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Why Are French Men So Irresistible

Updated on December 7, 2015

French Men

We were sipping a glass of wine by the pool this afternoon among girlfriends talking about men -what else could we talk about? After all, we are in France- when it finally hit me why are French men so irresistible.

I think most women would agree with me that French men have a "je ne sais quoi" that makes them irresistible. They might not be the most handsome ones, but they are charming and lovable. But what makes French men so different to other Europeans or Americans? Here you will find the answer.

Yes, French Men Are Irresistible

Do you know that out of 5352 people who read this article and voted in the poll at the end of this page 87% agreed with the idea that French men are irresistible

French Actor Gaspard Ulliel

French actor and model who played French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent in the 2014 biopic film Saint Laurent.
French actor and model who played French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent in the 2014 biopic film Saint Laurent. | Source

What Makes French Men so Irresistible?

  1. From the first impressions you recognize a French man by his outfit. A Parisian has no competitors for fashion sense. Ordinarily you would never buy an orange scarf for your boyfriend, until you see a Parisian walking along the Champs Elysees with an orange silk scarf complementing his "decontracte" style. Only the Italians come closer with their particular sense of elegance and distinction.
  2. Attitude. French guys look straight into your eyes when they are talking to you. Ok. Sometimes their eyes stray away towards your boobs, but quickly they come back to meet your eyes. It is actually considered bad manners not to look into the eyes of someone when you are talking to them and someone told me that it brings 7 years bad sex if you do not look straight into the eyes of someone when toasting!
  3. French men are passionate about anything they might be talking about which usually is food, wine or sex, sometimes all three at once!
  4. Conversation. With French men, you can talk about anything you talk with your girlfriends. It does not matter their education, any French man will be able to talk with you about the latest fashion trends, cooking recipes and of course wine and cheese.
  5. The French have a highly developed sense of smell. A French man actually appreciates your selection of toiletries. They can even recognize your perfume by name. I still remember the time I met a French fashion photographer in a Marbella nightclub, after being introduced he asked me -just to corroborate that he was right- if I was wearing Nilang, a perfume by Lalique, which at the time was only available in the Lalique shops in Paris so the scent was very exclusive and unknown. That impressed me!
  6. French men can cook. And I am not talking about an omelette or opening a can of baked beans... no, no, no. I am talking about delicious well-prepared meals cooked with lashes of fresh cream and herbs that you have never heard about; all served at a well-decorated table and eaten with three hours of delightful conversation washed down with a carefully selected bottle of wine.
  7. It does not matter what a French man tells you, if he says it in French you will be at his feet. Their accent, pronunciation and who knows what else are so irresistible, that I have almost fallen in love with many men without even having looked at their faces. Let's be honest with a French man it doesn't matter what he says but how he says it.
  8. French men are very expressive; they like to tell you how they feel and if they compliment you they really mean it. By and large they are not afraid to show their emotions. They will tell you that they love you, that they are mad about you and pour their heart out to you without feeling compromised for doing it. Even tough cinema actor Vincent Cassel has been quoted saying: "I think I'm actually more vulnerable than people imagine."
  9. Most men do not drink beer -whisky as an aperitif is more acceptable and wine with a meal. By and large a more elegant choice of drink.
  10. Their life does not revolve around football matches. In three years living in France, I have not yet met a football fan; at least not the type that spends Saturday afternoon in front of the tv. drinking a beer and cheering his team. They watch football, yes they do, as well as other sports, but given the choice they would actually prefer to spend time with you "wining and dining".
  11. French men are still gentlemen and as such they still pay for you when you go out with them. French men like to pick up the bill. I know many feminists will be outraged by this, but they do it naturally. If you go out dining with male friends you do not have to go through the awkward discussion of who ate what or take out the calculator to divide the bills. Most of them are just happy to pay for you.
  12. They know how to make you feel special.

Vincent Cassel

Vincent Cassel and Monica Belluci
Vincent Cassel and Monica Belluci

Some of my favourite French actors who personify my ideal of French men are:

Vincent Cassel

Born in Paris with impossibly blue eyes, Vincent Cassel is a star of European cinema. Famous for his tough guy roles and eclectic choices, is also known for being Monica Belluci's husband, although they separated on 2013 after 18 years of being together.

He is known worldwide through his film performances in Ocean's Twelve and Ocean's Thirteen, as well as Black Swan.

Vincent Cassel has also been the face of Yves Saint Laurent men's fragrance, La Nuit de l'Homme

Vincent Cassel

Gaspard Ulliel

At only 30 years old, Gaspard Ulliel is already and internationally recognized actor thanks to the role of Hannibal Lecter on Hannibal lecter the origin of Evil where he plays in English. He is also known internationally thanks to his role on Yves Saint Laurent on 2013. He is also “the face” of Chanel’s perfume Bleu.

I personally find his timid smile and "bad boy" looks absolutely irresistible.

Gaspard Ulliel for French "Glamour" Magazine

Gerard Depardieu

I know, This is actually a weird choice for many. I am not blind and I don't think of Gerard Depardieu as a beauty icon, I know that he is by no means a handsome hero but if you have ever seen him playing Cyrano de Bergerac (in French original version) you will understand why there was not a better choice for the character and why so many women are mad about him. Just listen to the video of Cyrano talking to his beloved Roxane. Like her you will feel your knees going like jelly at the whisper of Cyrano and his beautiful words.

"Cyrano de Bergerac"

Alain Delon

Alain Delon
Alain Delon
Alain Delon Cannes 2013
Alain Delon Cannes 2013 | Source

Alain Delon

An icon of French cinematography, one of the few incredibly handsome French actors. Even now aged 79 he is still hot and you can see him in his latest film Astérix aux jeux olympiques (2008), where he plays Julius Cesar.

Vincent Perez:

Although born in Switzerland (1962), Perez is considered a French actor. He has been quoted saying "j'étais perdu, sans pays, la france m'a adopté" (I was lost with no country and France adopted me).

Vincent Perez has a soulful, exotic-look about him and if you listen to him in French, you could just melt like an ice cream.

One of my favourite films where he features along with Isabelle Adjani is "La Reine Margot". Like the Newsday reviewed it: a film " Filled to the brim with dramatic family confrontations, death-bed scenes, poisoned books, sex, redemption and expert scenery. Every moment is riveting, every actor gives his all. Particularly good are (...) Vincent Perez as Margot's hot-blooded beloved, La Mole."

Vincent Perez

“If there were no Frenchwomen, life wouldn't be worth living.”

— Friedrich Engels

French Singer M. Pokora

M. Pokora at the NRJ Music Awards 2013
M. Pokora at the NRJ Music Awards 2013 | Source

M. Pokora

M. Pokora or Matt Pokora, is one of my favourites French singers. He was just perfect on the role of Robin Hood in the French musical comedy “Robin des Bois”. He is also known for his big heart as he is a great supporter of charity causes particularly AIDS and children charities.

M Pokora - Catch me if you can

What do you think... Do you agree?

Do you think French men are irresistible?

See results

© 2008 Wendy Iturrizaga


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    • qlcoach profile image

      Gary Eby 8 years ago from Cave Junction, Oregon

      So what makes a great relationship? The chemistry, the attitude, the intelligence, the demeanor? All of the above. Great hub about these factors. More important to me is a mysterious connection to one's spirit. Beautifully crafted hub. Please see how I strive to help others in new ways. Sincerely: Gary Eby, author and therapist.

    • Christoph Reilly profile image

      Christoph Reilly 8 years ago from St. Louis

      My Dear Princessa: I can see that the men you describe would appeal to the fairer sex and, as such, could even be envied by other males, but you speak as though every Frenchman has these qualities. I have seen the farmer's revolting and the youth gangs in the Paris suburbs terrorizing the innocent and the surly cabdrivers and the rude waiters. I do not believe they possess these qualities which you admire. And yet, I still love Paris and the French countryside.

      Likewise, you speak as though all other nationalites are full of males who are nothing but slobs and brutes. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Plus, we have more wit and humor. And those of us who are intelligent can speak eloquently on a variety of subjects, including the one's you mention and more. The women in our culture also do not tolerate mistresses (much to my dismay). So marry one of your Frenchman and sit at home while he takes his mistress out and looks into her eyes and discusses her perfume.

      I adore you, of course, but take exception with your perception and stereotyping of others. I will not be put into a box.

      Still, a great hub. See how riled up I got? That's what a good hub should do. Thanks.

    • desert blondie profile image

      desert blondie 8 years ago from Palm trees, swimming pools, lots of sand, lots of sunscreen

      Again, a great luscious hub! I can always count on you for some great eye candy information!

    • VioletSun profile image

      VioletSun 8 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

      French men sound so sexy. And as desert blondie commented, it is indeed a lusciious hub!

    • Lifebydesign profile image

      Lifebydesign 8 years ago from Australia

      oh la la they certainly do have a way about them. thanks for the great hub Princessa :-)

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 8 years ago from France

      Hi Gary: thanks for the comment. It is a mistery what makes a great relationship. Personally I think that different things work for different people, and the above are some of the things that are important for me.

      Cristoph: I love your comments, you are so passionate about them. Maybe you have French roots? LOL I was not trying to put anyone in a box, this is just my perception of French men -and I must add that I live in the countryside, so I do encounter farmers quite often and even them have a "je ne sais quoi" about them. In any event, I never suggested I would like to marry a French man... but I would not mind at all a French lover ;)

      Desert blondie: glad to sweeten your day!

      Violet: they are, believe me... they are irresistible.

      Lifebydesign: you are welcome, and they are indeed ohlala or as they say around here when it exceeds ohlala: ohlalalalalalalala

    • Shadesbreath profile image

      Shadesbreath 8 years ago from California

      The chick in that last video was gorgeous.  I agree in part with Christoph, not all French men are like that, only the memorable ones are.  I notice you didn't remember any experiences with Frenchmen who did not recognize your perfume, and the one that did stood out to you.

      That said, America doesn't know what it wants.  Half our women say, "Stop looking at me you pig," and the other half say, "Why don't mean yearn for us anymore."  So, meh.  The femminists are suffering from the traditionalists and vice versa and men are stuck in the middle left to muddle through.

      Bottom line, though, this is an excellent, though provoking hub, in fact, it may be a hub provoking one as I am off to ruminate on things too long to put in comments here.

    • Christoph Reilly profile image

      Christoph Reilly 8 years ago from St. Louis

      A french lover? Mon Dieu! That's different.

      And you're right about Depardieu's Cyrano: It is unquestionably the best. Shadesbreath has hit a nail on the head. The women here have men pretty confused about what is expected of us.

      Au revoir, mon peu crepe.

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 8 years ago from France

      Ok. I agree that not all French men are like that, but at least the ones I have encountered so far are like that. I cannot remember any bad experience with a French man. They have always been very attentive and charming.

      However I think you are right about what you are saying, it must be confusing for a man not to know how to react when they are with a woman. Thank goodness feminism is becoming out of fashion these days, or at least I hope so!

      Christoph: mon peu crepe? I am really convinced that you have a bit of French within you ;)

    • SweetiePie profile image

      SweetiePie 8 years ago from Southern California, USA

      I agree, French men are very handsome. I remember even when I was 13 years old watching a group of French tourists at Universal Studios and thinking how cute they were standing around in a circle discussing a postcard. Very stimulating reading this hub was!

    • Research Analyst profile image

      Research Analyst 8 years ago

      I do agree and thanks for the eye candy.

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 8 years ago from France

      SweetiePie: Thanks for commenting, I see that the French left a looong lasting impression on you ;-)

      Research Analyst: You are welcome!

    • Amanda Severn profile image

      Amanda Severn 8 years ago from UK

      A very thought provoking hub Princessa. The French are my neighbours, separated from me by the merest strip of green grey sea. I love their accents and their sense of style. They do have a certain je n'est ce quoi. However, I also love the Irish and the Scots accents, and their warm Celtic humour. I love the Welsh and the lilting poetry in their words. I even find certain Englishmen charming and humorous. I'm just too fickle to be pinned down on this one, but I respect your viewpoint, and I certainly agree with you about Gerard Depardieu!

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 8 years ago from France

      Amanda: I have to agree with you about the Scot's and Irish accents, they are very warm to the ear.

    • NellieOApple profile image

      NellieOApple 8 years ago from Texas

      French armpit stinks!

