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Why should you live in yaba lagos nigeria?

Updated on February 12, 2010

Why should you reside in Yaba, Lagos Nigeria

Yaba is a part of LagosNigeria that has many small towns and communities such as Makoko, onyigbo, Ebute metta, Sabo, Akoka, Abule Ijesha, Onike, Iwaya and Jibowu among others. It has a There are many reasons why I would reside in Yaba area of LagosNigeria here are some of my reasons;

1.      Cost of living

The cost of living in Yaba is relatively low compared to other parts with similar population densities and economic significance such as Ajah, Ikeja, surulere and Festac. Although not as inexpensive as Mushin Olosa and so on, Yaba has a reasonable cost of living for a resident in lagosNigeria, he/she would understand how important it is to live in such a place.

2.      Rapid economic expansion

The local economy is rapidly expanding in this part of Lagos. Eateries, banks, hotels, retail stores, insurance companies and night clubs are picking up rapidly implying that a lot of opportunities (both for investors and employment seekers) exist in this place. There certainly is a rapid economic expansion and those who are well placed for this will smile to the bank soonest.

3.      Proximity to the Island

Everybody knows that Lagos island is the nerve center of commerce and the service based industry in Nigeria as a whole. If you reside in Yaba you live very close to the Victoria island, Ikoyi and Lekki since your part of town is the closest part of the mainland to the Island. That by implication means less transportation expenses and less stress with regard to traffic jams that residents in other parts of the state have to go through everyday.

4.      Low crime rate

Crime rate in most parts of yaba is low. Perhaps the heavy presence of security details around the place deters criminals or could be that the ever busy nature of the place seems to inconvenience criminals. Also there is the possibility that many so called criminals may consider productive work readily available for idle hands to be more rewarding whatever the case crime rate is relatively low.

5.      An expanding middle class

Yaba has one of the fastest expanding middle class groups in Nigeria as a whole. This explains why developers fall over themselves to renovate old buildings or expand them out rightly to create apartments for working class folks. Real estate boom is in no small way an issue to consider when middle class families demand for accommodation.

6.      Presence of leading institutions of higher learning

Yaba has two of Nigeria’s leading educational institutions in Yaba college of Technology, Yabatech as it is also called (my Alma matter) and university of Lagos. Both institutions of learning have relatively high academic standards and have some of the country’s best brains as lecturers. There of course are the less seasoned institutions which are prestigious in their own right – the federal technical college Akoka (a teacher training institute) and Queens’ college one of Africa’s best post primary educational institutions.

7.      Historical significance, landmarks and memorials

Yaba also has notable landmarks like the statue of Herbert Macaulay the father of nationalism in Nigeria. Many other landmarks such as Tejuosho Market, e-center, National library of Nigeria, Yabatech among other notable landmarks there are also historically significant landmarks, such as the tallest building on the mainland Cornerstone house, the first filling station in Nigeria (Total at Sabo) and many more.


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    • Philipo profile image

      Philipo 6 years ago from Nigeria

      This is very informative. Thanks for sharing.