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Why You Should Come To Jamaica

Updated on May 26, 2015

Rich Jamaican Food

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Jamaica, the Land of Wood and Water.

Motto- Out of many, one people.

Historic Background of Jamaica- The country of Jamaica have fourteen parishes. This small island obtained independence in nineteen sixty two. And despite being so small, it is known for a lot of things, especially Reggae Music (Bob Marley), Sports (Usain Bolt), Culture, Food and Tourism. The country is located in the tropics and the people are warm and welcoming. The country has a population of two point eight million people. It is one of the best tourist destination in the world. And a place for investors to come and invest, because it is still in its developing process. And like many other countries, it faces problem with employment, development, welfare and crime. But despite all that, the country men are united for the wider cause. This is so with the rigid International Monetary Fund (IMF) program that is being undertaken at the present moment. The country have past seven IMF Test and fall short on the eight.

Jamaica Tour Guide

How to Come to Jamaica?

Just call your travel agency and booked your flight. In addition to that, Book a room at one of the hotel in Jamaica. There are hotels such as Pegasus, Hilton, Coutney Hotel, and guests houses that you can use. I have attended Pegasus mostly on School Expositions and on Project/Business purpose. It is nice. Coming to Jamaica is easy. For many countries they are require to have their documents such as:

  • passport
  • Identification Card
  • Money to spend
  • Photo
  • Visa

Try also to have as much information as you can about where you will be staying. Know the type of currency the country uses. In addition, make sure to fine out in your research the nearest police station. This is practical information that you can use. I recommend the Pegasus hotel, because it over looks the Emancipation Park. But, if you are a person who likes nature, then I recommend Portland to you. nature caresses its environment.

A warm smile will greet you, along with exceptional service all the way to Jamaica. Upon entering the country, warm air and a hot beautiful sun will ton your skin, so bring with you, your toning lotion. The natives have their craft, their offer, and a lot more. The water is pure crystal.

Focus: Tourism and Food

Tourists!!! You should come to Jamaica on vacation because we have some of the best touring sites and adventurous scenes. your heart will never lose appetite, but it will only desire more. Throughout this editorial I will be sharing with you some interesting places in Jamaica.

1. Blue Mountain- Blue Mountain is the highest mountain in Jamaica. It is seven thousand four hundred and two feet high. So, For those who love hiking, this is the place for you to come. The path in the mountain will take you in the deep and un-explore terrace of the mountain. Take your camera for the journey, because after leaving you can brighten your heart with the pictures.

2. Jamaica Harbor & Port Royal- Jamaica have one of the deepest natural harbor in the world. This Harbor is important because Pirate travel, its depth make historic, and the history of heroes and heroine that carve out their line on every rock and wall that is there.Also, it has a beautiful scenery.

What do you know about Pirate? Years ago, Port Royal was like the logistic hub for Pirates in the world. This area of Jamaica represent the World Trade Center then. This small place, Port Royal accommodated the richest, wickedest, poorest, thief and the likes. But, the hand of God move against it and it sunk in the latter end.

This showing a part of blue Mountain in Jamaica. To Truly get to see its true beauty, come to JA
This showing a part of blue Mountain in Jamaica. To Truly get to see its true beauty, come to JA | Source

White Sand Beaches

Jamaica have some of the best beaches. If you find yourself landing in Kingston at Bustamante International Airport or in Montego Bay at Norman Manley International Airport, there is a beach somewhere close by. Here are some listing of Tour Spots/sites in Jamaica.

  • Westmoreland-Negril: This destination is the last parish on the western end of the country. This is where every tourist want to go.
  • St. James-Montego Bay: This destination have beautiful beaches and serene hotels.
  • Trelawny-Falmouth: Cruise Ship Destination.
  • Kingston-Capital: This destination is used for business, sporting, fast space and extravagant living.
  • Portland-Portonio: Cruise ship destination, relaxing, serene in nature, friendly environment with a jerk center (Boston Jerk Center).
  • St. Ann & Mandeville: Quite and peaceful destination.
  • St. Thomas-Morant Bay: This destination have a Botanical garden and a fountain of natural hot water spring from out of the rock (Bath Fountain). This parish is the last parish on the eastern end.

Beautiful Beaches

This picture showing the beach in Ochio Rios, Jamaica. Is this a beautiful scene?
This picture showing the beach in Ochio Rios, Jamaica. Is this a beautiful scene? | Source

Language Varies in each Parish

The country of Jamaica have three counties, cornwall, Middlesex and sorey. Each parish fall into one of the category. The parishes that are located further to the west falls in the county of cornwall. In addition, those parishes that are located in the middle are falls in Middlesex, and the others are located in Sorey. The beauty about these about the parishes of are that each one has their own unique twist to the patwat/patio language. It is amazing when you listen to their speaking attentively. The people in the parish of Westmoreland speaks deep creole language. Their words sound much shorter and their description of places and direction are different from the rest of parishes. Some of us say that them talk bad. But, it is fun.


Some of the parishes don't have any river, especially the parishes in Middlesex. But I can say that these people do a lot of farming as the parishes are described as the bread basket.

Jamaican Food

Jamaican foods are well cooked. Their ways of preparing food are exciting and fun. Also, they use a lot of spices that give their food the sweetest taste and smell. The Jamaica National dish is Ackee and Salt fish. The country main produce are staple crops such as Yam, coco, banana, dasheen, pumkin and so on. They also invest a lot in coffee, which makes the best coffee tea in the world.

I love pudding. The type of pudding that I truly love is Toeto. The is a treat that I can't resist. It is made with coconut remains, after the coconut juice are extracted. You can have this as a dessert after your meal or for lunch. send me a request and I will get the recipe to you.

Jamaican products:

  • Pudding
  • Patties
  • Curry Goat
  • Tun Cornmeal
  • Jerk Chicken back


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