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 8 years ago from France

      NellieOApple: LOL isnn't that true for armpits all over the world ? and maybe that is why the French have some of the nicer perfumes, deodorants and luscious body creams.

    • danielle101282 profile image

      danielle101282 8 years ago from Spring Lake NC

      I would also have to say that french men have a pastionate intensity about them. I dont know about all woman I find that extremelly attractive.

    • franciaonline profile image

      franciaonline 8 years ago from Philippines

      Wow! I enjoyed reading this hub and the comments on French guys!


    • prasadjain profile image

      Dr.S.P.PADMA PRASAD 8 years ago from Tumkur

      Very good and frank analysis. Unfortunately in India and some other eastern countries, such discussions earn a bad name for the speaker

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 8 years ago from France

      danielle: I find that very attractive too.

      franciaonline: It is just my humble view based on the people I have encountered:-)

      pasadjain: Nice to see you back. I am happy that you appreciate an honest opinion but I am not sure I understand how speaking your mind can cause trouble in India. Are Indian women not allowed to publicly talk about men?

    • NellieOApple profile image

      NellieOApple 8 years ago from Texas

      J'avais un ami français. Peut-être qu'il ne prend pas une douche tous les jours! Channel est de son parfum préféré, mais ça ne m'a pas aidé. Je suis désolé! =(

    • profile image

      skn 8 years ago

      Wonderful! I agree! I met a French guy recently and he is really driving me crazy! What you said is very true! well atleast for me!

    • profile image

      Linda Mariposa 8 years ago

      Completely agree with you if you are describing a man from Paris and preferably from Paris 6eme or 16eme. But unfortunately the moment you leave the 75 area code, none of this exists. Try Biarritz or Lille or Nantes... the difference is incredible. Whilst they still have the beautiful blue eyes, they lack the elegance, the arrogance and self confidence of being born and raised in the most beautiful city in the world! Also yes, they are irresitable, but having just ended my 4th relationship with one of them.. Im almost ready to convince myself that even the Germans are sexy in their own way!!! :) Honestly girls I think you should all fall for a French guy once in your live knowing it won't last...

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 8 years ago from France

      NellieOApple: c'est dommage :(

      skn: I knew you would agree ;-) good luck!

      Linda mariposa: You are right every girl should "try " a French man in a lifetime.

    • compu-smart profile image

      compu-smart 8 years ago from London UK

      Bonjour SweetiePie :)

      Le lala d'Ooo, I sûr savent pourquoi les femmes françaises sont si irrésistibles! :D

      holidaty heureux à toi

    • SpikeTheLobster profile image

      SpikeTheLobster 8 years ago from South Coast, UK

      The problem with French men is that they *believe* all of the above things are true about them. While there are some very nice guys over there (as there are anywhere), I have to say that in over seven years working in Paris, I never once met a woman who had stayed married to a Frenchman. Every single one had had an awful experience with a 'mari francais'. Kind of a bubble-burster, that. :o\

      Les femmes francaises, par contre... ben, c'est autre chose, quoi!

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 8 years ago from France

      compu-smart: happy new year! and I am sure you agree with Spike the Lobster about French women :-)

      SpikeTheLobster : I think the problem is not that they believe it... but that THEY KNOW they are like that ;-)

      I have only been 4 years living in France, but I know plenty of long term couples that are still happy. Of course there are also a lot of couples who are already on their second or third marriage; but then, being irresistible doesn't guarantee a long term marriage...

    • lemarquis72 profile image

      lemarquis72 8 years ago

      I admire your passion for french men - it matches mine for french women.

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 8 years ago from France

      French men, french women, french food ... I am not French but I am just loving being in France

    • southerngirl profile image

      southerngirl 8 years ago from Mississippi

      Who wouldn't think French men were Hot after reading this Hub? It made for a great read, loved reading the comments too,especially the men(LOL)!

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 8 years ago from France

      southerngirl : I certainly love them to bits ;-)

    • affiliater profile image

      Shankar Pandiath 8 years ago from India

      Princessa - you are certainly one-side aren't you when it comes to french guys - yeah, it's nice to watch a frenchman turn his charm on - most of my french friends were down-to-earth guys but in front of women, they switch it on and voila - they appear to be adonis personified.... yes, they can cook - i wouldn't doubt that for a minute and I am sure you've had your share of fun - but tell me, where can i find more friench ladies, with a few of these qualities !! It was indeed sad to heat that Gerrard Depardeu's son, passed away a few months back - an awesome bloke who went through a lot in such a short span....... anyway that apart, go on, cheri.......keep flirtin

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 8 years ago from France

      Yes, I admit it... I am biased when it comes to the French :)

    • drpastorcarlotta profile image

      Pastor Dr. Carlotta Boles 8 years ago from BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC. KC

      French men and women are beautiful people. See to them it comes natural for how the look, act, speak, but we see it as romantic, sexy, different, just like they see this in the Americans, or other cultures. It's somebody always in the world admiring somebody!!!! lol, lol, lol, Luv your HUB and you too!!!

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 8 years ago from France

      drpastorcarlotta: Thanks for stopping to comment it is always nice to see you around.

    • profile image

      jarvick 8 years ago

      he drives me crazy.he is are darling

    • profile image

      Jillery 8 years ago

      I too have meet a (younger) frenchman. We have only just begun knowing each other. So far I spent one amazing night with him I will never forget. And looking forward to more amazing nights. Knowing it will not last but just enjoying the moment and making memories never to forget. I will grow to be an old lady and always remember the passion.

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 8 years ago from France

      jarvick and jarvick: you will have MORE amazing nights and days... enjoy :)

    • profile image

      Nikky 8 years ago

      Great page! I was interested in reading this as I have a French Man in my life we are not dating yet but I was considering this! Your site is quite convincing!:)

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 8 years ago from France

      Nikky: you won't regret dating him, but I must warn you... they can be addictive :)

    • Staci-Barbo7 profile image

      Staci-Barbo7 8 years ago from North Carolina

      Princessa, Frenchmen are not so intimidated by expressing themselves as many American men tend to be. Their expanded comfort zone permits them to be more sensitive and less inhibited [= more romantic] about their feelings without being effeminate. Beyond the core values that we look for in a man, aren't these THE qualities American women say again and again that we desire in a man?

    • profile image

      Beingsassy 7 years ago

      Hello All, I won't say I stumbled across this site as I would be lying. I'm tryiyng to get some tips on dating a French man. I have recently arrived here and have been on a couple of dates with one man in particular and I'm baffled by him. I know it's the culture difference (or maybe just hoping) but from one time I see him to the next, which is usually at a market I go to, he does not call me. We do not make plans at all yet when I see him, you'd think he was head over heels with me. Any insight people? I'd appretiate any help here as he has a little more something than the men I have dated in the past...probably another culture excuse lol.

    • profile image

      Dori 7 years ago

      Vicent Perez has not french origin.

      He is half Spanish, half german

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 7 years ago from France

      Staci-Barbo7: I guess every woman desires something different from a man regardless of their nationality. Me, I do prefer the romanticism, force and character of most French men -at least the ones I have met.

      Beingsassy: Just be forward with your guy, from my experience I can say that French men do not mind a forward woman. If he does not ask you out, why don't you ask him out instead? The worst that it can happen is that he will say No, but if you are lucky it could be the start of a great relationship. Good luck!

      Dori: I never said Vincent Perez was French, I said he is CONSIDERED a French actor even though he was born in Switzerland because he has developed most of his acting carreer in France. Even Vincent considers himself French despite his origins.

    • profile image

      esly 7 years ago

      All i have to say is that French GUys are sooooo HOT!!!

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 7 years ago from France

      esly: They are!!!

    • profile image

      Amelie 7 years ago

      I dated a french guy and he was exactly as you said. He treated me like a princess and wow...when I thought about him, things just seemed much more beautiful. I wish I could find someone as passionate as romantic like him.

    • Singular Investor profile image

      Singular Investor 7 years ago from Oxford

      Lol - you must have met the upper echelon of French men - the ones I used to know were arrogant and trivial with a highly inflated opinion of their own intelligence - still I must admit that they are more interesting than your average beer-swilling Brit

    • profile image

      anti-stereotype girl 7 years ago

      I live in France, work in France and have a French boyfriend. None, and I mean none of the things that you listed above are true about ANY of the French men that I know... and I know more than a few. Yes, French men are different from American men or any other Europeans, but each culture is unique. There is certainly not anything that make the French superior to any other male counterpart. In fact, I could point out quite a few things that make French men less than tempting. I won't go there because I do not like to generalize or adhere to stereotypes. If you are looking for love, don't buy into this mumbo jumbo. Find someone who loves you for you no matter what nationality he is.

    • profile image

      OneCitizenWorld 7 years ago

      Yes I agree with you, I love French men and "je adore la France"! A french men is so Hot, Sexy, Charming, Beautiful and Romantic...

      I love this video about french men. Enjoy!

    • advisor4qb profile image

      advisor4qb 7 years ago from On New Footing

      My exhusband is half Greek but looks just like Gerard Depardieu. I used to love it when he would mimick Pepe LePew!

    • profile image

      flowergirl 7 years ago

      I agree with anit-stereo girl. I am also in a relationship with a french man. Sure he is very romantic and I am the center of his attention. But any man can be like this regarless of where he lives. But I must add that he is certainly the best boyfriend I have ever had!

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 7 years ago from France

      flowergirl, I see you are admitting that your French boyfriends is the best you have ever had... maybe there is something true about the French being Irresistible?

      advisor4qb : Pepe was one of my favourite cartoon characters when I was a little girl.

      OneCitizenWorld: You said it all :)

      anti-stereotype girl: I never said French men are superior. I just happen to find them irresistible. I have been in France full time for 4 years now and almost every single men I have met has been the way I describe them. Maybe I am just lucky?

      Singular Investor : Yes, I believe I have been lucky to meet the best :)

      Amelie: What about coming to France?

    • profile image

      stacy scott 7 years ago

      YES! I meet a group in Bangkok at a night club and they were great, so fun. The one that i hooked up with was everything you said. He was a gentelman, and did look me in the eye. Full of sweet charm, and sincere, so fun to be with and a great dresser. He insisted the French and Americans are good friends, and he actually didn't smoke (which i hate) And the best part was he was 10 years younger than me and a FANTASTIC lover!!! What i had planned to be my one and only ever 'one night stand' (since i am married with kids) went the opposite! He actually reallly liked me! And we have kept a cyber friendship going (yes, he knows my reality now). Now i am dying to go visit.. but i am still married with kids.. so you go and enjoy them for me!

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 7 years ago from France

      What can I say Stacy... that is why French men are sooooo irresistible :)

    • profile image

      Big Little Wolf 7 years ago

      The amount of time this thread has been open (and active) says a great deal, right there! Comme vous, j'ai des expériences délicieuses des français - que ce soit à Paris ou ailleurs. Ceci dit - a good man is a good man, and a good man comes in all manner of origins.

      One of the fundamental differences I've notice over many years - French men, once they are no longer lovers, enjoy remaining your friend. It's refreshing, to say the least, and reflects a genuine appreciation for women.

    • profile image

      Shaz 7 years ago

      Im a malaysian and dating a frenchmen who is an intern here. What u said about them are true and it had made me like french men more! He is very loving, passionate and a caring person. We both really like each other but we both know for a fact that it wont last forever as he is leaving back to france soon. All i can say is, it is not enough knowing him for a short while, ive always hoped i could know him better and have him stayed here. Im really sad its not going anywhere but i cant force him to stay just because of one girl and its really sad to let him go that soon. I can only cherish what we have right now and let him go when i have to.. I wish i can stay in france!! sob sob

    • profile image

      Frenchman 7 years ago


      Well, you know?

      I'm a french man.

      I'm not really found in fashion way, but, sure, French men are juste more involved with fashion style but just beacuase our girls likes it a lot. We just try to be as they want us.

      I look straight in the eyes ok, that's because your eyes are your soul's mirror.

      I am passionate, but most men are, don't they?

      Having conversation is only possible with a girl who have some : it seems you have because you think mens have.

      I can't recognize one hazardous of our hundred parfumes and I certainly dislike too much perfumed woman but it is because I really like natural flavors : your skin one, as our meal and wine flavors.

      I do some cooking but my wife is still better than me with that.

      My accent is like my writing : I don't speak english, almost I split it (hey don't wrote spit!)

