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Why should you trek

Updated on July 7, 2016

Out of all the methods available in the world to reduce your stress and enjoy your life. I would suggest you to go for a trek. I had my first trek few months ago, and I absolutely regretted for not doing it for these many years of my life.After being in the trek, I realized that everyone should be out there trekking atleast once.

Unplug and Play

Starting from the wakeup call - I am already late; OMG, where are my keys; damn the traffic; etc. I know that somewhere inside of your heart, sometime back you have wanted a world without all these trivial issues. Trek could be that exact thing you’ve wanted for a long time. Shake it off and go for the mountains, where “no cell phone coverage” won’t just be a reason, but a fact. Unplug yourself from the routine cycle of life and play your heart.

Know your friends

Trekking helps you in understanding a person in a totally different level. It is definitely a lot of mountains and valleys and forests you will trek which means you will be experiencing different terrains and climate and temperature. These changes will shine over the personalities and characters of those who are with you. It’s the best way to understand your friend in a deeper manner.

Senses back to life

Coming from a city, it’s absolutely hard to find trees even to park my scooter. A trek could replenish all your senses and bring them to life. You can hear the river, waterfalls, birds chirping, wind blowing through the trees, you can also create your own rhythm of trekking. Walking along the river, trekking against it, drinking from it, playing in it, living by a tent beside it, what not. It also resets your biological clock which will enable you to sleep proper hours after you reach your city too.

Challenge you minds

Climbing a mountain is a difficult thing, but getting down the mountain is even more difficult. It is not just a workout for the entire body, but it’s also a training to our minds and tests our will power against acquiring the target. It teaches perseverance and hard work.

Make memories

It was too beautiful to put it in words but I am going to try. It's not very often we see glaciers melting into rivers and the sweet storke of sun kisses the melting water as the very cold morning breeze wraps you up in its arms when you stand in a path filled with white and yellow flowers. I just said one frame of the entire trip. If you are not going, you are making a deliberate mistake, I'll tell you.

Trekking could be amazing and sometimes life changing, try trekking, you will also make it your favourite thing.


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