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Why you should use GrabTaxi

Updated on March 21, 2015

For someone who is scared of commuting at 12 midnight, the app GrabTaxi is a sure blessing sent from above. No exaggeration here. I am not very fond of using public vehicles because of the scary news I read and hear from the news. Horrible accidents and incidents are taking place even inside these vehicles. These unfortunate events adds up to the worries we already have in our daily activities.

The first things that we think about when we are outside is our security. I used to work at least 2 hours away from home. I ride the jeepney and the light rail transit (LRT). Sometimes though, because I am so tired, the thought of commuting for two hours adds up to my stress level. My solution for that is to take a cab so I can just sit and relax while someone drove me home.

If I happen to take a cab, my routine is to check for the plate number and name of the cab company written outside and inside the cab. I always compare it because there are some reported scene where the names didn't match up. After I get this information, I send a text to my mother and a friend indicating the details of the cab.

Make traveling easier

Thankfully though, there is now an app that became very helpful especially if I had a hard time looking for a ride. This is the app GrabTaxi. The app is very easy to navigate which I like because I hate to read complicated instructions. The app is used if you want to book a cab or even a car. Upon installing the app, you will have to register or make an account. This is to make sure that they can track your booking history (which also gives you a chance to avail for their promos) and also to know about your details like contact number in case of emergency. Once you have signed in, you can start using it.

GrabTaxi app
GrabTaxi app | Source

What are the steps in booking a cab?

The first thing you need to do is open the app (obviously). Then select the type of vehicle that you want to book. As of this writing, there are three options: GrabTaxi, Grabcar (sedan) or GrabCar premium. When you are on this screen, the location you're at is already populated on the "from" filled. tap the "to" box and enter the name of your destination (the place you're going to.

After that, a confirmation note will pop out of your screen indicating the booking fee (which is 70 pesos). Confirm the booking by clicking yes to proceed. A screen will appear with a list of plate numbers bidding for the booking you just did. Once someone accepted it, the plate number of the cab and driver's name will show up (which you can send to your friends or relatives like what i suaully do).The driver will call you up to check the exact location you're at. You only need to wait 5-10 mins and your ride will already arrive.

Why GrabTaxi?

A simple answer for this is because it's safe, certain and fast. Exactly what they have indicated on their description for their services. Safe because you are going to be driven around by a licensed driver who's information is listed on their database plus you can easily track your location towards your desired destination.

Certain because prior to the booking process, an estimated cost of your cab fare will be specified before the booking confirmation so there's no way that they can ask you for any additional tips (on top of the booking fee they already have). if you want to give a tip, you may still do so.

Fast. the word itself describes how quick you can avail for their services. From the booking process till the end of your trip (with the exception of the traffic of course). A reminder though, as soon as you arrived on your stop, click "end trip" on your app so you can rate the whole GrabTaxi experience.

The only catch here is the booking fee of 70 pesos but if you want a convenient trip then you won't hesitate to exchange money for that.

This app by the way is only available for people living in the following countries: Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia.


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