      I'm expressive as a wall and do drink some beers but only specials one (belgium and Dutch, of course).

      I dislike football (you konow what? Bordeaux is champion! waow ;) )and I didin't pay from years when I go out with a girls but it's just because some feminist killed me when I did.

      Well, french men are nice to french girls, so I think that if you like french men it is because you are more a french girl than you thinked before.

    • profile image

      Lainey 7 years ago

      My partner is half French (French mother) and he is exactly as described above. He's a great cook, lover, he's emotional, passionate, all those things and I'm a very, very, very, lucky girly.

    • profile image

      french guy 7 years ago

      Sure, we are different from other men, but we're not any better. Actually, beer is a popular drink in France. I wouldn't be able to recognize any perfume, and I don't think many of us can. As for cooking, well it's just like in other countries. Some are good, and some are bad at it. We do look at our partner's eyes, and we are passionate, but who isn't? And no, we do not find having mistresses good. We don't have a particularly good sense of fashion. Many men like football, and they do drink beer in front of TV. And we certainly are not snobby. Perhaps men in Paris are, but that's not the case in other places. Oh, and I think Vincent Cassel is really ugly. I think 'normal' frenchmen are more handsome. Still I can't understand why foreign women seem to think we're all sex gods. Is it because of this:

      ? xD

    • stepheny profile image

      stepheny 7 years ago from united kingdom

      yaps u r bit rite

    • profile image

      cc 7 years ago

      French men are amazing! I swear I met one with Spanish Roots, he had the best of both worlds...

    • profile image

      Hot Mobile clips 7 years ago

      very good post, thanks for sharing

    • profile image

      Rainy enigma 7 years ago

      I find your miscomprehension of feminism very sad princessa. Would you rather it had never come about and you would never have had the ability to live in France? Would you have rather stayed at home and taken care of 2.4 children and cook dinner for your husband (I make no assumption as to whether you are married or not I’m just saying.) The old saying goes a women should be pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen.

      Feminism, regardless of how distorted it has become over the decades, was never about women being able to pay for herself at dinner or to even have an ob, It was always about choice and the acknowledgement/ acceptance that women could make meaningful contributions to society outside the home in the various fields of work out there. Feminism is also about equality, or more to say the acknowledgement and acceptance that women can do anything that men can do, and as such deserve equal recognition for their work.

      Honestly i hope that "the fad" as you put it, never goes away for then we are susceptible to being pushed back into the lot we came from.

    • Anath profile image

      Anath 7 years ago

      Vincent Perez might not be the best looking actor I've ever seen but he is just soooo sexy in that film...

    • profile image

      Cassie Ruggiero 7 years ago

      Obviously, this is just a bias opinion (like mine is). Ask any wives out there who truly and madly love their husband of different ethnic-background(s) with some or all of these traits (expressed in this article). Personally for me, I dated a few French guys (like all guys in the world they have or do not have any of these traits that you say) but at the end my Italian husband is the best cook, the best lover, the trendiest, most romantic... well you get the idea. :)

    • Taichichuan profile image

      Taichichuan 7 years ago

      C'était très intéressant de savoir tout ça sur nous. One thing more to say, we like women, their presence, their mystery... May be that's what women feel. But really I don't know. Anyway any man of any country has his chance.

      Una otra cosa,conoce usted la Normandie?

    • profile image

      Chameo 7 years ago

      I'm a gay teen and i don't know if it's really french men who are adorable it's European men in general there culture is way less homophobic than are's meaning that gay traits of men are more accepted. I just wish i was born in Europe. Anyway my type of foreign hunk is either Italian, Spanish, or Australian. Can't get enough Aussie.

    • uniman profile image

      uniman 7 years ago from Santa Fe

      Hey I don't think French men are that sexy, I think they look kind of bla, but French woman, uu la la we we

    • profile image

      Tracy. 7 years ago

      I think French men are simply gorgeous. I envy you Princessa. I have attended a French language class conducted by them and I must admit that they(French men) still uphold their elegance and courtesy even with women from other nationalities. Me think it has to do with the French culture and their honest appreciation for women. However, I also adore men from Europe. They are all unique and exiciting each in their own way. Cheers!

    • Sue Adams profile image

      Juliette Kando 7 years ago from Andalusia

      During the height of the French separatism movement in Canada, a French Canadian pilot was asked whether French should be spoken by the Montreal air traffic controllers; his response: “I would no more want to speak French in the cockpit than English in the bedroom”.

    • rebekahELLE profile image

      rebekahELLE 7 years ago from Tampa Bay

      very nice, ooh la la~ yes, I had a French lover for a while and it was luscious, and you are so right in everything you have said here. I also wrote about French men, I'll have to link your hub! Faithful, NOOOO, charming, dear god, yes.

      thanks for a great read!

    • profile image

      Alison 7 years ago

      Sexy French men- here we go again. Biggest myth if ever there was one. Apart from actors or beautiful people in beautiful cities the rest leaves a lot to be desired. At my neighbourhood bbq (in SE France) this summer there seemed to be an epidemic of paunches overhanging belts which was not too different from growing up in the North of England except, due to the weather, we had the added joy of seeing these guys in shorts and not long trousers.

      Shopping in Carrefour, when I reach to get something off a shelf I have to hold my breath due to local Mr.Stinky who obviously by-passes the deodorant aisle. Same for a dance class I've just started; not a lot of regular showering going on there!

      As for charming...well...appearance is paramount as the French are taught to appreciate what is beautiful to the eye and disreguard what isn't. Flirty game-playing gets very boring after a while when all you want is to talk and have a laugh. There are about 9 pansy 'mummy's boys' to every 1 'charming sexy' Frenchman. Actually the North-African men are much more attractive, go for them if you are looking for a fling.

      Personally I'd say go for a Scandinavian; fun, friendly, open,tall,cute and know how to enjoy life without all the

      need for the charm offensive. Probably why I married a Dane and have never looked back.

    • Nienke profile image

      Nienke 7 years ago from London

      Well, I have to agree with most of it. Besides the fashion sense and the sense of smell that pretty much sums up my French boyfriend. After having dated guys from different countries (Spain, Netherlands, Austria, America and Finland)I have to say, French man are my favorite and I'm planning to stick with it :-)

      Ah, and another point:

      They'll bring you flowers (at least mine does), every month for our anniversary and often when we've had a row or just out of the blue. I like :-)

    • profile image

      French girl 7 years ago

      Oh my, everything you wrote is wrong. French guys are like all the other guys! Some are good and some are bad.

      Romantic gentleman? Ha ha ha. That's a joke.

      When you're wearing a skirt or high heals, you'll hear many "hey b*tch" or "d'you wanna f*ck" while walking on the street. They also talk to you like if you were already theirs, and care if you say "no". I am sorry but "courtesy" is really a desuet word in french.

      They don't drink beer? HA HA HA. Most of the men drink beer everyday. Wine is only for guys around, uum...50 and more! And they drink something like one bottle of wine before and during lunch. Is that elegant?

      Fashion sense? Maybe... they like brands like Nike, Adidas, Gap... Ow, too bad, that's american. Brands and fashion are expensive, and greedy like they are, you can't say it's fashion.

      french guy are often self absorbed man : they're always right and they only like to talk about their penis, their job, their car, their money, their live and don't want to hear a single thing about yours. Hey, juste like Alain Delon! when he's speaking about himself, he uses the 3rd person. That's a famous gag in France.

      But anyway, thank you for this articles, it really made me laugh! :D

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 7 years ago from France

      hey, thanks everyone for their opinions on French men. It looks like we have both the "for" group and the "against". I like to read your experiences even if they do not agree with mine. I suppose it shows that like in everything in life one cannot generalize, especially if talking about people.

      All the same, it is the French guys who warm my heart :)

    • profile image

      allforfrench 7 years ago

      I don't think there is anything other then being with a French guy. After working with several French men becoming Friends with them and dating one while he was here for work I have to say I don't think I can go back. I have never felt so special and so on top of the world and my god when he would talk in French WOW. I didn't know what he was saying most of the time, well, all of the time, but how romantic when he did it and it for sure made me melt.

      In my opinion they are 100% different then Amercin men in SO many ways. The eye contact all the time, how they touch your face, the things they say to you and remind you how pretty you are and what a good person you are, how they admire you and really SEE you. They are into culture, art and life!!! And don't forget that passion and about everything!

      He goes home in a month nad yes my heart will break. Going with him is not an option and he cannot say here. I know I have to move on, but would like to find a French man to be with when the times comes to move on. How do US woman find a good French man to be with, one that can stay in the US that is. Please tell me I do not have to move to France :)

    • profile image

      allforfrench 7 years ago

      And can I add they do not ALL stink :) Far from it! I know plenty of US men that don't smell like roses. I also don't want anyone thinking I am putting down US men, I have just decided that is not what I want after being with a French guy and knowing so many I know that for sure. You know how you are always looking for that feeling that you dream of and no other has made you feel? I used to think it was not out there and I was waiting for something that wasn't real. Now I know it is real it just took a French man to show me. My only worry is, are the ones that now live in the US lost their French ways? I hope not!

    • The_Spencer88 profile image

      The_Spencer88 7 years ago

      No one loves Vincent Cassel like I do. I really loved him in Adultere: Mode D'emploi. I almost went to a University in Paris but eh life is cruel.

      I love it.

    • profile image

      frenchmanfan 7 years ago

      I have thought French blokes were the best looking for years- I can appreciate there are ugly ones just like in every other country but I just can't resist the accent. I've lived with a couple of French blokes (housemates) and had a French male friend- I never found them to be unhygenic or anything like that. Better behaved than the English blokes I lived with that year for certain!

      I'm not bothered about men knowing what perfume I'm wearing, or talking about fashion- I'll do that with my female friends. (And we do :)) Just a man who can have an intelligent conversation, good looks and a sense of humour would make my day- for sure!

    • profile image

      Charlie 7 years ago

      Hi! I'm French and I love American Girls!

    • profile image

      Roy 7 years ago

      Moi aussi, je suis francais,mais j'aime pas les americiain et leur prejugé.

      On prend une douche tout les jours,et on se lave :(

      Par contre les fille americaine sont tres belle,mais aussi (certaine) des salope.En tout cas les fille francaise sont plus rafiné.

      Les americain deteste les francais,mais nous aussi detestont les americain ;-)

      Translate google :


      Me too, I am French but I do not like americiain and prejudices.

      You take a shower every day, and we wash: (

      By cons American girls are very beautiful, but also (some) of bitch.En least the French girl is more refined.

      Americans hate the French and French hate the americans ;-)

    • profile image

      Hugo 7 years ago


      i'm french. I'm glad to see how people like us (or not).

      I just wanna say something about folks who say we don't take shower everyday...What kind of stupid person are you ? Of course frenchies take shower, EVERYDAY !

      I think you have an effort to do, Gerard Depardieu is old Fashion, but you talked about Vincent Cassel, that's great :)

      so, best regards from France, and don't forget, there are lovely persons in any country :)

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 7 years ago from France

      allforfrench: thanks for sharing your experience. I don't think that a French man ever looses his Frenchness ;-)

      The_Spencer88: Vincent... isn't he just "the guy"?

      frenchmanfan: I agree, the French accent is irresistible, it makes me go soft in the knees...

      Charlie: it look slike you are in luck!

      Roy: Je suis contente de avoir un garçon Francais qui donne son avis. Mais je ne suis pas de accord que les americain detesten les francais,et les francais detestont les americain. Merci pour ton avis.

      Hugo: Thanks for the reminder that there are lovely people all around the world!

    • profile image

      Roy 7 years ago


      j'ai ecrit ces lignes en etant enervé contre un americain qui m'avais insulté


    • askjanbrass profile image

      askjanbrass 7 years ago from St. Louis, MO


    • wsp2469 profile image

      wsp2469 7 years ago from Alta Loma, Ca

      You are from France. You don't notice the things Americans would notice. I've been to Europe. i could tell you some pretty unappetizing things about people I met.

      Since we are speaking french: Avec qui est-ce que tu te couche ce soir? Avec moi?

    • profile image

      liyah 7 years ago

      A good man is a good man regardless of origin. Whether he is Nigerian, Polish, Inuit,French, Dominican, or Japanese. I, personally have always liked Italians, perhaps this is due to my love for the language and cuisine. But that does not mean that i think they are superior-it's just a preference.

