items in a store that is not widely available in their hometown.

2. Traveling to Gatlinburg with teenagers can be very educational

Now while many teenagers will not want to go find something educational while on vacation when you are in Gatlinburg on vacation with teenagers you cannot resist learning something new. Now you will notice that one of the largest features in Gatlinburg itself is the Riples Aquarium of the Smokies which is a great place to see a wide variety of fish and enjoy an underwater tunnel looking at sharks. Now if you cannot learn something here you have to really try not to or already be a fish expert which contrary to what most teenagers think they do not know everything!

When you venture out of Gatlinburg while on vacation with your teenagers is the mountains. Now the mountains contain some of the most beautiful scenery that you can see anywhere. I know that many people will enjoy the stillness that can be found in the mountains, but from an educational standpoint for your teenagers while on vacation you will want to go to the visitors center and then to some of the historical homes and areas in the park. I know that  for me one of my favorite stops is Cades Cove which has a nice driving trail for people with many pull offs that will allow you to see some older homes and learn how the early settlers settled in the area. Very educational area for teenagers to learn while on vacation in Gatlinburg.

3. Gatlinburg vacation with teenagers will allow them to get a workout.

Now while on vacation most teenagers like to rest. However, in Gatlinburg the town itself is so close knit that you will want to walk to areas from your hotel room. Now you might not realize that driving in town cost money more than gas because parking is very expensive. So obviously if you have to walk you will get your exercise which means that your teenager will even get a workout while on vacation.

For some people that go on vacations with teenagers they might want to find a location that provides you with some educational benefits while being fun. I know that for me that location to vacation with teenagers is Gatlinburg. Gatlinburg offers so many wide choices of options you will want to make sure that you seriously consider taking your teenager on vacation to Gatlinburg.


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