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Reasons to Visit Disney

Updated on June 3, 2018

There is so much to love about Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL that goes beyond the theme park rides. If you are thinking of Disney as an overcrowded expensive vacation, please read before deciding if it is completely not the place for you. And if you are excited about Disney, hopefully some of these reasons will help you enjoy a trip there even more!

Benefits of Staying In the Park

To have a true Disney World experience, my recommendation is to stay with in one of Disney's hotels. I love staying at their owned hotels because you get a free shuttle service to and from each park without scheduled bus times of those other surrounding hotels in the Downtown Disney area or surrounding parts of Orlando. You can come and go as you please which is a wonderful luxury if you are traveling with children. You can also take advantage of the bus and monorail system and visit other hotels within Disney World. Staying at a Disney hotel also gives you an extra hour (or sometims even hours) in one of the four theme parks each day. It is an excellent way to get on some of the favorite rides that might be too crowded with other Disney guests during the day. Not to mention, you do not have to worry about parking you car or driving, Disney takes care of that. With any package booking you also can get free shuttle service too and from the airport to the Disney hotel you will be staying at. If you are worried about the cost, stay at one of Disney's All-Star Resorts or the Pop Century so you can still have the the benefits without the bill.

The Disney Difference

I have been to other theme parks outside of Disney and there is a noticeable difference in customer service. I don't know if it's how the employees are trained or if it's the fact that they are working for Disney, but I have not had a bad experience with any waitress or ride operator or cashier. Yet, I have a distinct memory during my only visit to a nation-wide theme park while buying an ice cream cone. Comparing one visit with a lasting impression of a rude cashier and several visits to Disney World without any exact recalls of bad service, I'd say is pretty amazing.


I am a non-smoker and extremely allergic to even the smell of a cigarette. Disney World has clearly marked and well kept areas just meant for smoking so that everyone is able to enjoy each park. They are separated from most walking ways, leaving a nice breathable day for anyone like myself who can even cough just at the faint scent of one in the distance. And for the smokers, these areas are clearly labeled on the park maps to help you find where it is ok to have a cigarette.

Don't get caught in a line!

If you are able to travel during the less busy times of the year for Disney, you will have the benefits of shorter lines (plus a smaller hotel cost)! But if you need to book your trip for the busiest times of the year (school vacations and holidays) do not be discouraged. All year round Disney offers a Fast Pass to most of their attractions. You stick your ticket into a Fast Pass machine for your desired attraction, then out pops an additional ticket telling you to come back at a certain time to skip part of the line. Just be aware that you can only have one fast pass per hour to only one ride, it's Disney's way of being fair and making sure everyone has the same opportunity. Additionally the Fast Pass is available for any ticket holder to use, not only to those willing to pay extra like at some parks...So, yes their will be crowds, but there are ways to try to avoid some of them to better your vacation time!

Mickey Shaped Pumpkins...seriously, they have everything!
Mickey Shaped Pumpkins...seriously, they have everything!

Something for Everyone

Whether you enjoy fine dining, learning about different cultures, thrill rides, Broadway shows, animals, or just simply traveling through one of your favorite Disney stories, there is something for your unique interests. It's all about finding the part that makes it a memorable trip for you. I've done everything from gone upside down on Rockin' Roller Coaster (I get nauseous easily but had to try it once even though I was lightheaded after), gone on a horseback ride through a trail at Wilderness Campground, laughed at my lack of coordination in getting points on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, and have been amazed at the animals on Kilimanjaro's Safari. But this is only a small portion compared to all of the other attractions, rides, shows, restaurants, shopping, and activities Disney has to offer, not even mentioning just enjoying escaping reality. Seriously whatever you are into, sports, science, cars, dinosaurs, candy, spas, water rides, behind the scenes tours, pastries, can find it at Disney. (True it is at a price, but where else can you find it all in one place if you want to try a few of your interests out!)


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    • prasetio30 profile image


      9 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Disney is a place with many interesting object. It become another option for family traveling. My dream go to Disney. I hope will come true.


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