    • profile image

      JMB 7 years ago

      " They are passionate about anything they might be talking about which usually is food, wine or sex."

      You are right, I am a French man and I am passionate about all the above... Unfortunately I had to give up the wine and the food but I keep the most important :-)

    • profile image

      JMB 7 years ago

      " They are passionate about anything they might be talking about which usually is food, wine or sex."

      You are right, I am a French man and I am passionate about all the above... Unfortunately I had to give up the wine and the food but I keep the most important :-)

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 7 years ago from France

      JMB: glad to hear you are keeping the most important ;-)

    • profile image

      Lily 7 years ago

      I think French man is very handsome, romantic, affectionate, passionate....but he is great cheater and liar. They often have mistresses and cheated on wives. I met a man, he is a cheater and liar, from Rochester, NY. He spent so much time to chase me, sent me gifts, love cards to move my heart. He flew from US to Vietnam to meet me and we was so much in love. Finally I found out he was married and a cheater. I decided to tell his wife all the truths and broke up with him. I gave him a lesson how to be an honest person. He blamed me by telling his wife and he said why I did this when he did a lot of things for me and loved me so much. I thought French man is Idiot who does not know what is love. If you truly love a person you will never cheat on her and hurt her. Poor his wife, she live him in 23 years and did not know he is a cheater. I aloso found out before me he also cheated on a Chinese girl, his colleage when he worked in China. So he cheated on his wife many times with many women. His wife is a teacher in Pittford. I think she does not care about him or she cheated on him too, so she stay with great cheater and play a happy family. I do believe this man is too old to change(he is 56), he will cheat again. I worked in a French company and I see a lot of French men cheated on his wife with many women.

    • profile image

      Dan 7 years ago

      I ran across your article on the Hub pages, and having been to France, I personally have never met a French man as you described him (although I have never been to a gay bar).

      All the French men I met would have been more at home during a soccer riot and beer was the main drink during the day.

      I would add that the French of Paris, both men and women where rude to an extreme.

    • profile image

      la petite américaine  7 years ago


      I agree with many others about French men not being that say they are always attentive, passionate, etc? I wonder if this is because you are Latina. The French, in general, seem to love Spanish people, Mexicans, etc...I am American, pretty typical-looking with blond hair, pretty but a little overwieght...guys in France don't even look at me when I am with my Latina friends.

      I think yours is a two-way fetish, lol, and I guess I can't blame you for enjoying it! As somebody mentioned above, every culture has its favorites...I get a lot more attention from Latino, Arab, and African men...was in Turkey for the holiday and discovered that I'm "hot"!--quite refreshing considering how some Romanesque curvature means you're barely human in la République Française.

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 7 years ago from France

      Lily: I think men and women in all cultures cheat, maybe the French are more open about it but I don't think they cheat more or less than any other people.

      Dan: I am really happy I have never encountered the French people you have.

      la petite americane: I think finally someone just hit the nail. You might be right saying that mine is a two-way fetish. I agree that every culture has a variety of personalities but I am totally in love with the French, it is a matter of personal choice. Sorry to hear your experience with the French has not been that great, but I am glad to hear that you found other choices. All the best to you!

    • profile image

      allforfrench 7 years ago

      I still think French men are very different then others and I am not just talking about American men. They are so open, romantic, passionate, affectionate, attentive. French men also seem to have a feminine side to them honestly act gay at times. Not all I am sure, but the ones I know do for sure. They say and do things I have never seen an American man do unless they were gay. I find this a good thing in a man.

      I know they are not all the same, I have meant some pretty arrogant ones as well, BUT, the honest good hearted ones for sure supersede!!! I am truly going to miss everything he has to offer. The French guy I have been seeing is leaving soon and it is really hitting me harder then I thought. I really do not think I can go back to reality and date normal again and I am not sure what to do about it. I can't help it now this is all I am attracted to, very hard to explain at the same time scary. So be careful if you fall for one knowing they cannot stay with you. I guess that would be the case no matter who you are in love with from another country.

    • profile image

      Maria Jose 7 years ago

      I love them. My boyfriend is french and moving to America for me. He is not from Paris but from Montpellier. Very romantic, loving, caring, self assured, etc and EXTREMELY HANDSOME with those sky blue eyes , wow.

    • profile image

      Maria Jose 7 years ago

      And yes i think they like Spanish people a lot. :)

    • profile image

      paola 7 years ago

      totally agree, the only thing I can say is that they are incredible, I can say I've kissed several men of different nationalities, but once you kiss a french guy is perfect, they are excellent lovers, seductive, caring, cultured and gentleman.

      the chemistry is amazing, I never experience such magic.

      as a formal relationship have not tried it but I would love

    • profile image

      Maria Jose 7 years ago

      They are so smart and they DO COOK! I think they have a sensibility ...I don't know, they are not scare to show their feelings for you and they do it almost everyday.

      This is not my first realtionship with a french guy and I can say that maybe I was lucky but they all were amazing...;)

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 7 years ago from France

      Paola and Maria Jose: You ar e two lucky girls!

      allforfrench: I think that instead of guy you meant metrosexual and I also think that loves always deserves a chance. Good luck and all the best to you!

    • profile image

      la petite américaine  7 years ago

      Really though, in spite of these tools who just want another category of foreigner notch on their belts, I have met quite a few French men who were terrific and seem to find my All-American good-looks very appealing. French men who think about things besides your perfume do exist and these ones do more than just follow their fetishes. Just as there is the occasional cool French girl, there is the occasional French boy who can think for himself and recoqnize his own desires.

      I don't think the French are any different from any other kind of people in that most of them are pretty entrenched in what their families, the media and Education Française have taught them to think.

    • profile image

      frenchmanfan 7 years ago

      This one is for Charlie- he says he likes American girls. Nevermind....i'm English :( Though my ancestry is French(Normandie), English and Welsh. My liking for French blokes must be in the blood lol!!!

    • profile image

      Ozlem Milans 7 years ago

      Well..I just wanna add something which is indirectly connected with all these :) When I was working at airport as a check-in clerk in international flights, the most difficult times I had were wihin french ones... Having been obligated to make check-in on them were like a torture for me.(I even did see a nightmare about it once) it wouldn't be wrong to claim that in no other flights ever that I have attended,I felt like standing up and screaming as much as I can.

      1-Most of them just can't speak English so I really wonder If there is a way you to manage to build up a kind of communication device with them)

      2-Most of them were acting like they were unique or superior especially middle aged men travelling alone.(I guess these people were just forced to believe like that so I wondered whether they did attend a special course on this.)

      3-While in a very normal, ordinary germen flights as a check-in clerk I was occasionally succesful to arrange seating places suitably in a way to make everyone felt ok, in french flights I think in order to do this you must be a math proff... They were just travelling with so many relatives and all wanted to sit together and also near windows!!!! Additionaly there is a high risk of being complaint in cabin as well.

      I myself have been in Paris, and proved my observations in many occasions. By the way I think Paris is a wonderful city that worths to be seen.

    • profile image

      constantina(: 7 years ago

      i would like to add in the list Gaspard Ulliel too. ca c'est magnifique!

      we've got the same observations princessa. i'm greek and believe that men like the french are hard to find!

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 7 years ago from France

      la petite américaine: thanks for sharing your opinion about the French.

      frenchmanfan: that makes two of us :-)

      Ozlem Milans: interesting observations...

      Constantina: Thank you for the reminder. I don't know how I missed Gaspard Ulliel, he is so cute!

    • alexandriaruthk profile image

      alexandriaruthk 7 years ago from US

      Agree, agree agree, where are the French men?? I need to go to France, my friend is married to a French man, To be able to cook tops it all!!

    • profile image

      Designer 7 years ago

      Wow this must be the longest article I so. Thanks....

    • profile image

      Designer Sunglasses 7 years ago

      Well what about Italians?

    • profile image

      ladythes 7 years ago

      ..":nice princessa..":now i have a little bit knw about french guy..":it helps me a lot because in april i need to meet my french chatmate and i dont knw them very will but through this page it hepls me to knw them in a little way..":thanks princessa

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 7 years ago from France

      alexandriaruthk: we have plenty of them here, maybe we should export them LOL

      Designer: you are welcome

      Designer S: Italians? I find them increbibly cute and yummy, but the Mamma puts me off.

      ladythes: I have not yet been dissapointed by a French guy, I think you will not be dissapointed neither!

    • profile image

      frenchman 7 years ago

      ... actually there are marvellous and insignificant people in France, in the us and everywhere. I have been charmed by beautifull and smart american or english women, but my heart felt disdain and contempt for some stupid and styleless ones.

    • profile image

      Taylor 6 years ago

      I actually remember going on a trip to New York for a trip and when this French man asked a question all the women went quiet so he could say it again. He was gorgeous, his accent amazing and his walk and pressence was impeccable! All the girls went crazy!

      This is not to say anything against the American man, women all the time label different countries men for their supposed qualities! :)

      Great article!

    • profile image

      Siobhán 6 years ago

      I spent some time in both US and France and French men are fair when compared to Americans. If you stay in France some time and understand French language and culture the exotic effect wears off. I like the accent - it is very feminine.

    • profile image

      VictoriaK 6 years ago

      I have to say some of what you said is true,but people are people and I wouldn't actually say all french men are the same, but they are definitely charming in general. I wouldn't say they like expressing their feelings either as I have known a few french men and they tell me everything about themselves except for one thing that is how they really feel about you. French people are very polite and well mannered in general, but please be aware that they are very conserved as well. So being polite and charming doesn't really mean they like you just a point I would like women who aren't french to be aware of. Another point that I realized as I was walking along Champ elysee with my french friend who was a guy I realized that french men have a very high standard for women's fashion and that clothes that are too revealing isn't considered sexy for french men lol! So all in all french men make excellent friends, but I wouldn't guaruntee that they are boyfriend or marriage material... well like any man from any country they are still men and it's more of an individual thing so if you ever think of going out with a french man understanding the nature of french culture is quite essential as well.

    • profile image

      VictoriaK 6 years ago

      Well I suppose I agree that french men are quite smart and I think the best part I like about them is they do have a feminine touch. Sometimes it's like having a girl friend who is a straight guy lol!!Oh and must agree they have amazing eyes and the fact that french guys love pleasing women is definitely one of the best things about them. Mentioning wine and cheese I was having dinner with a french guy in Paris and being me I didn't have much knowledge about wine and cheese so my french friend managed to give me a full lecture on wine lol which was quite amusing to be honest. Just as an opinion I think any culture and people from any country can be interesting and appealing I just think you just have to look deeper and closer to person to see it. As for Lilly I'm sorry to here for what happened, but I've been in a relationship with an english bloke and he was probably as worse as your french guy so I think it's not just frenchmen who cheat and lie...but I understand why it feels worse because it's just the way frenchmen make you feel that makes things feel worse than usual when things are over...but trust me there a lot of good frenchmen in France so I wouldn't think it is fair to judge that all of them are bad.I hope things will be better for you soon and you will find someone great to sweep you off your feet again.

    • profile image

      tita 6 years ago

      my husband is french, and i am asian.. yes, he is so ramntic and irresistible. We have been in love for 1 years only before we get married... he is totally honest, loving, and caring... than american guy hehe

    • profile image

      K. 6 years ago

      I think you are talking about "cultured" men which is not exclusively French... and you are also talking about rich men.

      It is also incorrect to say that French men don't drink beer as they certainly do in the northerly climes *and in Paris*

      But hey. This little article seems to be more in the spirit of hasty generalization than reality.

    • profile image

      latinamarries frenchguy 6 years ago


      Im a latina who married a HOT french guy!.. Our personalities are very opposite as I enjoy a night out salsa dancing, while he prefers a Friday in reading a good book. Still I am enjoying the challenge of making our relationship work,.. and yes, my frenchie treats me like no other man has ever! I love his ways

    • Jacob the french profile image

      Jacob the french 6 years ago from Grenoble, France

      Voted up! Nice one, except not always true haha!

    • profile image

      Shoshanna 6 years ago

      What I have noticed about French men is that the more ordinary they are in terms of socio-economical status, the more tolerable guys they are! In most cases, if they are a bit above the average, in possession of good jobs or higher education, they get such rude, obnoxious, racist and intolerable men!

