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Why Use Cruise Ship Ads For Your Tourist Website

Updated on April 3, 2011
Disney Magic
Disney Magic
The Freedom of the Seas
The Freedom of the Seas

Cruise Ads That Sell

Often tourist site webmasters try to figure out what type of ad campaigns are the best source for advertising.

Tourist site creators look for good ads to put on their vacation hot spot style websites, that will be helpful to visitors during their search for holiday deals.

One favorite style of advertising that many Disney and other tourist destination type websites use, are the cruise ship or cruise liner ads.

Most WordPress tourist sites prefer to use the large 300 X 250 ad blocks. These ads tend to do extremely well for this type of vacation style ad space and they produce a good click through rate.

Whats nice about the cruise ship ads, is that they have some really exciting pictures of their top cruise liners, like the Disney Magic, Carnival Cruise and Royal Caribbean cruise deals on them.

These awesome pictures of giant cruise ships will look great in the advertising blocks on your site and will draw attention to the great deals they offer.

Whats also great about these styles of advertising blocks are the rich colors of the ads that make a webpage look exciting and fun.

Vacations are about great fun and people look for the most excitement they can get for the price.

Family getaways and cruises have always been a nice choice when searching for a splendid vacation trip.

Best Ads For Your Visitors

Making a website popular with visitors is one of the important keys to running a successful tourist site.

Choosing a good layout with eye catching colors and photos is the first thing a visitor will see, even before they start to read the content on your landing page. So, special attention should be focused on the color and layout during updates.

The next thing, is to have good quality content with links that keep the visitor interested in your vacation site. You are trying to provide something that is useful to your visitors, so be careful to link with relative information to meet the visitors taste.

The final outcome, is that you provide written,visual and linkable content for what the vacation searcher is looking for. This way, they will return to your site the next time they need vacation help and possibly share your site bookmark with other friends and family members, increasing the traffic.


Designing Website

Designing websites can be a lot of work and sometimes constant updating is required to keep the content fresh. Once the ads are in place, generally if you are happy with them and they look OK, then it is a good idea to give them time to convert.

Monitor their progress, but remember, not all ads will bring attention to visitors. Many people don't like clicking on ads, they are looking for first hand information, rather than being taken to a site that might not be what they are looking for.

Experiment with ads that work. Ads that are relevant to the tourist site but yet give the viewer something to look at and bring attention to will be some of your best converting choices. Cruise ship ads are one of those types that could do well on your vacation website.

Good luck with you tourist site and throw in a couple cruise ship ads to give your site that vacation spot feel.


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