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Why We Are Choosing to Pursue Full-Time RVing

Updated on January 16, 2016

The reactions that we get after telling someone our plans to sell everything for a life of traveling and living in an RV are two extremes. Some are excited about the sheer idea of “reinventing their lives” and living outside the social norms; others are skeptical and question financial, safety, and health aspects.

My husband and I have not officially started our full-time RVing quest. We continue to live in our “sticks and bricks” home while we prepare for an anticipated change that is less than a year away, but has been over 2 years in the making. Why would we choose this new endeavor, this total transformation from the comfort and “stability” of our present lives? It’s simple, the three H’s: health, happiness, and home.


This subject area is all encompassing, from physical to psychological well-being. With this new lifestyle, we feel, come new opportunities to explore our locations on foot, sample the local farmer’s markets, and open up our hearts and minds to new opportunities and possibilities.

We are hoping to get more exercise by doing day-to-day maintenance on the RV and taking on jobs (like workamping) that require us to be more active to make ends meet. We want to travel to new areas where we will want to explore and get outdoors more so than our current state. Especially when dry camping (boondocking), we will be eating healthier with home cooked meals. Our smaller living quarters will make it easier to keep clean and as sanitized as possible, even with our animal load.

With this new lifestyle comes stressors of their own, but we feel like it is time for a change in our current lives, one with a whole new set of adventures and lessons to learn and grow from. It is this change that will free us from being “stuck,” explore our world, and find something new about who we are and what we are capable of achieving.


Happiness is a science in itself: dissected, surveyed, and laid out for others to interpret. What specifically defines a person of complete and total happiness varies, but in general, happiness is defined as an overall satisfaction of one’s daily living.

We have our comfort zone: our jobs, our home, our familiarity of the town. This, however, has become a discomfort. We often ask, “Is this it? Is this what life will be like from here on out?” For us, happiness is the chance to jump outside of our everyday happenings and write a new chapter in this short story of our lives together. This method of full-time RVing is unconventional, but in many ways convenient for us.


Where should we live? This is a question we have pondered for a few years now and one that has been a struggle for us to decide upon. A big part of taking on this full-timing journey is to explore cities and towns of interest on our own time schedules as opposed to taking off on a plane and visiting a possible destination for a few days. We’d like to “test drive” these sites (and many more)in search of beautiful scenery, friendly people, low cost of living, and decent job opportunities, a place that we can call home and feel that it truly is home.


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