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Why you should visit the Mall of America

Updated on September 19, 2014

Nickelodeon Mall of America

Nickelodeon Universe Bloomington Minnesota
Nickelodeon Universe Bloomington Minnesota | Source

So You Want to Go to the Mall of America Minneapolis

I was wondering on the internet in February and came across and ad for the Mall of America. I am just going to call it MOA so I don;t have to type it as much. The kids were going to be on spring break and we going to go on a weeks vacation. We had originally decided to go to Colorado but we though it just me be a little cold for the weather in March.

We decided to go to the MOA, on the spur of the moment and can't wait to go back. We checked into our hotel and then caught a shuttle to the MOA. Almost all the hotels have a shuttle, but you can drive too. Inside the mall was beautiful. Inside of one store they had old r&b songs playing. I love the fact that so many stores are that building.

Nickelodeon Universe was just amazing. We love this mall of america amusement park. I thought that the ride were going to be kiddy but they were really good for being inside a malll. The mall was really big and lit up well. When you get hungry just go up a level and take a look a the food court. So many choices so little time. The first night we were so excited that we just ate chipolte. We had to get back looking at all the stores we had passed on the way.

One thing that we found out is that that area is a dry county so no beer sales on Sunday. So if you plan to be drinking and you are there on Sunday make sure you get your drink supply on Saturday if you don't you might not be a happy camper. Cigarettes are really expensive too so if you smoke make sure you pick up a carton where you live at.

Fun for the family at the Mall of America

Our family of four had a great time. The people were really friendly and nice. I wish I had a couple of thousand dollars to spend. When I make a trip overseas I am going to fly there and go shopping for a day and get what I need and then fly to my international destination. You can even buy luggage at mall.

Our family was going to get one of those old school pictures that you dress up like in a western theme but we forgot about it. The kids really loved the aquarium. It is really is hard to comprehend that all of this is in the building.

You can even catch a movie if you want to. We stayed in the Hotel that was attached to the mall. The Blu Radisson. It was wonderful. We stayed 3 days and we had a great time. We used hotwire and to get some good prices on hotel rooms.

A markerMall of america -
Mall of America, Bloomington, MN 55425, USA
get directions

Come and visit the Mall of America. A great place to visit with your family

So when are you going to MOA

When are you going to take your trip to the Mall of America

See results

Visit the Mall of America Theater

  • Nickelodeon Universe
  • Minnesota Sea Life Aquarium
  • Amazing Mirror Maze
  • Bennihana
  • Moose Mountain Adventure
  • Theaters at Mall of America, and much much more.

Getting ready to shop at the MOA

Getting ready to shop at MOA
Getting ready to shop at MOA | Source

MOA Checklist

What you can do
What you must do
What you will do
Amazing Mirror Maze
Nickelodeon Universe
Eat at Benihanna
Eat at the food court
Sleep at the Blue Radisson
Get a hotel
Make your trip today and create some memories

Lego is where it's at

Lego Store in MOA
Lego Store in MOA | Source

Tips to make your stay great

  • Try to get a hotel that has free breakfast to save time
  • Split up so you can cover more ground
  • Meet up for lunch and dinner at a restaurant to recap your day
  • Plan your daily spending limit

More levels of the Mall

Levels of the Mall
Levels of the Mall | Source

What are the prices like

We found some really good deals almost in every store. They also do not charge any sales tax so that is an extra bonus. The prices of the food court are just the same as any food court in America.

We found some deals on shoes, bags, and hats. The prices were cheaper than my local mall and I was very surprised.

Blu Radisson at the MOA

Blu Radisson attached to the Mall of America
Blu Radisson attached to the Mall of America | Source

What are you gonna do at the Mall of America

Plan your trip now

I hope by visiting this hub that you will make a trip to the MOA. We are in the process of making another trip. I can't wait. So much stuff I did not get to look at due to time constraints. This time I am going to take my time and shop til I drop.

Well if you get a chance you should go and take the family or you could get away by yourself and live life for once. We are always working and sometimes you need to take a vacation.


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