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Where to View the Northern Lights

Updated on October 10, 2013

What is Northern Lights?

The Northern Lights are a spectacular display of light that occurs when the charged particles from the sun interact with Earth's atmosphere. Auroral displays appear in numerous colors although pale green and pink are the most common. The best places to watch the Arora are Norway, Sweden, Canada, Greenland and Finland. Make sure you browse for the cheapest airline ticket while planning your journey. They take on numerous patterns from patches, to scattered clouds to arcs and even shooting rays.

Northern Lights Images:

Northern Light
Northern Light
Northern Lights
Northern Lights
Northern Light Canada
Northern Light Canada
Northern Lights Finland
Northern Lights Finland
Northern Lights Ireland
Northern Lights Ireland

Best Places to View Northern Lights:

Alaska : - Alaska lies in the “lucky zone” which means you are guaranteed to witness the spectacle if you steer away from city lights. The best spots to view the Northern Lights in Alaska are Fairbanks, Denali & Anchorage.

Denmark : - The altitude difference and the gaseous mixture in the atmosphere here renders some stunning display.

Canada :- Areas around Lake Superior and Northern Canada's tundra back-country are perfect spots for watching the Northern Lights. The lights can be seen as far south as the American border, but stick to Canada's vast wilderness for the best seats in the house.

Greenland : - Easily one of the best places to witness the spectacle, the Northern Lights are visible here year around except during summer's Midnight sun.

Finland : - On arrival, you will be led to a chalet where you'll be handed an "Aurora Alarm" that beeps whenever the Arora appear on the sky. The best places to view the spectacle are Luosto, Nellim, Utsjoki, Ivalo, Kakslauttanen.

Rejavik :- Head out into the open plains of Pingvellier National Park – a rift valley formed by the convergence of the North American and Eurasian continental plates. The dark skies, crisp winter air and the stunning landscape make for the perfect ambiance to watch the Northern Lights. To make sure you find the cheapest flight ticket to Rejavik, consider visiting in the winters.

Tromsø :- Probably the most well known Arora spot, the Norwegian city's location just above the Arctic Circle renders one of the best places to watch the Northern Lights. Norway has numerous spots for watching the Northern lights Alta, Svalbard and Finnmark. An added advantage of flying to Tromsø is that you can grab cheap domestic flight tickets to other parts of Norway to watch the spectacle.

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More Images of Northern Lights:

Camping on Northern Light
Camping on Northern Light
Greenland Flourished in Northern Lights
Greenland Flourished in Northern Lights
Amazing Beauty
Amazing Beauty
Arora from Norway
Arora from Norway

5 Facts About Northern Lights:

  1. The official name is "Aorora Borielis".
  2. Similar phenomenon in southern latitude is known as ""Aurora Australis".
  3. It is caused by energetic particles colliding into atoms for high altitude.
  4. The color depends on gas particles that are busy bumping around.
  5. Auroras have also been observed on the jupiter, saturn, mars and other gas giants.


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    • Blackspaniel1 profile image


      3 years ago

      Nice images. I am surprised that Mars was mentioned, since both a magnetic field to direct and concentrate the incoming charged particles, and an atmosphere to have molecular electrons energized to higher states from which the go bact to ground state with a light emission is also necessary. Mars has a weak atmosphere and has for practical purposed lost its magnetic field, probably when its core solidified.


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