      Hygiene wise, I am afraid I have to inform you that French in general are not clean people and "stinky" is found in large quantities among them! I have even had a few of them confirming that for me! In that domain, people from countries such as US and Canada are much cleaner people.

      Quality of sex: French men brag a lot about it and in practice,reality often differs from what they like to portray of themselves!

      Unfortunately I think successful French men, are jealous of successful women (of whatever nationality) ... I don't see such extreme jealousy among British or American men!

      AND, too gossipy men these French men are to an extent which a half French/half German male friend of mine has zero male French friend for that reason!

      In terms of being good listeners; I think French men don't listen!! In that domain Englishmen are the best... they listen carefully. This is not to say Englishmen are good ones though...

      As you mentioned once, you are really biased.

    • profile image

      Simon 6 years ago

      Un grand bonjour à mes cousins américains/anglais ! :)

      I'm french, and I think all you say here is "cliché" ! But that's better than saying we smell bad...

    • profile image

      Brooklynn333 6 years ago

      I dated a Parisian for a year, and he cheated and acted like it was a very NORMAL thing to do!!! Don't let that French accent fool you. The French men just knows how to be a better "player" one of the best in the world. Thats it!

    • profile image

      Stephanie 6 years ago

      I've been staying in Paris for a month now and I'm very put off by french men. My friends and I have met so many french men who approach us and are very crude in their "flirting." For example three pompiers (french firemen) kept harassing me to go dance up on a table so he could see up my dress and bragged how Parisian firemen are the best in the world. Most admit also that they have a girlfriend or are married also. Most are very rude. A french guy asked my friend for directions (shes a beginner in french) she took a long pause and said she doesn't know. He called her in idiot and stormed off. Various other bad experiences. I'm ready to leave!!

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 6 years ago from France

      Stephanie: I am so sorry to hear about your bad experiences with the Parisians. However, you say that most of the men who flirt with you and your friends admit to being in a relationship. I ask myself... Isn't that better than lying about it and saying they are single when they are not?

      Brooklynn333: I am sorry about reading your experience. Maybe one of the reasons I think french men are irresistible is because a player is always a challenge...

      Simon: merci pour ta visit!

      Shoshanna: thanks for your analysis, it is very welcome.

      Jacob the french: There are never absolut truths ;-)

      latinamarries frenchguy: congratulations and all the best for you and your "frenchie"

    • profile image

      just a guest 6 years ago

      i'm Asian from Asia so i'm sorry if my english isn't very good.

      i never dated any french and had no fantasy for them like many girls but i have somewhat changed my mind lately...i had met a wonderful french 2 months ago but what a pity as he doesn't live in my country. i know almost nothing about french culture because of the language issue. though i agreed this french was very affectionate...expressive...gentle and honest. i don't understand french but the way he spoke french just melted my heart!! one of the sexiest things on earth!! compared with many french his spoken English was very fluent and of course that little accent was awesome as well.

      that's unbelieveable actually i still couldn't let go of my american ex bf somewhat before i met this french but i think my mind is full of him more than ex already...especially we communicated very well even the time we could spend together was very short...

      emotionally he really touched my heart...he read my mind and listened to my heart...

      i would never forget him!

    • profile image

      just a guest 6 years ago

      i have something to add

      males are born hunters so cheating is nothing to do with races. they just have the natural instint to look for more than one females because they are on the planet for producing! get it ladies? :)

    • profile image

      frenchgirl 6 years ago

      I'm french and I disagree with most of your points.

      French guys do drink lots of beer. There are many many football fans although where I come from they're more into rugby, which doesn't bother me at all by the way.

      The paying for dinner is not an unconditional rule, especially these days.

      Most frenchmen, as other males, don't really know how to cook anything more complicated than ommelette indeed.

      About the so called orange-scarf sense of fashion and the guy that might recognize a rare perfume, he's either gay, or a parisian. And luckily, not all frenchmen are like parisians. got that ?

    • profile image

      Notafrenchman 6 years ago

      I have to say that I have most of those qualities you described in French men and I have no French blood in me. And I know guys who can melt a womans heart away simply by talking to them and they are not French. I think people are just over hyping this French males are irresistible. But hey everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    • eli grey profile image

      eli grey 6 years ago from Philadelphia, Pa

      In my opinion,it's just what you said; they are charming. They are charming and passionate and somewhat laidback. Europeans and Americans are pushy and stuck up. They really are. It's why I always wanted to visit a foreign country; the people.

    • profile image

      Valentine 6 years ago

      Oh, boy.What a thread! I am taking French classes from a French guy, a very young guy who is 17 years younger than me, and I am in love with him! I can't say it out loud because I know my place. He is gentle, funny, sweet and hard working. And his sense of fashion..Oh, my God! I honestly can not look at another guy in shorts again in the summer. He wears a botton down vest and long pants all summer no matter how hot it is outside! I am torn inside, totally torn inside.??

    • profile image

      Nastya 6 years ago

      I'm from Ukraine (it's in Eastern Europe) and recently I've been in Paris where I've met a French men! He was TOTALLY irresistable! Just like you said - such a gentleman, and his accent...oh!!!!! He was not too much handsome, but his manners and behavior were so... I don't know... charming and incredibly nice!!!!! He was just awfully adorable!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      upvc french doors 6 years ago

      I am not sure they are. What about us Brits??

    • profile image

      Angela Flynn - Cork Ireland 6 years ago

      I recently dated a frenchman (parisian) and yes he was hot, romantic, sexy, great dresser, passionate and funny but I got the impression he felt he could have any woman he wanted. The accent totally made me go weak at the knees but he sais he didn't want a relationship - even though he asked me to sleep with him on our second can they be trusted?????probably not

    • profile image

      shannon 6 years ago

      I married a frenchman...he is wonderful! Today is our 5th aniversary and I find myself still falling inlove with him over and over again.

    • profile image

      Jackie 6 years ago

      All I have to say is Gaspard Ulliel. Did anyone else see the new Chanel commercial directed by Martin Scorsese? *swoon*

    • Eugene Sung profile image

      Eugene Sung 6 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

      Is the first guy the dude who plays Gaius Baltar in Battlestar Galactica?

    • profile image

      aurelien 6 years ago

      vincent kassel, vincent perrez,alain delon....what about me?! i'm not star but i'm pretty too... "so cut" like u say hi hi hi...

      happy for shannon.

    • profile image

      Me 6 years ago

      French guys drink a lot of beer, have a pretty manly dress sense and are obsessed with football like every other kind of man you get.

      One thing I love about Frenchmen is that they're not shy to compliment a woman. I lived in France for a while, and my male French friends would always compliment me on something when they saw me- a dress I was wearing, the way I'd done my makeup etc. They're really sweet like that :) They'll tease the hell out of you if you're a girl, but you start to like it after a while :) They're also the world's best kissers (dated a toulousain and I could've kissed him until the end of time...) and most vigourous lovemakers- a French guy really gives it to you in the bedroom.

      I've got my fingers crossed for a French husband!

    • profile image

      nardspirit 6 years ago

      Hi, it was a nice hub to read. Part of the hub is true, french men are very passionate, you can discuss with them almost anything, they can make you feel so special, but from my own experience (being in relationship with a French) and being around with lot of french people) I can tell you that FRENCH PEOPLE ARE JUST PRETENDERS AND THEY DONT LOVE ANYTHING BUT THEMSELVES.

      When I was with this guy,we had great time. He came to India since he was working with a french company and he was pretending to be so nice and eventually we got into relationship. After living a long term relationship,we got engaged and guess what he did ? He left to France promising that he will be back in a month but never showed up or responded to my calls/mails and he did not have the guts to even tell me that he got into a relationship with another woman. The worst part was when his current girlfriend wrote me a mail in a very abusive language, but later on i got to know that it was not her,she could hardly speak English,it was only my coward ex-boyfriend who wrote it. Apart from that he was a terrible liar, he not only did lie to me about almost everything, but also to his friends and parents.

      It is not just him,I have noticed another french men too,who in spite of having girlfriend, wives and kids do not hesitate to charm other women and make them fall in love and suffer. I think to cheat on women is in a French's blood. And I know I was not the 1st one to be humiliated by a French man and will not be the last one.

      Other facts about French people that most of them (there are exceptions but so rare) extremely unhappy people. They can get upset by silly stuffs. They never appreciate others . They spend plenty of money and time visiting foreign land but if you ask them how their vacation was they would say 'phewww it was crap',and this will remain the same even if they visit the most exotic places in the world. They do not like the Germans,the English, the Americans....and the list will go on. The only know themselved,their cheese,wine,croissant,perfumes,clothes,shoes and all the luxury.

      If you a bi*ch just want have sensual love making, go to the French,of course that's the only thing they are so good at, but if you are looking for a relationship and do not want a heart break my advice is STAY AWAY FROM THE FRENCH.

    • profile image

      clesius 6 years ago

      Mouais, on est pas tous comme ca !

      permet moi de rebondir sur ce dernier commentaire.

      je vais rediger ce dernier en francais, car en toute honneteté, ca me gonfle de chercher mes mots ce soir.

      Nous autres fcrancais avons un complex avec la liberté et ca date depuis 1789 ! depuis nous egorgeons la moitié de l'europe au nom de ce priuncipe. Nous sommes le pays de l'abolition des priviléges ... Nous manifestons donc souvent . Les francais ont toujours eut le feu au cul ! envie de bouger, et de botter des culs. c'est dans notre nature !

      So stay away from the french or you'll become a communist lol.

      have a nice evening.

      Clesius premier, grand imperateur des rats de norvége en Normandie, et debiteur de sa majesté Louis XIV ème du nom.

    • profile image

      Sicha 6 years ago

      Wow I agree french guys do seem amazing by the way you described them. I love anything partly or fully French, and I wish to go to France someday. I am in fact mainly french, the sad part is is that im the only one in my class who would agree with you. Anyways, that's not the point. I love their accents, & sense of fashion. I think that almost most european guys, weather French, Italian, or any others are pretty nice :)

    • profile image

      Serge 6 years ago

      We French are just like everyone else. There is no difference between us and the next person. We live our lives making love to them. It's just the difference in culture mostly. Everything that was listed is more of preference than anything.

    • profile image

      Claire 6 years ago

      I fell for a french guy I met at work. Why did I fell for him? Because he was absolutely charming, kind and polite. He always paid for everything and sometimes even ordered champaign for us. Actually he was the first guy with whom I felt secure. On the other hand, he loved to talk about his work, himself and his cars wich made him a litle boring and presumptous.

      Anyway it didn't worked out because he had to return to France. But if I could I would be with him, for I never met such a kind man. Life goes on...

    • profile image

      shygirl2 6 years ago

      No wonder I haven't found the right man yet, my fish has been swimming in a different sea!! :D Loved your hub! Gees, thanks so much for sharing it. The guys are definitely delicious looking 'eye candy'!! : )

    • profile image

      Angèle 6 years ago

      Quite a description!! but I am french and I can assure you that it is far from being true. ^^

    • chspublish profile image

      chspublish 6 years ago from Ireland

      I think I'll move to France after reading your hub. And what do French women say about their men?

    • daouady profile image

      daouady 6 years ago from Northeast Ohio


      I don't believe we every met but yet you describe me perfectly and I am not French - no wonder my American female friends call me "a Dive".

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 6 years ago from France

      daouady: lol nice one! It proves you don't need to be French to be charming ;-)

      chspublish: You know us ladies always like to complain about something ...

      Angèle: There are always exceptions...

      shygirl2: any excuse for eye candy, lol

    • profile image

      Amywood 6 years ago

      I am a 19 year old university student. I have recently been seeing a French student. He is 22 years old, and although he is into sex (as you would expect for a man in his early 20's) he is the most polite guy I have ever met. I met him in a club and he was very confident, and extremely well dressed. He was not shy to dance with me (and I have seen him dance like this with quite a few other girls in clubs) anyway that night he had to go and promised to take me out to dinner the next night.. true to his promise we met the next evening and he was very smartly dressed. He showed alot of interest in me, asking questions and he paid for the meal at the end. When I queried him about it he tore the receipt in half and smiled. Ever since the second date he has paid for me when we have been out.. he is very caring and always looks after me. When we went out one evening he insisted that I chose what we were going to do. He holds every door open for me, he even kisses my hand sometimes (which no English guy has ever done for me) When I have conversations with him he always says he appreciates what I have said to him. He is very passionate in the bedroom, unlike English guys that I have met, he seems to be very open and expressive. Even when he was talking about his family and how important they are to him, I found it very open and caring. I love his accent too. The first night I met him I had been drinking and alot and kept getting him to repeat the same words 'Jaime Parie' and he continued to tell me I was 'magnifique'(I think he was revelling in the attention I was giving his french accent!)

