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Where to Move?

Updated on August 10, 2017

Where to go?

I'm curious on where should I continue my life? The United States is a big, beautiful place.
I'm curious on where should I continue my life? The United States is a big, beautiful place.

Places to Move.....


Where should I move to and continue this journey in life? I ask this question to myself just about every day. Where should I move to and what places have what I am looking for? I’m writing this hub for feedback on to what places should I settle into. I am currently living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Over the years there has been promising changes that this city would be bigger and better. I have yet to see those changes of better. I am hoping the readers out there can give me some suggestions. Some cities I have been thinking about are Nashville, Tennessee, Austin, Texas, Raleigh, North Carolina and Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. These are just a few I have narrowed down. To help you readers more about what I’m looking for is mainly what I like to do here. I love music and I love checking out local bands. I mainly enjoy rock music. I also love eating out and trying new, non-franchise restaurants. I also enjoy Irish culture and bars and taverns, rather than dance clubs. I love to sit and chill and listen to great music. I also would love a place where you can do fun outdoors activities. I love the city life, but also am a fan of nature, especially mountains. So I am hoping after reading this I will get some suggestions on where to move. So I am asking, please suggest a place and let me know why it would be a good place to move. I thank you all for your time and future comments.

So it seems that I have finally decided on where to move next. I have given Pennsylvania a try and that did not work out. It seems in less than two weeks I will be embarking on a new adventure to Raleigh, NC. I am very excited. It is amazing how long I have been trying to decide to move. How long I have been wanting to move. But like everything else in life, the timing is not always in my control. I believe God's timing is the perfect timing. And after all that has happened and the things that I have been through, I understand why.


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    • Fullerman5000 profile image

      Ryan Fuller 7 years ago from Louisiana, USA

      yeah, ive visited there and got a good vibe. plus i love yalls little twist on bar b q. and employment looks great as well. thanks for the time to respond

    • profile image

      Jason Deans 8 years ago

      Hi Fullerman, Raleigh is a great choice for a city that has a small town feel to it with plenty of southern hospitality. Downtown is rather small, but the city is consistently being developed and still growing. There are plenty of Irish pubs in the downtown area to hang out at. Probably not as much centralized local music as you would find in Austin or Nashville, but with Durham, Chapel Hill and Carrboro not to far away there's plenty to do in the area and the mountains + the ocean are only a few hours away.