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Why America is so great

Updated on September 29, 2009

America the great

There are tons of reasons why America is the most unique country on the planet. Some of the reasons people may or may not agree with but none-the-less they still make America very unique. There are reasons both big and small that makes America stand out from all the other countries in the world and there are many reasons why people from all over the world what to come to America to visit and live.

Have you ever wonder what makes people love or hate America? If you have keep reading because below are just a few reasons why America is the most uniquecountry in the world. There are many other reasons as to why America is so well known. Below you will find out some of the main reasons as to why the United States is consider the greatest country on earth and the most well known.

Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech in America is one of the main reasons why America is so great in unique. Many other countries have freedom of speech but it seems that in America the right to freedom of speech is taken full advantageof. Freedom of speech in America is a huge deal and Americans are definitely lucky to have this right and many people want this right and this is why America is one of the best countries out there.

Think about it, there are many forms of freedom of speech in America such as being able to speak out against the government or question politics. Americans can even protest basically anything they want to and that is a form of freedom of speech in America. The list can keep on going about the different examples of freedom of speech in America.This is definitely a main reason why America is a country that so many people want to come too.

History of America's past

 Another reason why America is so great and consider the most powerful country on earth is the history of America's past. America's past includes many active roles in many conflicts, wars and many other major eventsall over the world. The history of America's past is one of the top reasons as to why America is consider the top dog in the world.

The history of America's past is a very long extensive list but since it's first war all the way up t the war America is fighting now makes America a force to be reckon with. America's past is one of the top reasons why America is a country that one does not want war with.

The 50 American states

 Another reason why America is consider the greatest country on earth is the 50 American states. America is huge and people do not realize how big America really is unless they live there or have been there. The 50 American states are all different and so diverse. The sizes are different and the different kinds of cities in the states are all very different as well. This is why America is so diverse.

The 50 American states all have something different to them. If one wants to live in a quiet place, by a beach, in a large city, in the biggest city, in a cold place, in a warm place than chances are a person can find their dream place in one of the 50 American states. This is a huge reason why America is a great place to live.

American politics

 Love it or hate it American politics is a huge reasons as to why America is so well known. Many people may or may not agree with the way America handles things but American politics are a main reason as to why America is the way it is today. The list of why people hate or love American politics is a huge one but let's just say this is a very big reasons as to why America is well known throughout the world and a reason why people want to live in America.

American pop culture

One of the biggest reasons if not the top reasons as to why America is a very well known country and why people from all over the world want to come to America is because of American pop culture. That's right whether people love or hate America they will always tune into movies, TV shows, listen to music and watch anything else that makes American pop culture.

The world loves music, celebrities, movies, TV shows and a lot of other entertainment that comes from America and this is why America is loved throughout the world. American pop culture is known throughout the entire world and that makes people eitjer hate America or love America.

The American people

 As to why America is America, it's because of the American people. The people of America shape up America. All the crazy people, powerful people, poor people, the middle class, the criminals, the gangsters and every one in between all make America, America. The people of America are known throughout the world and this is why America is either loved or hated.

The American people are very diverse and you can find just about any nationality living in America.and this is why America is a country that many people want to go to and eventually call their home.

The American military

 The American military is the big reason why America is the most powerful country on the  planet. The military is equipped with all of the latest technology and weapons. The American militaryis a force that is feared upon enemies around the world. This is why America is a country that other countries lean on for support of all kinds.

The American military is the reason why America is a great country because the military keeps America safe from world-wide threats including threats from other countries. The American military is also the reason as to why America is a force to mess with.

Crime in America

 Unfortunately there are other reasons as to why America is known throughout the world and unfortunately this is a reason as why America is not so liked either around the world. It is the crime in America.

America is a huge country with so many people and because of that there are many people who commit crimes in America. Crime in America is very high and can be extremely high in some parts and this is why America is frowned upon by many other countries.


What do you think

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      FACT: America is the worlds greatest country! I love it!

