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Why Expats Want to Live in Honduras

Updated on February 14, 2012

Honduras is an extraordinary country. It has some of the most diverse culture and ecology of any Latin American country. It’s unassuming and low cost lifestyle appeals to many different people. If, you’re an expat looking for a superb Central American country to live then take a look at Honduras.

The living costs in this Central American country are enormously cheaper than in the U.S. It is also cheaper to live in Honduras than most other Central American countries. The Honduras economy is not stagnating nor is it in hyper drive it moves along at a nominal pace. It is one of the simple living countries in the area. Not over build like some of the other Central American nations. It is also central America 2 most desirable location in terms of tourism. Even after the attempted Coup by the government it has not detoured other tourist from visiting this Central American paradise.

With the cost of living so cheap in Honduras, you can spread your dollars a lot farther. You can live in the lap of luxury on no more than what you would earn with a regular income in the U.S. You can build your home overlooking the lush tropical forest or near the ocean to watch the sunrise move across the sky every morning. Most homes on the water front can cost as little as 20000 and go as high as you want. If, you compare that to the cost of housing in other Central American countries you will find that to be a blessing.

Choosing to live in another country is a hard decision. Many do it for retirement, some for change, some because that would like to live more out of life. No, matter what your reasoning keep Honduras on the top of your list.

If, you are worried about things like medical care, transportation, or anything else Honduras has you covered there. For most significant emergencies, Honduras has a lot of sensational and technologically advanced hospitals at your disposal. Also, many from Honduras that are looking for specialized care are in luck because the ratio of doctors to patients is exceptionally good. Some if they need specialized care take a short trip back to the U.S, panama or even Costa Rica to get work done.

The culture of Honduras and surrounding Central American countries are one that you can totally immerse yourself in. There is a sense of family no matter where you go in this Central American country. If, you want to be a hermit and live comfortably you can do that too. But, if you want privacy with the culture there is definite opportunity for that too. But, realize in Honduras when you are surrounded by friends and neighbors they are all family.

There is never a lack of anything to do unless you just do not want to do anything and hang out on the beach all day. There are fantastic locations for diving, sailing and fishing all along the coast. There are tremendous opportunities to trek into the jungle on a day trip up one of many dormant volcanoes. There are enumerable opportunities to live an active and balanced lifestyle.

Honduras cannot be beat as the prime location for any expat or your family. It has plenty of investment opportunities along with the lifestyle that you deserve. So, if you are looking to getaway and see what the rest of the world has to offer. Or you are looking for that perfect out of the way place to live than Honduras has everything you desire.


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  • teacherjoe52 profile image

    teacherjoe52 6 years ago

    So how much do you estimate for just bare essentials like rent and food in U.S. dollars a month?I do not go to the bars or restaraunts. I prefer to hang out with nature.

    How long is your visa good for? Is it easy to renew?

    I am a Canadian living in China on 700 a month and it is good.

  • PaulStaley1 profile image

    PaulStaley1 6 years ago from With the wind---(or against it)

    yo si kiero vivir alla!