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Which Airline Is Right for You? Air Canada Vs West Jet

Updated on January 25, 2018

A comfortable and pleasant flight can really set a good mood for when you arrive at your destination so choosing an airline that meets your needs is important.
I will compare two reputable and popular airlines, Air Canada and WestJet, and based on 4 criteria see which one may be right for you. The criteria i will use is:

  • Customer Service
  • Price
  • Food
  • Seating

I find these 4 criteria to encompass what most people use to judge a good or bad or even nightmare inducing flight experience. (hears looking at you good doctor)

Air Canada:

  • Customer Service- Customer service can encompass quite a lot of areas when traveling, but i will try to cover what i believe is essential. Reservations can be cancelled within 24 hours without penalty. For those inconvenient times when a flight is cancelled or you miss you connecting flight due to the reasons involving the airline, they offer snack and meal allowances, hotel accommodations if available, and ground transportation to and from hotel. Policies are also in place for individuals with special needs or disabilities but if you still feel you have been mistreated in any way you can file a complaint and within 45 days they should respond. At least it's not 44 days. 4/5

  • Price- The Lowest price guaranteed is when you book a ticket on Air or Air and within 24 hours you have found a cheaper ticket you will be reimbursed the difference in price as well as a promotion code valued at $50. This is valid only if you found a ticket on a different site, through a Canadian travel agency, for travel originating in Canada, or it is displayed and sold in Canadian dollars. There are other stipulations but these are the ones to focus on. 4.5/5

  • Food- Special meals are available In Premium Economy and Business Class where a meal plan is offered. For Air Canada Bistro, the meals are purchased and include the typical snacks, breakfast options, and hot and cold meals; for shorter flights. The special meals include asian vegetarian meal:

Baby meal, Bland meal, Children's meal, Diabetic meal, Fruit plate meal, Hindu meal (non-vegetarian), Low-calorie meal, Low fat meal, Low salt meal, Muslim meal, Vegetarian Jain meal, and Vegetarian meal

I think they thought of mostly everything for even the most pickiest of eaters. If this selection is still not enough you are allowed to bring snacks and food on the flight. 4.5/5

  • Seating- Air Canada has the option for preferred seating which has a number of benefits. Around 4" of extra space, early boarding and early exit to avoid the sometimes awkward interactions with people, and of course the early access to overhead bin space. USB port and overhead ambient light is available. Internet is available but for a price:

Air Canada 1-Hour Pass: $6.50 CAD
Air Canada 1-Way Pass: $21.00 CAD
Air Canada Plan: $65.95 CAD/month

On demand entertainment on your personalized screen is a nice touch and adds to the overall comfort, or at least a distraction from your seated neighbor. Depending on you destination and choice of business to economy class the seating recline and overall spacing will vary so check with Air with the exact measurements if you require it. 4/5


  • Customer Service- Reservations may be cancelled within 24 hours but if you need a cancellation within 2 hours, WestJet will try to accommodate you on another flight. For uncontrollable situations involving bad weather or mechanical issues or even air ground delays, WestJet will re book you on the next available flight or reimburse your payment in the form you purchased. For controllable situations over 2 hours they may offer hotel accommodation with meal vouchers and ground transportation. IF you still want a refund, an option of receiving west jet dollars is available which goes toward your next flight with WestJet. Lastly, individuals with special needs and disabilities outlined vary similarly to Air Canada is available as well. 4/5

  • Price- WestJet is known for its low fares and varies special offers such as offering free nights or additional savings when you stay a particular number of days at a certain resort that they are promoting. For the individuals that are always on the hunt for a valued deal and savings, this airline may be right for you. 4.5/5

  • Food- The pre purchased meals(special meals) include a vegetarian options, meat options, and gluten free options. Not as extensive as the Air Canada but the quality is rather good. Beverages include water, soft drinks, juice, coffee, and tea which are complimentary. 3.5/5

  • Seating- WestJet plus fare is an option for those who travel extensively or just want to experience a more comfortable flying experience. enjoy extra leg and elbow room to stretch out, advance boarding and a separate food selection with a high end flare. Internet is available but for a price. If you need your fix, pay the price...which is:

30-minute pass: $4.99 – 5.741
3-hour pass: $8.99 – 10.341
Flight pass (duration of flight): $13.99 – 16.09

For the on board entertainment there is an option to download the WestJet app on your mobile device or tablet. A personalized screen, depending on the flight, is available with live tv shows, movies and other preloaded tv shows. Depending on you destination and choice of business to economy class the seating recline and overall spacing will vary. 3.8/5

A lot of information to process but take your time and re read it over to get the information your looking for. Overall both airlines offer a lot of the same standards and practices in order to compete in todays ever competitive market. The main points for Air Canada would have to be the very comprehensive food selection and great entertainment selection and competitively priced internet availability. WestJet has great bargains and low fare rates for that frugal individual and a great selection of on board entertainment. I hope this article has been helpful and enjoy traveling with whichever airline you choose.

A little longer then i originally planned but i think i got a lot of important information across

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