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Why you should visit Venice. And why you shouldn't.

Updated on January 29, 2013
Picture from the Rialto Bridge
Picture from the Rialto Bridge | Source


Venice. One of the cities of love.

118 islands, all linked together by bridges turned into the famous ”Venezia” in northeast Italy.

Venice is a special place. And a place that a lot of people want to go.
The photos of Venice are exciting, and the fact that all the commute is done by gondolas and boats is fun and different.
In Venice there is just short of 300.000 people currently living there, but with a population density of 650 people per km2, they are pretty crammed together.
Lots of people, in a smaller city.

The ”city of canals” is a place to see.

Or is it?

5 Reasons why you should visit Venice and a few reasons why you shouldn’t:

Be careful!!! Gondolas are coming this way.
Be careful!!! Gondolas are coming this way. | Source

Why you SHOULD visit Venice:

  • The canals
    Truth be told, the canals are beautiful and the single best thing about this city.
    I really loved strolling through the canals of Venice.
    I have been to other cities with canals before, but Venice will forever be something by itself. I couldn't stop taking pictures and looking at the canals, and they are one of the best reasons why you should go to Venice and experience it by yourself.

  • Getting lost
    Before we went to Venice we were told that “when in Venice, you HAVE to get lost”.
    And fortunately, we didn’t even have to get lost on purpose, it all happened by itself.
    Getting lost in Venice is fun, because you just walk around like you are in a big big maze, and it is nice to see different areas of the not-too-big city.

    The maps were hell though, and made us even more confused because all the small roads and canals looked exactly the same. We definitely got a good long walk that day.

  • Night in Venice.
    Imagine sitting by the water at night, looking over Venice.
    Venice at night just feels special, and had a great feeling to it.
    It was beautiful and calming. And you’ll be able to find a good handful of café’s and restaurant close to the water, where you can sit and enjoy the sunset.

  • Gondolas.
    Do I even have to explain this?
    Yes they are very touristy, and I don't think there is any reasons to pay big bucks to go on your own sailing trip in one.
    But they are fun to look at and just the essence of Venice.

  • The art and the architecture
    There are lots of things to do in Venice, besides just walking.
    Go visit Piazza San Marco, Basillica Di San Marco, Guggenheim Museum and Palazzo Ducale.

The good pizza
The good pizza | Source

Why you SHOULDN'T visit Venice

  • The Food
    I loved the food in Rome but the food in Venice was just not very exciting. I had one good dinner in Venice, and that was a pizza in the outskirts of the city. Venice is so touristy that they apparently think they can sell anything for any price, and therefore most of the food (especially the lunches) is just white bread with meat. I was not impressed.

  • The amount of tourist (and locals)
    I know this is to be expected, but I found the amount of people in Venice to be extremely horrible and suffocating. Never have I been so annoyed by a city.
    Close tight walking space and hundreds of tourist are just not a great combination. And when we visited in April it was filled with schools on class trips, and it is really hard to fill that many teenagers into such a little close-knit city.

Venice and the water
Venice and the water | Source


Unfortunately I can't say that I loved Venice.
It is not a city that I am dying to go back to, but I am happy that I experienced the place. And I have met lots of people that loved the city, so it may just be me.

Venice is super beautiful, that is not even up for discussion.
But the amount of people were so extreme that we felt completely trapped all the time, and that + the bad food experiences we had, put a damper on it all.

I can only recommend you to go visit Venice.
I can almost promise you that the views will be worth it.
You may go crazy while there, but you will for sure get some good pictures.

Have you ever been to Venice?

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    • ct92 profile imageAUTHOR

      7 years ago from Denmark

      Thank you! :)

    • MomsTreasureChest profile image


      7 years ago

      Welcome to HubPages and good luck with your writing, it looks like you're off to a great start! I enjoyed your hub about Venice, I hope to visit someday!

    • Global-Chica profile image


      7 years ago from New York, NY

      I love how you provide the pros and cons of visiting Venezia! I visited with a bunch of girlfriends when I studied abroad in Florence and would love to come back to Venice because I just found it so ridiculously romantic that if felt silly to do things like gandola rides with my girls ;-) You're right about the food in Venice, it's something that I don't look back fondly on and would definitely suggest that anyone visiting researches restaurants in advance.

    • ct92 profile imageAUTHOR

      7 years ago from Denmark

      Happy to heart that, Milly!

      I really wish I hadn't been so put off by the amount of people :/

      Still think it's a beautiful city though!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Actually, I liked Venice so much move than I thought I would. I really thought that it would be sad to see a once beautiful place turned into a tourist hub - however Venice has character and I really enjoyed my visit!


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