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Why you should choose New Zealand as your next holiday destination.

Updated on April 19, 2016

1. Be Amazed By The Unique Scenery

New Zealand is beautiful. When you visit New Zealand you must bring your camera with you because you will be constantly surprised by the beauty that the natural landscape has to offer. Experience riveting sunsets, clear starry nights, majestic glaciers and of course the natural wonders of unspoilt beauty such as tumbling waterfalls and subtropical forests.

2. Experience The Ultimate Outdoor Adventure

New Zealand is the home of bungy jumping, invented by our very own A J Hackett. Challenge yourself with our range of adrenalin-pumping activities which also include sky diving over a picturesque landscape, navigating the numerous caves-some of which were used in filming The Lord of The Rings, skiing over our mountainous regions and jet boating the rapid waters of our rivers.

3. Meet Unique Wildlife

The official bird of New Zealand is the kiwi, and this little flightless nocturnal bird has also given New Zealanders their name as they refer to themselves as "kiwi." New Zealand works hard to keep their nation safe for the kiwi, along with the rest of its native birds such as the tui, the fantail, kereru and kakapo. Keep an eye out for New Zealand's mischievous troublemaker, the kea. The world's only alpine parrot has a highly inquisitive nature, and can be rather cheeky too!

4. Immerse Yourself In the Local Culture

The indigenous population of New Zealand are the Maori. This warrior race have their own style of art which includes the haka-an intimidation method adopted by the New Zealand rugby team the All Blacks. Contemporary New Zealand is rich in their culture and you will be greeted by a friendly "Kia Ora" on arrival. However New Zealand culture has expanded tremendously over the past few decades and you can now find a number of different cultures and nationalities throughout New Zealand, proving how warm and hospitable the locals can be.

5. Get up close with Nature

Have you ever seen glow worms light up a cave? Or watched a flock of little blue penguins in the wild? Have you had the chance to swim with dolphins? Or had to run from an angry sea lion? There are so many opportunities to get up close and watch animals in their natural habitats. These opportunities only come once in a lifetime and are well worth doing.

New Zealand provides so many unique and wonderful experiences of a high calibre that cannot be matched anywhere else, and the stunning views and beautiful scenery will leave you amazed and enthralled. A New Zealand holiday will be a trip to remember.

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