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Why Yuma, Arizona Is My Favorite City In All Of The United States!

Updated on September 8, 2016

Why Yuma, Arizona Is My Favorite City In All Of The United States!

When I first visited Yuma Arizona, back in the summer of the early 1990's, I remember thinking what an amazing kinda place it was. Of course, right about now, you're probably thinking that I am a little or a whole lot of crazy to think Yuma, Arizona is such a wonderful place. I mean really, I am talking about a place that doesn't have very much to offer besides desert land, open spaces, and empty valleys.

However, if you love nature, the heat, and fun in the sun as much as I do - I think you'd agree it's one of the greatest cities in the US as much as I do. Personally, I think that I would consider someone who didn't like or think Yuma, was one of the greatest cities in the United States a little weird. However, we're all entitled to our own likes, dislikes, and/or opinions.

As with anywhere, there will always be good and there will always be bad, but I honestly think Yuma's good outweighs any of it's bad by a long shot. I say this because it's the sunniest place in the entire United States, as well as the least humid. Not to mention the fact, it's the driest and has the least amount of days with precipitation.

Which, is totally up my alley. Guess, by now you can pretty much tell I hate the cold and I definitely hate rain. Which leads me to another reason I love Yuma. It's the fact, that even though it gets cool in the winter time at night hard freezes are very rare allowing it's Citrus fruits and vegetables thrive through the winters.

Of course, if you're a teenager or the kinda person that needs to be entertained most of the time you'll probably say there isn't anything to do in Yuma. However, if you're a younger child there's tons of things to do. There just isn't enough time to do it all and if you're into sports there are a few youth sports programs that are offered through the city parks department.

Other than that, there really isn't much else to do besides enjoy the peace and quiet while admiring nature at its finest. Besides, if you really want to get out and do something fun and exciting you could always drive for a couple of hours to the mountains or if you wanted to you could go for a weekend get away and drive for three hours to San Diego beach.

Then again, if you prefer large crowds, traffic jams, smog, etc... you can drive for a little less than 3 hours and visit Phoenix, Arizona. Aside, from the beautiful mountains and water resources, you could... check out the Imperial Sand Dunes which are only a couple of hours away from Lake Havasu and 5 hours away from Las Vegas... if you're into that kinda thing.

Although, I love Yuma and think it's awesome and wouldn't mind living there, I must admit that I don't like the public school system. I have heard that there really are some wonderful teachers, but rumor is there are many immigration issues and that ESL students make it rough. However, I've also heard that if you speak Spanish many doors will open up for you.

All in all. Yuma, Arizona is my favorite city in all of the United States because of it's vast beauty, it's clean fresh air, and it's wide open spaces. Not to mention the fact, that it's considered to have one of the lowest crime rates in America, wonderful public services, and awesome weather 9 months out of the year.


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