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Why North Korea is like Diarrhea

Updated on April 10, 2013

That pretty much sums up what most people outside of that country secretly thinks of North Korea. Of course, no world leader would ever use such derogatory language in fear of some retaliatory action of its 30 yr. old leader, Kim Jong.

Like a bad case of diarrhea, this leader is so insecure, so desperate to get worldwide recognition from the super powers of the West (all because he is very jealous at what we have), he threatens, he rants, he stages support, he shows off the few missiles he has, warns of thermonuclear war (which is his way of joking, because no one believes the buffoon) and loves American movies, basketball and some food. Such a complex disorder. No wonder nobody outside his circle can figure it out.

The recent threats, what does he want? Like a desperate kid seeking attention from neglectful parents, he does extreme things. In this case, America plays the role of a parent, and NK the child.

Kim Jong is desperately seeking world approval and that NK is a world power. So, as the West quietly mocks him and the South Koreans go "ho-hum", the more we ignore him, the more dangerous he becomes with his military agitating him on. He is young enough to take the region to the brink, to the edge, in order not to lose face. He has had the good life, living in Switzerland, as a student. Now he has power. Has a few nuclear weapons and missiles to demonstrate his power. He has to carry on the legacy of his grandfather and father and the hatred of South Korea and America.

He is now under a lot of pressure to prove himself. If the West does not react as to how he wants, another tantrum comes, each time more dangerous. But, at what point does this drama end? Sooner or later, it will stop because the West is not reacting as he wants and he is not stupid enough to overtly attack SK or across the DMZ. When the point comes, it will be far worse for him because the world called his bluff and he will be just another buffoon.

Like some kids or teens or others who simply must prove something, this might be the time when he does something really dangerous that starts another Korean War.


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