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Wild Horses Haircut Festival in Spain

Updated on July 3, 2013

Sabucedo is a small Spanish town in Galicia, located in the north of Spain it has one very unusual festival that puts it on a list of must visit cities in Spain. The event takes place on July 7th, the newly adopted three-day festival with a 400-year history, titled La Rapa das Bestas.

Crazy as most Spanish festivals is, it attracts dear-devils whose love to animals is slightly over the edge. The main idea of la Rapa das Bestas is to make a haircut for horses, if you think it’s crazy, you should probably know that all horses are absolutely wild.

So, here it goes, the brave and curious have to cut the piece of horse’s hair in front of a large audience. It is interesting that both sexes participate in in the top six strangiest festivals in Spain.

Wild horse’s haircut festival has not changed for the last 400 years. The only thing that has been changed is that participates had to ride them in the paddock and put a stamp, and then cut the mane and tail of each animal.

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Long and strange tradition is very important for the citizens as it shows its unusual culture and as Spanish say, bring them closer to the nature. You can doubt it but Spanish think of animals in a different way, just as they think of bullfighting as a kind of sport, when they kill the animal.

Nevertheless each year more and more people are struggling against bullfighting and horse festival, numerous demosntrations are being held throughout the country in order to stop this events.

Of course as most Spanish festivals, Horse haircut festival is being associated with religion. The members attend church of San Lorenzo, the patron saint of the city Sabucedo, and ask him to protect them from injury at the first day of the festival.

The last change to the rules of the festival is that now instead of stamps they use humane microchip. No weapon is aloud during the festival, everything is supposed to be safe for animals and humans.


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