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Why I like New York City

Updated on May 22, 2013
 Image courtesy of [image creator name] /
Image courtesy of [image creator name] /

I was born and lived in New York City !

Having lived in Norfolk,Va. for more than 30 years, I can say that whenever I get the chance to go to New York City, it is a treat! I was born in the Bronx and lived in the Big Apple for 13 years. My parents were Puerto Ricans and my father dreamed of returning to his homeland. In 1969, he accomplished his dream to go back to Puerto Rico. I spent 8 years, learning how to read Spanish and getting used to the culture. After those 8 years, I managed to come back to the States!

How did I come back? I joined the Navy to see the world! Little did I know that I would wind up in Norfolk,Va. Norfolk being an 8 hour drive from New York allowed me to see it all over again. I met my future wife in New York, so every chance I got leave or special liberty, I would make my way back to the Big City. It seemed like I could not shake off my attraction to that area! I, even, got married there! So much for memories! It been a good 32 years, though.

Back to the land of my beginnings!

Having family there was, also, an advantage. It didn't take long for me to get hooked on my native city and its bright lights again. The tall buildings and the excitement was electric! It is, truly, called the city that never sleeps. It is so busy, that it is hard to get bored in that wonderful town.

The last time I went to the Big Apple was around 2002. I went to see my Uncle Johnny by bus. It was post 9-11 and security was tight in the bus terminals and trains. Upon arriving in my Uncle Johnny's neighborhood, it was, predominately, Spanish-speaking. Once again, I was in touch with my ancestral roots. I saw some sights such as the tall buildings and stores galore. We stopped by to eat at a Latino restaurant. The neat thing about this City is that you can have your pick from a great variety of restaurants. Many restaurant offers a variety of foods such as Latino, Chinese, etc. I was very impressed for the short time that I was there, how the city can be an interesting place to be at. What fascinated me is the transportation. The subway, for a modest price, will take you far into the city. It is a real time and gas saver!

Great pictures of New York City!

Recently, as I looked through my facebook list of friends, I ran into some great pictures from some old family friends. Carlos and Carmen Camarena had gone to New York City to visit. Carmen wanted to show her mother some good New York City landmarks. She had come from Peru and was excited at her stay in the city.

I was so impressed with the pictures that they had taken, that I wanted to share them in my blog and hub pages. Naturally, I asked for their permission and they, graciously, said yes. In these pictures, you will see how life in the Big City is captured. The Camarena family has a great eye in taking pictures.

It is interesting how they catch the colors and the excitement in that area. As you can see with the pictures below, they capture the Statue of Liberty with its colors and beauty. You can, also, see how busy that place can be. Lots of excitement and things to do in the Big Apple!

If you desire more information on life in the Big city, feel free to go to my blog (Link provided below) You will see more pictures and information on the Big Apple. It has some great history and facts. You can, also, see other places of interest for your next vacation needs.

Summing it up, New York City is a great place to spend your next vacation. It's tall buildings and its diversity of restaurants will impress you. I Hope you like these pictures. I really, appreciate, good photography and these pictures help bring the spirit of New York City to you. So, do yourself a favor and go visit New York! My kind of town! Feel free to give me some feedback and thank you for reading this article!

 A painted mural somewhere in Manhattan, NYC
A painted mural somewhere in Manhattan, NYC
Another view of the big apple!
Another view of the big apple!
The Camarena family sightseeing in the ferry. In this picture is Carmen(L), her daughter in the background, Carmen's mother with their son Emmanuel and Carlos, her husband.(R)
The Camarena family sightseeing in the ferry. In this picture is Carmen(L), her daughter in the background, Carmen's mother with their son Emmanuel and Carlos, her husband.(R)

The Chrysler Building

 Image courtesy of [image creator name] /
Image courtesy of [image creator name] /


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      7 years ago

      beautiful pictures of New York. Enjoyed the article vewry good


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