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Why It Is Worth Visiting the Bunaken Sea Park in Indonesia

Updated on April 19, 2011

The Bunaken Sea Park, as its name implies, is a sea park that is located in the city of Manado in the province of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. This sea park was first discovered by Prince Bernard and it is now very well known worldwide particularly for its beauty. As a matter of fact, a lot of people who have visited this park claim that the beauty it has resembles that of the Great Barrier in Australia.

The Bunaken Sea Park is situated about 7 miles from the central harbor in Manado and can be reached in about 35 minutes from the city center using a motorboat. The park has a width that extends to around 887.5 hectares with a little wavy morphological condition.

The shore of this sea park is mostly comprised of the white sand and the mangrove forest. Under the water, visitors will be able to find hard, soft and steep reefs along with a mass number of creatures that live underwater. These creatures include turtles, Mandarin fish, seahorses, sharks, rays and the Choelacant – also known as the Sea King – among others.

One of the most popular kinds of fish that often attract visitors is the Choelacant. This fish lives eighty meters under the water. It is usually called as Selakan as well by the folks that live in the neighborhood surrounding the Bunaken Sea Park. What is also interesting about the Selakan is that it lives only in 2 places, in Bunaken in Indonesia and in the KomoroSea situated in the Northwest Africa.

It is MarkV.Erdmann who first discovered the Choelacant when he saw it captured by the local fishermen in Bunaken. After having conducted some researches, he found out that the Choelacant was one of the rarest prehistoric kinds of fish that needed to be put in reservation.

Visitors can also enjoy the beauty of the Bunaken Sea Park by going to places known as the Lekuan 1, 2, and 3, Ron’s Point, Fukui, Muka Kampung (Village Face), East Bunaken, Tanjung Paragi, Pangalisang, Sachiko Point and Mandolin.

While visitors are at the Bunaken Sea Park, there are quite a few options for them to choose from in order to enjoy their visit to the park. To start with, they can simply enjoy the sightseeing of this particularly beautiful sea park. Or, they can board the Katamaran – which is how the locals call the glassy boat. Yet, if the visitors would prefer to interact with the underwater objects, they can go snorkeling, diving or even shooting underwater beauty with some waterproof cameras. They can also sunbathe or wander about on the seashore.

Then, when the visitors feel tired and want to rest, there are cottages prepared for them. When they want to take a meal, they can go to the local diners. There are also souvenir shops where visitors can find something they can give to their friends, families or colleagues back home when their trip at the Bunaken Sea Park is over.

Besides Bunaken, visitors may also want to visit LakeTondano which is situated in Tomohon. Situated 30 kilometers from Manado, chances are visitors may pass this tourist resort while they are heading home from the sea park.


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