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Where is the best place to go for a fly fishing trip to catch trout?

Updated on October 26, 2012

Best Trout Fishing

The best trout fishing of my life was in Jenny Lake, and the Jackson Hole area of Wyoming. These are beautiful scenic areas that offer great fishing. At both places we hired guides, and that was likely a tremendous factor in our catching fish.

At Jenny Lake, we caught more fish than we could possibly eat. We decided to clean our fish at the edge of the lake, then we cooked them over a fire at a picnic area right near the lake. As we were cleaning fish, a British family walked up and asked if we caught all those nice fish. We ended up inviting them to share our meal, and we had a wonderful time talking with them as we cooked and ate our meal. It was a great memory.As we were finishing our fish, we still had some good coals in the fire, so my mother got a package of Jiffypop popcorn and set the pan on the fire. The Brits were amazed as the pan expanded as the corn popped, and when the top of the pan opened up, we had a good laugh and shared the popcorn.


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