      If you want to talk smack about my home and native land then at least think about all of the Amazing things they have:

      Beautiful places


      Great food

      Amazing people

      Lovely scenery

      Worlds highest wages

      Freedom of speech

      Great government.

      I could go on...

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      @Lacoyya Buddy how can you talk about how great freedom of speech is in the US and forbit others to criticize America? Isn't it a Freedom of speech to point out things you dont agree with even though it may hurt American patriotism?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I'm an American (born and raised). I don't hate American; in fact I appreciate the many luxuries it affords those who live here. At the same time, I cringe to hear people laud this country as a pillar of morality and justice. This country is neither of those things. The U.S. and its citizens engages in just as many base, despicable practices as any other country (greed, impurity, rage, murder, etc). Sure, this country affords lifestyles that many other countries could only dream of, and gives us freedoms that the world envies, but in the end we are just as ungodly (possibly more so) than any other nation and our wealth and profligate lifestyles blind us to our need for a spiritual awakening. God has certainly blessed the United States, but we are a sinful nation that needs to repent of its evil ways. Instead of loving money, success, power and freedom from tyrannical governments, we should desire Jesus Christ, righteousness (as defined biblically), heavenly treasure and the full authority of the God of Bible.

      Perhaps humanly speaking, America is the greatest country in the world because it satisfies all of my fleshly desires, but we are not a godly nation, and because of that, I disagree that America is the greatest nation. Also, has anyone noticed that no matter how many times answer "no" to that above poll, it never changes. I think that thing is rigged.

    • harmony155 profile image


      6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Every time I visit a foreign country, I am grateful to be returning back to America!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      i love to live in america but you are right there are a lot of challenges that the government has but besides that as long as im alive in america that's all good :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Your just jealous Simon, check your facts before you make false assumptions. First off i'm an American living in B.C. as well & I cross the damn border into the U.S. four times a week & there's usually 2+ hours in wait times your people face just to cross into my great country! & a 5 minute wait time entering back into Canada. I'm sure you've been in line up to enter the U.S. more than just a few occassions yourself. If you hate America or want to say dumb things you & your people can stay out of it & stop bottom feeding off my country & it's trillions of dollars in debt. Next off you might want to re-check your facts the Americans didn't loose the war in Korea it was a truce technically the war never ended. As for Viet Nam the Americans were only off a few miles from attack on North Vietnam when they were told Nixon told the American people that the military would not extend into Cambodia more than 20 miles. Lastly as for the Cival War true it was American Vs American clearly the right side the North won that War which abolished slavery. Next time learn your facts before you end up looking like an ass. Clearly most Canadians aren't well informed in American History. When it boils down to it America is still on top off many lists against other countries even $15 Trillions in debt. As much as I like Canada you still wouldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight. Lastly last time I checked our dollars were at par so tack your 12% tax on top of that & shove it!!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      America is not great! Many are racist, the country has a $15000000000000 (15 trillion) debt to pay, they brag about their military even though the lost Korea, Vietnam, the civil war in a way, and you don't even have enough money to start another one. When clinton was president, the US government had over $17 billion in surplus, then bush comes and adds $1.5 trillion of debt in his first year, and by 2008 the country had about $9 trillion of debt, then Obama comes during a recession and is forced to clean up bush's mess and adds a few trillion and every one blames the black guy for the country's poor state. Also how do many people go into debt? I live in Canada where the wages are low and the house prices are ridiculous, $800,000 for a house you can get in the US for $100000, I live in Vancouver which is where the most expensive housing district in Canada is, also the province which is BC, is the most underpaid, in Alberta, another province, the pay for a job like a doctor is $60 an hour, in Vancouver it's $45 an hour. In the US you get paid more, everything is dirt cheap, yet people go into debt although in Canada, mortgage rates are high, and your bank accounts interest rate is 0.02% and in the US it is better. WHY DO YOU GO INTO DEBT???


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