      The bad points however is that he likes to flash his cash around a bit.. and I don't feel I can trust him sometimes because I will go out with him and he will openly dance with lots of girls.. I don't know if this is part of his french nature or what?!

    • Ingenira profile image

      Ingenira 6 years ago

      I agree with you on the French words and accent. It's such a nice language to listen to.

    • profile image

      Ria 6 years ago

      Love this article, I find it very true. I'm in college and there's this french guy I talk to in class. He's the sweetest thing ever! Definitely irresistable! As soon as he starts talking, I get captivated. Everything they do is just so sexy. gotta love the french :)

    • profile image

      That French Guy 6 years ago

      It's because we are jedi knights.

    • profile image

      Frenchangel 6 years ago

      I have to agree, my French Canadian boyfriend is amazing and he fits ALL those things you mentioned. Not only is he gorgeous but he has a humble side to him. He is passionate in his love for me. Is an amazing cook. Openly tells me he misses and loves me constantly. He makes my heart melt with his soft spoken words. He is emotional and understanding of my needs. And he is as passionate physically as he is mentally.

      My mother once told me that you should always have a love affair with a Frenchman at least once in your lifetime. She IS sssoooo right.

    • profile image

      Terrel 6 years ago

      You should add Louis Garrel to your list. He is a smart, talented, and beyond sexy french actor. Im gay and my boyfriend is french(born and raised in paris) and he lives in quebec canada and he is just perfect.

    • profile image

      julien 6 years ago

      hahaha french men are irresistible...


    • profile image

      summerskye 6 years ago

      just met my first frenchman...10 years younger than Iam..Im asian by the way...we were together for 2 occasions only since he had to leave but those 2 nights were the MOST AMAZING i have ever had...he was sweet, so attentive, touching my face, and GOD those kisses, i can have it with him FOREVER! he smelled GOOD btw on all occasions...tells me how hot Iam, and just says what he feels...he was amazing in bed (SUPER ATTENTIVE) and he just left 2 days ago =( i dont know, but whoever says you should have at least one affair with a frenchman in your lifetime just placed a huge smile on my aiming for more actually...mathieu mi amor, thanks for the memories!

    • Loulovesherguy profile image

      Loulovesherguy 6 years ago from England and France

      It's a sweeping statement ' Why are French Men so irresistible, they can't all be can they? haha. But I have to say my French boyfriend is totally irresistible. We've been together for almost 10 months and it is the most wonderful experience I have ever had in my life (I am 43 btw so I have lived a little)..He makes me feel so special, his love is so different from anything I have ever known. I love his gentleness, charm, good manners, passion, humour, directness.. oh the list could go on. He has changed my life, for the good. I get told I look 10 years younger..I don't ever want us to stop and I hope it never ever does...He is the perfect man for me... Merci mon G...

    • profile image

      Olivier 6 years ago

      I am French and even if I feel flattered by your description, I honnestly think you only see the good in us. But it is true that being French is very helpful to meet girls, especially in the US !

    • profile image

      french woman 6 years ago

      As a French women I don't want to break the myth but have you ever meet a french man? The description is flattering but they do drink beer and enjoy soccer as much as everywhere to my biggest regret ;-).

      I admit though that chevalry is still strongly present and really apreciative.

    • profile image

      moncherie 6 years ago

      it is true indeed!French guy really is irresistible!i am malaysian,24 and i am dating a French guy (for almost 2 months now) which is a foreign exchange student in my master class.i have to admit that it is true i found every quality of relationship in French guy.every girls in school are so jealous but i can't help it! =p

      well,for once in your life,you really have to try a French guy.i am happy to be with him and tho he's leaving in 3 weeks i think that i can keep things up with him,surely long distance relationship is not easy but hey,i would do just about everything!

      and yeah it is true,French guy love to express everything especially saying that i am beautiful,everyday.he totally brought France to me.

    • profile image

      mslisa 6 years ago

      I loved this. I must get to France as soon as possible-maybe we can meet for some wine? :)

    • profile image

      Amanda 6 years ago

      I've been in a relationship with a french guy for this 3,5 years, and guess what? we have it long distance from indonesia and france. How sucks it is :P But reading your post above makes me chuckle ^^ some are true.. even though my bf doesn't really cook, but his passion into food is just great. We can travel far only to visit a resto we've seen on a magazine and he knows how to make good drinks (using some i-dont-know herbs from his garden)! Well, he doesn't like to be called 'french guy' but somehow he just can't ignore it :P hand-kiss, those candy eyes, might not be too romantic but so intimate :P And still there things that I've heard belong to french guy.. they are always late and the stinky armpit might be true coz they sweat a lot hahaha! ^^

    • profile image

      romain pascal 6 years ago

      I don't know how i'm getting here. But I read your paper with attention.

      Your description about frenchmen is flattering, I thank you for that ^^. (Yes I'm a French guy) .

      As many said, not all frenchmen do this or that.

      You use a lot of "Clichés" about France. It's an old idea that good fragrance, food, politeness,good way, charm, kiss is best in France .

      This is not because the best french cooks are men that all men can cook ... We love good food, for sure!

      Yes I drink beers, and as food, I like drink good beer and try Some news.

      French youth that draws youth student English / Irish, at least I think.

      Although I can assure you that ours parties are watered with rosy wine, whiskey, rum, vodka etc ...

      For "expressive" side, um not at all. Me the first ^ ^. I'm not one to say openly and regularly "Je T'aime ". It Is a kind of protection to avoid being hurt if it is not reciprocal: (.

      Well, I'm not going to contradict everything .... You understand with all the comments you got, you're doing a great amalgam of cliches about France and Frenchmen ^ ^.

      But with the current situation in the U.S., it would be nice if more people had your vision of Frenchmen.

      Aurevoir !

      And yes, I have an accent, I come from south-eastern of France, Provence. (do you smell the lavender fragrance ?? ^^)

    • profile image

      incommon 5 years ago

      In commom french cacuasian men have emotional and truthful and faithful. Some french men and women have beautiful skins only in Europe. The most beautiful white pedal skin men i saw it's some french cacuasian men and women for most. In common french people have sharp features less big face bone structures. In common their faces have emotionals and feelings.

    • profile image

      in commom 5 years ago

      people love each other by their own race of bloods and mixed half for true love and at least for similar. I wish to go to France to find my true white pedal french cacuacian husband. Becuase i find them truthful and care. ANd some have white skin in europe only.

    • venus-mercury profile image

      venus-mercury 5 years ago from NYC

      This is a very important question I was dating a french man for a short time, we had a great time together he came back to the States with me, we had a misunderstanding, we did have contact upon his return back to france, I felt he was sorry and so was I. Now it has been two years, and never heard from him since, I want to know if French men believe in contacting the person again he told me he was crazy about me or he would say in French I can't help myself when I am with you. The disagreement was so silly, however I did try to reach out to him two months ago and still never heard.

      Any suggestions to help put this to rest.

      Thanks in advance

    • Naomi's Banner profile image

      Naomi's Banner 5 years ago from United States

      There is a look a french man carries that cannot be matched by any other but there are others who are equally gorgeous in different ways. The french men that I have had the priviledge of knowing are exactly as you described. They make you feel like you are the only one in the room when they are speaking with you like no one else matters. They do make great eye contact and they spend a lot of time looking at your lips which makes it very hard to resist kissing them. They are true gentlemen in every sense of the word. Nice Hub and loved the music.

    • profile image

      Charmers 5 years ago

      I agree with this article i work with a frenchman and he is charming,funny,and makes me weak at the knees and if i wasn't taken i would have an affair in a flash!YEP IRRESISTABLE ALRIGHT!!!!!

    • profile image

      Gregory 5 years ago

      MM where are you ladies at? I am a Frenchman (born and raised in Paris, now in the U.S. military) and am having a hell of a time trying to find a single Indian woman. I LOVE Indian women but they are as rare as your idea of us Frenchmen :)

    • profile image

      Mslgray 5 years ago

      hi i am from asia and i met a french guy from a dating site, we've been talking for over a year now, and i must admit that we get into the relationship as gf & bf and it is a year now, he is a consistent guy, was sweet, loving and he really do everything i would say..

      we have not met yet but he is coming december this yr 2011, i just wanna know if french guys are someone worth to be really trusted? what can u advice... thanks.

    • InParis profile image

      InParis 5 years ago

      Well, even if I do agree that French men are in general very charming and so on, it's not all of them; France has it's share of not nice men you would do best to stay away from! Maybe you are talking about the classier Parisian men? I live in Paris, parisienne, and I do think that the men you describe are very much like a lot of men you might meet here, in the nicer parts of Paris; but go to a poor banlieu area, and you will see a different France, unfortunately. The men you describe are the ideal, yes?

      PS. I adore Vincent Perez, and he, I guess, along with Alain Delon, are to me the perfect pictures of French men, the way they should be :) the way all men would be in a perfect world :)

      PS. French guys do watch sports and drink beer :)

    • profile image

      Amélie 5 years ago

      After seven years of English, I like to think that I am fluent, but that is not so. Sorry for any errors that there are.

      I agree with what you said. I was born in Paris, raised in Paris, and dated Parisians my life before I moved to America. It is a definite change when you switch contries.

      There are a lot of things that I admires about americans, but I have to say that I more like the French, in terns of dating.

      The French will always look you in the eye, that is how we are raised, and is very true. They are the window to the soul. They also love to give flowers! Each has a meaning, and we love to use them as another route of expressioning.

      Lovers, yes. We are. Mostly. Also, much better kissers. I was surprised when I was in America.

      Someone said something about being hiton in the streets of Paris. Also very true. Much less common in America. Kind of.

      I find the british accent very sexy. :) I can mimic an american accent fairly well, but the british impress me.

      In america currently, missing my home in France, but loving the hamburgers and mexican-food! Oh, and TV!


      Amélie M. Tavernier.

    • profile image

      dee wulansari. 5 years ago

      i thought it's just an urban legend... but when i met my french boyfriend at the 1st sight, i felt my heart jumped onto my throat, and gag me out of words, blushed all the way he looked at me in the eyes for our 1st 'sante' , ...when he kissed my eyes...then after we passionately made love, some were lingering, some were brutal ;) but still with the showers of his touches, then i do 100% believe, je ne sais quoi...french guy, is the legendary heartthrob.

    • profile image

      Catherine 5 years ago

      Je pense que vous parlez français. Votre article m'a beaucoup amusée. Les mythes ont la vie dure !!! ,-)

      Je ne sais pas si les françaises partageraient votre opinion...

      Quant aux notes de restaurant payées par ces messieurs, cela se perd.

      Le bon temps semble fini !

      Au plaisir de vous lire.

    • Loulovesherguy profile image

      Loulovesherguy 5 years ago from England and France

      Just a thought...How many of us still think the same about our 'Frenchies?'

      I know I still do....

    • profile image

      nana 5 years ago

      Well,I wouldn't agree with you,I had boyfriend French and he was very rude and arogant to me and he really made me to feel very bad

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 5 years ago from France

      Catherine: Merci pour poster votre commentaire

      Loulovesherguy: Me too, I love mine to bits! and 88% of the more than 2200 people who voted on the poll agree with us ;-)

      nana: sorry to hear that, but like everything in life there are lots of exceptions. Good luck next time.

    • profile image

      nana 5 years ago

      Just to let you know,I had again Frenchie and the same thing happened to me and he told me that he'll show me that not all French are the same.......I had to say this...

    • profile image

      Fromphilippines("FILIPINA) 5 years ago

      hi. im an attractive girl Many say so!5'6 in height.. i can say im pretty enough!

      (Conscious to meet a french men)can you help me?

      i am chatting with a french men.!. i never met him in personal."but i can tell you that everytime we chat looking him in the webcam i can feel his presence and the way he expressed his feelings with me." he came here in the Philippines Twice just to meet me but i never get a chance to meet Him coz i was afraid!..he always telling me what he really feels with me..

      "and now hes giving me a chance To meet him again!.. and i cant you think he is serious???

