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Why do Hotels Insist on Having Twin Beds instead of Double Beds

Updated on October 15, 2008

Twin Beds In A Hotel

Any body that has high blood pressure knows that too much salt is not good for them, so when you dine at a hotel they do not put salt on the food because they do not know who wants it and don't want it. Some where on the table there is these two little shakers (at least there should be) you can use them to your heartrs content.

Well what does salt and pepper shakers have to do with beds?

At the hotel they do not know who is realy married and who is not, so if you are married you can arrange for you single beds to be pushed together or do it yourself. If you go to one of the hotels that the beds don't move; inquire if they have a honey moon suite or reasonable facsimily. Secretly (just between me and you) I think that they do this because they do not want to appear to be running a brothel. For those that don't know what a brothel is ask Dr. Phil [LOL]


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    • profile image

      Sleep number bed reviews 6 years ago

      Last time when I went to an hotel with my GF,I found two single beds there. It created some kinda problems for "us".

    • profile image

      fat boy bean bags 8 years ago

      Thanks for the nice hub. You have analytically explained the need and use of single and double bed in hotels. I think the reason you admitted may be right but mostly man and woman in a single room want to remain separate at least for sometime. Yes, double bed can not be detached from each other rather one single bed can be attached to one if required.

    • VENUGOPAL SIVAGNA profile image

      VENUGOPAL SIVAGNA 9 years ago from India.

      Every one man or woman tends to remain separated at least for some time. That too, during nights, we should not place ourselves at the mercy of others. When there is a necessity, we can join the beds, otherwise, it is better to remain at some distance away. That is one reason.

      At the hotel's point of view, for a single person, no double bed is necessary. That will help to send it to others. We, a family of five, were left with two beds only during our visit to Calcutta recently. The hotel authorities found it hard to provide us one single bed. The second single bed may help this way.

      It is easy to handle. For washing, drying, ironing, etc., single beds are ideal anywhere. Single beds can be joined. But double beds cannot be separated.