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Wilsons Wharf in Durban, South Africa

Updated on June 16, 2016

dining out in Durban

Enjoy an evening out in Durban South Africa, with great views & restaurants

Anyone travelling to Durban, South Africa should enjoy at least one evening at Wilsons Wharf, although after one visit, you will most likely find yourself returning again and again.

A favourite hangout for local durbanites, and relatively unknown to tourists (meaning overcrowding is unlikely), the wharf provides an idea environment to relax, walk and enjoy a meal with friends and family, as well as stunning views of the city and harbour during the day or night.

It is of course also a great place for a romantic date!

If you are travelling to Durban, South Africa for the Football World cup 2010, make sure you take the time to enjoy the wharf, including a meal at one of the waterfront restaurants. You will most likely find yourself surrounded by fellow sports enthusiasts, as South Africa loves its sport. Many of the restaurants will also likely have live televised games for you to watch, if you feel like one game away from the stadiums, but still want to know the score!

the harbour

Durban Harbour

Boating enthusiasts will love the setting, as the wharf is situated within durban harbour (one of Africas busiest harbours) on a boating marina with working slipways. You can enjoy relaxing walks along the waterfront, watch boats pass by or look at some of them docked in the marina; see others relaxing as they set out to sea on their yachts, or enjoy a passing canoe. Some of the yachts docked nearby are totally stunning to look at, and you will soon wish you had your own, as you see those who do own one sitting on their decks enjoying a drink in the evening air.

South Africa is of course known world wide for it's rich sealife and the water at the wharf reflects this. People are often seen hanging over the rails watching the fish as they swim past. You may of course also see fisherman hoping for a catch, or even be able to by some fresh fish from a boat recently returned from sea.

The wharfside mall and shopping area cotains many specialty shops, including local crafts and other treats for you to browse and enjoy. A great place to start your evening, wondering through the shops, then once you are ready move on to the waterfront and find yourself a restaurant to enjoy a drink or meal.

The Wharf

getting there


Wilsons Wharf is very easy to find. Simply drive along the Victoria Embankment, the main road which runs along the Durban harbour, and you will soon see a sign to Wilson's wharf. Turn off the Embankment toward the harbour into a side road, which runs parallel to the embankment - called 'Boatman's road'. As you turn you will cross a railway line, then come to a roundabout (traffic circle) where you turn right, You will soon pass the yacht club on your left, but continue to follow along the long narrow raod, leading to the wharf. Once you are on Boatmans Road, you cannot really go wrong, just keep following the road until you see Wilson's Wharf.

Free Parking:

Fortunatly the Wharf has ample free parking, so you will not have any trouble parking nearby.

Catalina Theatre and Conference Company:

The Catalina Theatre provides a 165 seat with enjoyable entertainment and local shows.
More information about the current shows can be found at:  or by phoning: (031) 305 6889

dining out


The area is filled with a great selection of restaurants, catering for a variety of taste. At one of these you can either enjoy a relaxing drink while looking over the water, or a full meal, which will not disapoint.

The restaurants on the wharf include:


Spur, which has restaurants all over the world, is a favourite South African Steakhouse providing a great taste of South African steaks, as well as burgers and some seafood. Your visit to South Africa would be incomplete without a meal at at least one Spur! They also do great breakfasts for those wanting to venture out for a morning meal.

For the local Spur at Wilson's Wharf, phone: +27 (0) 31 305 1650

John Dory's

A well known fish & grill. The local one at Wilson's Wharf can be contacted by emailing or phoning: +27 (0) 31 304 7669

The Pirate's Arms

Provides a varied menu, including fish and chips. Many who visit soon find it to be a favourite place to eat and return over and over. Phone: +27 (0)82 494 3273

Charlie Crofts Dockside Diner

This is a more upmarket restaurant, where you can find live entertainment and often enjoy an afternoon of live jazz

Durban at night

Stunning views

The setting of Wilsons Wharf provide you with some of the most incredible views as you enjoy your meal. Whether you vist during the day or night, you will not be disappointed, with the Durban city skyline in one direction and the harbour in the other.

The water itself makes the setting incredibly relaxing, while watching boats come in and out of the harbour and at night, the entire city and harbour lights up for more of your viewing pleasure!

For more information, you can visit:


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    • enjoy life profile image

      enjoy life 4 years ago from Europe

      Hi, I hope you are having a great New Year so far. Yes, Durban has changed so much, although there is still enough there to keep it familiar. I grew up there, then moved when I was 12. I lived back in Durban nearly 20 years later, but was pleased to still feel familiar enough to know my way around, despite so many changes.

    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 4 years ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      Loved reading your hub about Durban, the setting for my novel. Durban has drastically changed over the years. Even many of the street names! I had to look up for photos on the streets I remembered but they did not come up, or hardly.

    • profile image

      wernich 5 years ago

      charlie crofts closed down as far as i can remember.

    • enjoy life profile image

      enjoy life 7 years ago from Europe

      Hello equealla ... yes I think anyone who has lived in Durban for a bit (even a couple of months) looks at it with very fond memories. Wilson's Wharf is definatly one of the great places to visit while there :-)

    • equealla profile image

      equealla 7 years ago from Pretoria, South Africa

      Nice pic's of Wilson's Wharf. It brought fond memories. We have launched our yacht from there three years ago, after it was being built. It was like a home for plus minus three months, whilst we were awaiting all the documentation to be done. I visit it every time when we go to Durb's.

    • AletB profile image

      AletB 7 years ago

      I'm from Durban too, so I enjoyed this hub :) - Good work well done.

    • enjoy life profile image

      enjoy life 7 years ago from Europe

      Hi Mamelody.... I hope you enjoy your trip to Durban and that your team does well in the World Cup! Durban is a gorgeous city... amazing beaches. I will most likely post more hubs about Durban and South Africa soon

    • Mamelody profile image

      Mamelody 7 years ago

      Cheers mate this has been very helpful to me as I'm heading to Durban for the world cup. Thanks a lot.