      -well i love reading this Hubpage (Princessa tell me what to do."..

      im Diana( PRincess Diana)..=)


    • profile image

      Fromphilippines("FILIPINA) 5 years ago

      and yet

      " im a very down to earth person i love surprises! and easy to fall with him"=). at my age of 25 i never had a serious relationship!.. never been "___" but i still believe in soul-mate..

      before i forgot! he keeps on telling me that he wants to be with me and have a baby with me and to live with each other and bear a happy family."

      Pricess Diana

    • profile image

      Elise 5 years ago

      As a French woman who has lived in France all her life, I found this post very amusing. It's always funny to see foreigners fantasize about the French. Of course, there are men like you described, but to turn French men into such a stereotype (as nice as it is, mind!) is just amusing.

      Also, French men not being into football? Maybe "American football", yes, as no-one cares about it here, but if you were thinking of "soccer" then you obviously didn't meet a lot French men lol

    • profile image

      Arthur Belanger 5 years ago

      Heyyy! I'm French, but the problem is that not a single woman has feelings for me. They say I'm a great guy, but I always try to be extra romantic, yet that doesn't work. Any ideas? Please respond, because there's this girl I'm dying for, but she doesn't love me back. Please help!

    • Loulovesherguy profile image

      Loulovesherguy 5 years ago from England and France

      Hi Arthur,

      I am sure you are wrong as there is someone for everyone, maybe she is not the right girl for you?

      I don't know any girl who doesn't like to be romanced.

      Have you got things in common with her? What do you class as being romantic, maybe we can give you some other ideas too? You can always send me a private message and I will help if I can.


    • profile image

      Natdup 5 years ago

      I have moved to france a few months ago..when i got here i dated a welsh drinking,sport fanatic who wouldn't even dare pay for my meals, nevermind the 1hr a day to do his hair. But two months ago, i was one of the lucky ones...I met a french man and yes of course not all of them fall into this category, but everything you have described above is more than fitting the bill, even down to the smelling. Good article

    • profile image

      Princela 5 years ago

      I've ever had relation with one Frech man, he was very nice at the firt time, but just 6 month he changed. I couldn't believe that he can change to a very different person, of course, he is very bad, selfish, not kindness and cheating. I still sad everytime when thinking about him. I should not love him. French guy is very bad..very selfish..very smoking, nothing good

    • profile image

      Monsieur 5 years ago

      French guys don't shower on a daily basis. Just go and visit Paris and walk behind a "cute" French man and get ready to experience the most disgusting odor...

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 5 years ago from France

      Monsieur: I have done that countless times and I have not yet experience what you say. I think that is an old stereotype that has nothing to do with reality.

    • InParis profile image

      InParis 5 years ago

      You are very right Princessa, and that's a really rude and wrong stereotype. I have never had a boyfriend or worked with a man in Paris, where I live, that fitted the description of Monsieur, and I think that I have been closer to French men that he will ever get! Well, that is obviously an assumption, but....

      French men are in general civilized human beings, so let go of the old stereotypes, isn't it about time?!

    • profile image

      sophia0817 5 years ago

      I have French boyfriend and you're right,he is the most romantic person.I live in UK (but from Asia)and he travels across the boarder once a week just to see me(not including sms every morning and night,just to say good night and good morning). He takes shower everyday and never stinky. He watch football but not crazy about it,i love him dearly not because he is french but because of his nature.

    • profile image

      nana 5 years ago

      It'so interesting this to read ,generally am against French bcs they are very selfish and 'nose up' people and had a few bad experiences but I would straight go again to date one bcs they are really something special.Hate myself for this..

    • profile image

      Helen 5 years ago

      Well it is indeed truth that the French menre gentlemen, but as it happens anywhere else we can find all those characters above in men from around the world and from different ethnicities.Lets not stereotype though that all French men are like that, But there is a but, I have been travelling to some countries, have met different men from different countries, But the best thing about French man is that he is Kind, they have this amazing Kindness that i never seen in other man. Oh yes and they are a great romantics! well not every French again!! but the majority. and about the Italian men,oh yes they have the charm, they have the look, but they are not so kind. French man can look at you with that innocent eyes and you see how much human he is, how much he care about human being. Thank You for the article it's fun!!!!! :) Peace.

    • Courtney L J profile image

      Courtney L J 5 years ago

      ha! laughed out loud a few times in this article. especially that you included the Cyrano clip- you really think Gerard Depardieu is hot in that? In any case, you are probably right about these things. French can't get much different than our American men ;)

    • profile image

      nana 5 years ago

      More comments please,am really enjoying to read this eventhough I really don't like French

    • profile image

      Marie-Bénédicte 5 years ago

      I had to read 2wice all that is written on here... I CANNOT BELIEVE what you say about Frenchmen, it's so CLICHÉ. Let me get this right: I am French, and live in central paris. Would I own a big flat I'd invite you all to come.

      - Frenchmen are (top top list) incorrigible CHEATERS!! Yes, it is in the culture. Sons, husbands, father in laws, brothers, uncles, grand dads THEY ALL CHEAT, or they're not considered as males by their mates.

      - Frenchmen are misogynists (disregarding women).

      - Frenchmen are misers (alright for a bunch of flowers - cause Mom told them it was good for gettin lasses, but don't expect diamonds, or culture perls!!)

      - Frenchmen are not inspiring (just dull, they rely on their so called reputation)

      - Frenchmen are self-centred, selfish, opinionated, arrogant, not extremely clean (shower & soap wise) oh but they do use cologne (what they call "perfume for men"!!

      - Frenchmen snore, pick their nose and fart in public (if doen't disturb others since when should it disturb them to so do!)

      Hey, I could go on and on about it. Truth, I began to "live" when I dropped French boyfriends. I now have a pure Yorkshire lover, who is... Yummy, in all circumstances.

      To Brit lasses: don't you think the grass is greener in your neighbour's fiels, cause you might very well find out heaven is in you own garden. Luv ye all, good luck!

      Marie-Bénédicte xx

    • profile image

      Marie-Bénédicte... again 5 years ago

      In addition to this, I want to say it made me laugh to see Gérard Depardieu in the sexy list. You're gonna laugh hour head off here: I LIVE IN THE SAME STREET AS HIM (rue Saint Placide - 6th district of Paris) and see him often, we have the same newsagent. Although I can't say he's not a nice man, I wouldn't go as far as saying a man '6 for 23 stone is "sexy"... his beer (more wine) gut is bigger than my best girlfriend's tummy when she was expecting her twins. But he always says "hi", and helps the occasional old girl cross the street. Yet if the subject is sexiness, well I have no French name!

      sophia0817 you're bloody lucky, you found the 1/billion, advice keep him and make sure he moves over to Blighty quick!! Best o'luck to u2

    • profile image

      Marie-Bénédicte... once more! Oops! 5 years ago

      Hope nana will enjoy the above (all true, I swear)

    • profile image

      Joanne 5 years ago

      I don't think French men are irresistible, it's just that American women follow a stereotype

    • profile image

      nana 4 years ago

      Thanx Marie-Benedicte,more than enjoying in reading........more

    • profile image

      Sakura 4 years ago

      Marie-Bénédicte. I agreed with you. My boyfriend is a French guy.

    • profile image

      natosha 4 years ago

      french people are sooooooooooo ugly they're the uglyiest people God has ever created like soooooooooooooooo ugly

    • profile image

      Emilie 4 years ago

      I'm French and I live in France but I prefore American guys. They are so sexy. (Sorry, I don't speak English)

    • profile image

      A.M.D 4 years ago


      So it is interesting, as a French man who dated an American girl (almost got engaged with her) in a foreign country, I can say that my experience with my US gf was really a passionate one. I could actually feel this passion coming from her, and was happy to give her back, I was in love for sure, but I think the passion was guiding us by the fact that we were both exotic to each other and that we were in a foreign country (China at the time). After that we started a long distance relationship and I could go all the way to visit her in the states each time I had vacation, would treat her at restaurant all the time (courtoisie francaise n'est-ce-pas?!) and the first 2 weeks of us we made love constantly and consistently ... We ended up living together in the same country where we had met but ended our relationship nearly one year later. Officially because I had cheated on her, but the passion was just over, the routine killed us and it was better like this. Now I am happily married to a Chinese girl, and expecting a baby, so excited!! I am very thankful to my ex girlfriend because she taught me English and also learnt a lot about her culture etc. it really is an eye-opener to date a girl with different culture. but one thing put me off a little was her mother is obese and very bad character, I could have not seen her as my mother in law, not in my worst nightmare, total lack of savoir-vivre!!

      Chairman Mao bless you!


    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 4 years ago from France

      Antoine, thanks for sharing with us a different perspective on the whole French-man foreign girl perspective.

    • profile image

      ParisGirl 4 years ago

      Ok, I have to add here that I know the French culture WELL. I am American and have been married to a Frenchman for several years. Everything I heard about French men, my husband is NOT. He does NOT cook, not passionate about ANYTHING and boring in the bedroom (even at the beginning). I don't even think he would have an affair because that would mean he'd have to like sex and be passionate which he is neither. He never kisses me. He lacks charm although he does have a good sense of humor and he does dress impeccable.

      Now on the other side, I have been residing in France for a few months and have come across the typical Frenchman. A LOT. One in particular is capturing my attention. He is totally irresistible. Compliments me, Amazing dresser, charming, accent (dear god help me) and everything above. Passionate. And married. So, while yes, many Frenchman are as you describe I married the one that is not. UGH.

    • profile image

      Bella 4 years ago

      Well, My boyfriend is french. And I've been discovering his culture for over a year and yes they have that something but it's not like if they are the last glass of water in the world. However not Only NorthAmerican girls died for them almost all over the world respect french people for their educational and technology advance. I just think that sometimes they are not so kind either, they complain about everything and they don't get surprise by anything they are not that expressive but let's ge it straight, europeans are like that usually. A lot of them can't cook a lot, but one thing they have they love latinas, so way to go for latinas :)

      I like this article though it's kinda funny and also express the experience of girls who have visited France

    • profile image

      Charlie 4 years ago

      I am French and I lived for nearly 3 months with my ex gf who was American, we were really in love, I think american women are much more sexier, fun and they know how to express themselves more I think....French women are for me a bit boring....

    • profile image

      In Paris for 3 months 4 years ago

      There are two types of men: men who attract women, and men who do not. In the former category, french men beat out most other types of men because french men - - the types who attract women - - are ultra polite, attentive, romantic, interesting conversationalists, etc. On the flip side, as some have pointed out, some french men are nothing to boost about. But THEY DO NOT MATTER IN THIS DISCUSSION. You see, we are talking about men who actually enjoy women and who actually attract women. Out of all the men that attract women, that like women it is the french men who come out on top.

    • profile image

      Pierre 4 years ago

      Merci pour les compliments, much appreciated as french, thus I think you have been lucky enough to meet only great people in France ;-) Having said that, watching people with such goodwill as you do helps definitely to make people become more beautiful and friendly ! Having travelled a lot, I had also the privilege to meet great people and not so great in any country I have been landing. Cheers from France and keep watching people like this !

    • profile image

      Jérôme 4 years ago

      It's a pleasure to read this.

      Merci ;-)

    • profile image

      Theresa 4 years ago

      I just wanted to invite you to actually try some fine, artisanal beer before passing judgments that equate drinking beer with not being very attractive. Try a fine Belgian double or triple, a golden ale, a refreshing lambic, a barley wine, then decide whether drinking beer eliminates a man from being sexy. Not all beer drinkers are pounding down Budweisers.

    • profile image

      talm 4 years ago

      has anyone mentioned that french men also happen to be super emaciated? i feel like that's important enough to mention.

    • Loulovesherguy profile image

      Loulovesherguy 4 years ago from England and France

      I adore my French man as much as I did years ago, nothing will change it either, for me the British men pale into insignificance.

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 4 years ago from France

      Theresa: point taken!

    • profile image

      Tania 4 years ago

      Well, I'm French and I can say that there are different kind of French guys, like in any other countries ! But if there's one thing I know, for having lived 4 years abroad with an international community, it's that French guys are more subtle and educated than American guys ! I'm sorry, but I find american guys very plain and not charming at all, often really awefully dressed and not interesting to talk to... I guess I like brits more or even canadians better ! Well, I like the optimistic side of American guys, I think they make great friends but that's it lol !

