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Where to go in Albania!

Updated on April 21, 2010

   Albania---where to go and what to see!

Apollonia - Ruined Corinthian City-

Archaeological investigations have revealed that for hundreds of years the Illyrian and Greek inhabitants of the site appear to have lived in separate communities. The economic prosperity of Apollonia grew on the basis of trade in slaves, and the local pastoral agriculture, with coins having been found as far as the Danube basin.


Berati - City of a Thousand Windows-

 The ‘Town of one Thousand Windows’ is most famous for its white-washed houses which with their many windows seem to have been built on top of each other. Built almost all in white on a slope of green with the river at its feet, it offers a striking view as soon as it becomes visible.


Durresi - Albanian Beach Resort & Port-

One of Albania's oldest cities and the main sea port, Durresi lies on a small peninsula on the coast of the Adriatic sea. Although international travellers do visit to see some of the archaeological remnants, the city is better known for its beach resort, Durresi Plazh, attracting Albanian holidaymakers from across the entire Balkan Peninsula.


Mount Dajti National Park Travel Guide-

Scenic Mount Dajti National Park is located to the northeast of Tirana and provides a weekend and leisure nature playground to Tirana residents. It is particularly interesting for its wild flowers and different climatic zones and is an ideal spot to escape for some peace, quiet and easy walking.


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