      I don't particularly like French guys either, let's say I like all kind of guys, from everywhere, except Americans ! They really turn me off. But they're definitely nicer than French guys to me !

    • profile image

      Benoit 4 years ago

      Merci for this reporting! Foreign women in France realize just how genial French men are. We are sensitive persons and have very intimate relations with our girlfriends. It is our culture. I already speak with several American girl about this article and they completely agree with you. I think that vis-à-vis American guy, we are more passionate and more attentive. And this is true for all of our relations - wife, concubine and girlfriend.

    • profile image

      AAinslie 4 years ago

      The one exception (and I hate to bust your bubble) is oral and physical hygiene. They, mostly, #fail. it's cultural.

    • profile image

      cecile chaudesaigues 4 years ago

      i'm french and i can tell you that men you are describing don't exists in my country. They will kill father and mother for a soccer game, they never cook, they never help at home, they drink a lot of beer... They don't talk about somrthing else than theirselves... But we loved them anyway. I married one... But believe me they are not differents from other men...

    • profile image

      Charles 4 years ago

      You live in a fairy tale ! I've been living my whole life in Paris and I don't know who your sources are but they obviously don't know Parisian and French men well, I don't want to be rude and say at all. It's so perfect that it looks like a joke : cooking, paying, conversing ... Please ! Not that I'm not proud that people think that about French men but it's not true for ALL 100% of men of France. Another comment I'd like to add is that : US citizens please stop criticizing French people for their hygiene ! If you haven't been in France keep your nasty comments to yourself : it's exactly as if I were to say that all Americans look like the horrendous people from PeopleOfWalmart : fat, ugly, disgusting, dirty redneck slobs ! On the mistress part your President showed the world how great husbands Americans are, thanks Bill ! So once again keep calm and look at what's going on on your side of the Atlantic ...

      Merci :)

    • profile image

      pokeyoat 4 years ago

      I definitely agree with the great fashion sense part. A lot of french men look like they just stepped out of a magazine cover. Great hub!

    • profile image

      Veronika 4 years ago

      No. 10, football is the most famous sport in France, following bicycle and tennis. Frenchmen love football, seriously. And... No.11, are you joking? I have been with this French guy (he is from Paris, the big city!!) for 7 years and he just LOVES TO GO DUTCH no matter during the beginning of our relationship or after 7 years of time spent together. He is so incredibly shabby and ungenerous. Anyway, I just broke up with him 3 months ago just because his personality was too strange. Frenchman? No more please.

    • profile image

      Christophe 4 years ago

      Hi everybody, i'm a 30 years old french man from Annecy a little and beautiful city in the Alpes mountains. I'm felling very honored about this page dedicated to the french men, and some things make me laught a lot.

      However i'm a bit sad to tell that but, a lot of us drink beer front of a soccer game in tv !!

      I know i destroy a myth but please, don't hold it against me ;)

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 4 years ago from France

      Christophe: Bonjour, I have been in Annecy, pretty lovely city. Thanks for your input.

    • profile image

      Damien 3 years ago

      I really enjoyed reading this page and the comments!

      I'm French and i just want to say a thing, all the French are not as you defined, yes we're gentle with girls, yes we have a romantic side, but we're not all like that unfortunately...

      I'm 23 and i'm will soon go live in Irelande (Dublin), i'm also single and after a lot of relationships in France i want to find me a foreign girlfriend to experiment something new!

    • profile image

      anggunSD 3 years ago

      dear Princessa..

      I definitely agree with everything what u wrote here.

      and i just feel really stupid Indonesian girl to make a mistake and i broke up with my French men last week.

    • profile image

      Flo 3 years ago

      I'm french and i agree

    • profile image

      Louis FL 3 years ago


      I am a French man in Florida and I am gonna stay there for a few months.

      I am there for now a month but young women don’t seem to be so kind with french men.

      Is it only in Florida ?

    • profile image

      Sophie 3 years ago


      I am a French woman, and I live in France, I agree with your point of view.

      Your examples are so delicious and so glamour.

      I don't meet the same in real life....

      So I have to continue dreaming ...

    • profile image

      MC 3 years ago


      If only it was true !!!

      I'm a French woman and I'm sorry but there's really few French guys like you describe ! Perhaps American men are usually rude but trust me, once you're seduced, French didn't cook anymore !!

    • profile image

      OliR 3 years ago

      hey all,

      I am French, I leave outside France since a few years and have a Nordic girlfriend. Having met so many various nationalities I can step back and now I have a better view of what the typical French is, and I find it funny, sometimes disappointing but overall positive.

      I just want to say first thanks about the nice description. What you describe here is really the way the true, nice and well educated, well in their skin, elegant French guy behave. Nice guys I know, behave like you describe, IT IS TRUE. BUT of course you find a lot of women who never met those men, but it could be that they are not lucky, or simply, let’s be realistic, not "desirables" enough to be treated so well by these gentlemen.

      Please don’t treat me fool, I am not saying that women are not desirable but rather that French can be good actors when they want.

      Indeed French are pretty straightforward, they can give their best but also be the contrary if they don't like the people they face, then they can be very direct, and proud, and not nice at all.

      Remember also, and I am not racist here, that there are lots, lots of strangers in France, or sons of strangers, who behave differently. You will not find the charming French guy on the “Champs Elysees”…they are somewhere else.

      As for me, I cannot cope with French girls, not so good looking, arrogant, constantly trying to find the guy who will meet 100% of the criteria of their little wish list out of their Vuitton bag, smoking all the time, and sometimes unfortunately, very vulgar language (again very typical from the immigrants settled in France, generation or previous one does not matter). The typical French girl will always claim to be the equal of men due to the feminist fashion wave of the 70’s, but you will rarely see them working outside or doing manual jobs (they should go in Sweden to see what equality really means).

    • carrie Lee Night profile image

      Kept private 3 years ago from Northeast United States

      I think most of us are attracted to men from foreign countries. For example I love British men... their accents make me melt and they speak so intelligently, but would I feel the same way if I was myself British? It is the diversity and unique characteristics that makes us attracted. Some women in other countries may find American men irresistible...others maybe Russian or Cuban etc.. It seems like everyone wants what they can't have or can't find where they live. My husband is half Italian and I love that about him because he has a passion for cooking, is family oriented and has great olive skin. But at the end of the day I'm attracted to my husband for who he is and not where he came from :) Have a wonderful day. PS: In all cultures there are irrestible men and some not so irresistible :)

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 3 years ago from France

      Carri: You are right, about the idea that we are attracted to men/women who are difficult to get -for us- and also about men of différents nationalities being irresistible. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      Kalden le Kabyle 3 years ago

      This is more of a fetish than liking the French men.You just get turned on by their too feminine side.You must be a very emotional woman ,or a tomboy.

      The only thing about the French men that I believe is different than other men,is they can act girly by showing their emotions and dress like what it is considered gay men in other countries,and that is actually acceptable in their culture.I don't see anything wrong with it,since every culture is different.

      I like all girls from every culture,race or whatever,and that is because I am a man.

      But,if I see a kabyle woman,especially if she is dark haired and not blond,I feel like my feet are not touching the ground anymore....and that because I am a Kabyle myself,and that is what I grow up seeing and feeling pride of the beauty of our women.

    • profile image

      karen 3 years ago

      They are also generous. They are very impressed when you talk French. They are very proud of being French. They deserve it too.

    • profile image

      Ann 3 years ago

      i live in France and the guys is really nice but about relationships the are idiots ahhahahha insecure and controlling guys completely different than I imagined.. almost girls like christian grey.....they don't have serious relationships with foreign and they think that you are super easy and insecure about who you are because you are not a french girl... when you demonstrates the opposite they get confused....but it's really amazing have french guys from friends ;) just friends

    • profile image

      Kezia 3 years ago

      I have crush of course french guy.. we met 2 moths ago in Bali. Now he stay in Perth and i still in Bali.

      But he still whatsapp n skype me, asking me to relationship, always saying " Je t'aime,,, u are the only one,, and the freaky words is : u are a mother of my children,, my future wife..."

      I just wondering why french guy too easy says like that..

      coz really different with germany,american, dutch etc guys..

      I need suggest.. What i have to do with the guy??? Yeah he's handsome, and the type of me.. But i feel weird with his flirting more.

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 3 years ago from France

      Kezia: The thing with the "prototype Frenchman" is that he is passionate, and he is not timid to express this passion. What to do with the guy? follow the flow, don't freak out

    • WhiteMuse profile image

      M Ziel 3 years ago from San Francisco

      I don't really think so. I know some could have something. I find them to be conceited and annoying. Maybe there is just something where they are not that nice to me. I did not enjoy working with them that much. There are other offices I liked better. You should see them in the office. I don't think anyone was really crazy about our other boss. I would like now still really for them to leave me alone. Andre was nice he asked me if I wanted the coffee that was good but still.

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 3 years ago from France

      WhiteMuse: One thing is working with them (which yes could be annoying) and a very different thing is dating them ;-)

    • profile image

      mittah 3 years ago

      I am a south african,who has recently befriended a french man. we agreed to be just friends,however the level of affection he displays! ooh my,leaves me hungry for more. He always embraces me in one way or another. I have to exercise mass restraint when we have our wine and dine sessions. I'm not sure if this is conventional friendship to the french but I am in a dillema about this one. Passion is always the order of the day for him

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 3 years ago from France

      mittah: enjoy!

    • profile image

      melvaughn 3 years ago

      I'm a virgin and about to have a fling with an extremely hot french guy. I know it's a bit unsafe since I don't know him very well...I've just reached an age where I'm looking to get it over with and I figure why not do it with a french guy who I find physically attractive. He's soo much my type, I figure I can't go wrong.

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 3 years ago from France

      melvaughn : Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy. Do it because YOU want it and not because you feel you must. Above all do not forget to be on the safe side and take precautions.

    • profile image

      Henri-Emmanuel 2 years ago

      je suis d'accord avec toi Pirncessa :)

      c'est vrai que beaucoup de français sont comme ça haha

    • profile image

      François 2 years ago

      What a ridiculous pile on nonsense.... you must probably mix "French" with "Parisians" because your description makes me think of parisian snobbery more than anything else. "French don't drink beer" seriously....

      Go spend week or two in Brittany and get a clue.

      Source : I'm French

    • profile image

      Epeo 2 years ago

      I'm mixed-race (black/white) and a little overweight but when I went to France I had no problem attracting the attention of Frenchmen, especially the white ones, Algerian and African ones seem to be oblivious to be for whatever reason. I'm dating a French guy right now, he's charming + very romantic but he has no fashion sense lol. I do like the French in general though.

    • profile image

      Florian 2 years ago

      I'm a 43 y.o french man, and I can describe myself as a gentleman. Yes, I pay the bill when having a drink/dinner with a woman, I open doors to let her get inside before me, and I make sure she spends good time when in my company. This is the old school manner, I have to admit, but I think that it's a sure value. Most French women just act like princesses and play it "hard to get" whereas foreigners women appreciate a sense of delicate polite manners. Simplicity and truthful attention always pay :-)

    • profile image

      john doe623 2 years ago

      Its generalism. Every1 is different. ``12: They know how to make you feel special.`` thats a big compliment. other than that, its generalism. very fun to read, I hope I could be as a perfect man as detailed. But Im far from this.

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 2 years ago from France

      Of course it is a Generalization John, and above all something to make us dream about the French lover. Thanks for reading and commenting and if you are not as perfect as depicted above, just keep trying... we will love you just for that

    • profile image

      Joaquin' 2 years ago

      Hello! Being french in U.S. different. Frenchwomen like florin said , some do act like princesses (this is true). That being put i'm a French man who has learned to adopt some Mexican/American habits. French men do not like to drink beer?!?! I beg to differ ;) i understand generalized notion but please refrain from saying we are suppose to have great fashion sense. Word of advice: Please refrain from too much generalize.

      Joaquin' Ducharme.

    • profile image

      Jessica 2 years ago

      This must be why frenchmen cheat so much because like you, so many women will fall for their charms. Don't be those ones without thinking much of them outside their irresistableness. Personally I don't think Frenchmen are special besides the traits you listed because they can also be very rude and perverted. Most of them are and its sad.

    • profile image

      Yassi 10 months ago

      My boyfriend is french n I agree with most of the things said!

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 9 months ago from France


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